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Locke, John
Of Civil Government.  £8.00 
Geddes, Michael
Making Public Private Partnerships Work. Building Relationships and Understanding Cultures.  £12.00 
Radcliffe, Cyril John
Not in Feather Beds. Some Collected Papers.  £6.00 
Stone, Richard
Gray's Inn. A Short History.  £10.00 
Thomson, John
The Later Lollards 1414 - 1520.  £12.00 
Rolt, John
The Memoirs of the Right Honourable Sir John Rolt, Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal in Chancery 1804 - 1871.  £34.00 
Healy, Maurice
The Old Munster Circuit.  £10.00 
Spence, Edward
Bar and Buskin. Being Memories of Life, Law, and the Theatre.  £26.00 
Hall, Jean Graham
Martin, Douglas
Yes, Lord Chancellor. A Biography of Lord Schuster. Permanent Secretary to 10 Lord Chancellors.  £36.00 
Woolf, Harry
Protection of the Public: A New Challenge.  £8.00 
Collins, Lawrence
Dr F A Mann: His Work and Influence.  £12.00 
Pritchard, F E
Rigby. The Honourable Mr Justice Swift, Remembered.  £12.00 
Henderson, Nicholas
Mandarin. The Diaries of an Ambassador 1969 - 1982.  £14.00 
Risk, James
The History of the Order of the Bath and its Insignia.  £10.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
The Story of Mr George Edalji.  £18.00 
Salter, Michael
Shaw, Julia
Towards a Critical Theory of Constitutional Law, Hegel's Contribution. (Journal of Law and Society Volume 21 No. 4 December 1994)  £12.00 
Jowell, J L
Oliver, D
New Directions in Judicial Review. Current Legal Problems.  £32.00 
Islam, Shamsul
Kipling's Law. A Study of His Philosophy on Life.  £8.00 
Cowper, Francis
A Prospect of Gray's Inn.  £10.00 
Jowell, Jeffrey
Oliver, Dawn
The Changing Constitution. Third Edition.  £10.00 
Wilkinson-Guillemard, James
Haidhuru.  £8.00 
Allott, A N
Rannat, Sayyid Muhammad Abu
The Relationship Between Islamic and Customary Law in the Sudan. (Journal of African Law, Spring 1960)  £12.00 
Allott, A N
Roberts-Wray, Kenneth
The Adaptation of Imported Law in Africa. (Journal of African Law, Summer 1960)  £12.00 
Bingham, Tom
The Rule of Law.  £8.00 
Hogg, Quintin
Values: Collapse and Cure.  £8.00 
Woods, Abigail
A Manufactured Plague. The History of Foot and Mouth Disease in Britain.  £28.00 
Benton, Lauren
Ross, Richard
Legal Pluralism and Empires, 1500 - 1850.  £16.00 
Prost, Antoine
Winter, Jay
René Cassin and Human Rights. From the Great War to the Universal Declaration.  £24.00 
Pitts, Yvonne
Family, Law, and Inheritance in America. A Social and Legal History of Nineteenth-Century Kentucky.  £62.00 
Gow, James
War and War Crimes.  £18.00 
Parkin, Jon
Stanton, Timothy
Natural Law and Toleration in the Early Enlightenment.  £64.00 
Watkins, William
Patent Trolls. Predatory Litigation and the Smothering of Innovation.  £14.00 
Banner, Stuart
The Baseball Trust. History of Baseball's Antitrust Exemption.  £10.00 
Chaney, William
The Cult of Kingship in Anglo-Saxon England. The Transition from Paganism to Christianity.  £12.00 
Taylor, James
Boardroom Scandal. The Criminalization of Company Fraud in Nineteenth Century Britain.  £58.00 
Matthews, E J T
Oulton, A D M
Legal Aid and Advice Under the Legal Aid Acts 1949 to 1964.  £92.00 
Beeching, R
Royal Commission on Assizes and Quarter Sessions 1966 - 69. Written Evidence Submitted to the Commission Under the Chairmanship of Lord Beeching.  £48.00 
Smith, Arthur
Lord Goddard. My Years with the Lord Chief Justice.  £8.00 
Judge, Igor
Arlidge, Anthony
Magna Carta Uncovered.  £18.00 
Kilmuir, David
Political Adventure the Memoirs of the Earl of Kilmuir.  £10.00 
Marjoribanks, Edward
The Life of Sir Edward Marshall Hall.  £16.00 
No Author A Service of Thanksgiving for the Life and Work of Richard, Baron Beeching, 1913 - 1985.  £38.00 
Fordham, Michael
Judicial Review Handbook.  £44.00 
Matthews, E J T
Oulton, A D M
Legal Aid and Advice Under the Legal Aid Acts 1949 to 1964.  £36.00 
Forsyth, Christopher
Judicial Review and the Constitution.  £52.00 
Woolf, Harry
The Rule of Law and a Change in the Constitution.  £12.00 
Baker, J H
An Introduction to English Legal History.  £10.00 
Bogdanor, Vernon
The Monarchy and the Constitution.  £32.00 
Du Bois-Pedain, Antje
Transitional Amnesty in South Africa.  £44.00 
Miller, C J
Contempt of Court.  £82.00 
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