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Jacoby, Frank Rainer
Van den Vos Reinaerde. Legal Elements in a Netherlands Epic of the Thirteenth Century.  £14.00 
Hall, Marie Boas
Nature and Nature's Laws: Documents of the Scientific Revolutions.  £14.00 
Millard, Percy
The Law Relating to Tithe Rentcharge and Other Payments in Lieu of Tithe.  £26.00 
Lord Denning
The Discipline of Law.  £24.00 
Taylor, David
Laybourn, Keith
The Battle for the Roads of Britain. Police, Motorists and the Law, c. 1890s to 1970s.  £66.00 
Pitts, Vincent
Embezzlement and High Treason in Louis XIV's France. The Trial of Nicolas Fouquet.  £30.00 
Corran, Emily
Lying and Perjury in Medieval Practical Thought. A Study in the History of Casuistry.  £48.00 
Shaw, William
Evidence and Procedure in Magistrates' Courts.  £24.00 
Whiteside, J
Hayward and Wright's Office of Magistrate. Ninth Edition.  £140.00 
Heap, Desmond
The Solicitor's Diary 1980. Almanac and Legal Directory Incorporating the Law Society Lists of Practising Solicitors.  £32.00 
Waterhouse, Ronald
Child of Another Century. Recollections of a High Court Judge.  £16.00 
Cockburn, Henry
Circuit Journeys.  £12.00 
Weir, Tony
Tort Law.  £8.00 
Bimba, Anthony
The Molly Maguires.  £10.00 
Taylor, William
Moses the Law-Giver.  £36.00 
Jones, Gareth
History of the Law of Charity, 1532 - 1827.  £28.00 
Short, Martin
McDermott, Anthony
The Kurds.  £12.00 
Lachmann, Kurt
Common Sense Today: Paper read before the Grotius Society, London, on July 5th, 1944, under the title "On the Rights of the Individual, the Sovereignty of the State and Universal Law".  £24.00 
Schlesinger, Walter
Beiträge zur deutschen Verfassungsgeschichte des Mittelalters. Band 1: Germanen, Franken, Deutsche.  £16.00 
Prest, Wilfrid
The Rise of the Barristers. A Social History of the English Bar 1590 - 1640.  £76.00 
Thickett, Dorothy
Bibliographie des Oeuvres d'Estienne Pasquier.  £28.00 
Herbert, A P
Codd's Last Case and Other Misleading Cases.  £8.00 
Lundstedt, A Vilhelm
Legal Thinking Revised.  £16.00 
Denning, Alfred
Freedom Under the Law.  £8.00 
Young, David
Cohen, Jacob
Corporate Financial Reporting and Analysis. A Global Perspective.  £46.00 
Landon, Felicity
Stephenson Harwood. A History.  £140.00 
Garland, David
Punishment and Modern Society. A Study in Social Theory.  £16.00 
Plucknett, T F T
Legal History in England.  £10.00 
Richardson, H G
The Chamber under Henry II.  £8.00 
Richardson, H G
Glanville Continued.  £12.00 
Hudson, Cheryl
Why Academic Freedom Matters: A Response to Current Challenges.  £12.00 
Kimball, Elisabeth
A Bibliography of the Printed Records of the Justices of the Peace for Counties.  £10.00 
Passeron, Jean-Claude
Revel, Jacques
Penser par Cas.  £56.00 
Mazengarb, O C
The Law and Practice Relating to Actions for Negligence on the Highway. Third Edition.  £260.00 
Heusler, Andreas
Fünf Geschichten von Aechtern und Blutrache.  £24.00 
Schwab, Ute
Lex et Gratia. Der literarische Exkurs Gottfrieds von Strassburg und Hartmanns Gregorius.  £16.00 
Blänkner, Reinhard
Eduard Gans (1797 - 1839): Politischer Professor zwischen Restauration und Vormärz.  £36.00 
Repgow, Eike von
Sachsenspiegel: Lehnrecht. Von Eike von Repgow. (= , Band 3).  £18.00 
Smith, A H
County and Court. Government and Politics in Norfolk, 1558 - 1603.  £18.00 
Douglas, Sylvester
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench in the 19th, 20th and 21st Year of the Reign of George III. Part 1 ONLY.  £36.00 
Central Office of Information
Fair Trading and Consumer Protection in Britain.  £12.00 
Commission of the European Communities
Consumer Protection and Information Policy: Second Report.  £14.00 
East, Edward Hyde
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench, With Tables of the Cases and Principal Matters. Volume 6: Containing the Cases of Hilary, Easter and Trinity Terms of the 45st Year of Geo III, 1805.  £36.00 
Carranza, Ezequiel Almanza
Carranza, Bartolome
Summa Conciliorum et Pontificum a Petro usque ad collecta per F Barth Carranzam Miranden ordinis praedicatorum. Adiectis ad finem canonibus aliis. Accesserunt etiam statuta quaedam Synodalia Parisiensis. Cum indice novo copiosissimo.  £360.00 
Lunney, Daniel
Zoology in Court.  £24.00 
Rock, Albert
The Status Quo in the Holy Places.  £24.00 
Forrester, John
If p, then what? Thinking in Cases.  £10.00 
Forrest, Duncan
Lives under Threat: A Study of Sikhs Coming to the UK from the Punjab. Second Edition.  £12.00 
Burton, F R
International University Course. Constitutional Law.  £10.00 
Mansfield, Graham
Peay, Jill
Director of Public Prosecution: Principles and Practices for the Crown Prosecutor.  £20.00 
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