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Watkins, William
Patent Trolls. Predatory Litigation and the Smothering of Innovation.  £14.00 
Banner, Stuart
The Baseball Trust. History of Baseball's Antitrust Exemption.  £10.00 
Taylor, James
Boardroom Scandal. The Criminalization of Company Fraud in Nineteenth Century Britain.  £58.00 
Matthews, E J T
Oulton, A D M
Legal Aid and Advice Under the Legal Aid Acts 1949 to 1964.  £92.00 
Smith, Arthur
Lord Goddard. My Years with the Lord Chief Justice.  £8.00 
Marjoribanks, Edward
The Life of Sir Edward Marshall Hall.  £16.00 
No Author A Service of Thanksgiving for the Life and Work of Richard, Baron Beeching, 1913 - 1985.  £38.00 
Fordham, Michael
Judicial Review Handbook.  £44.00 
Matthews, E J T
Oulton, A D M
Legal Aid and Advice Under the Legal Aid Acts 1949 to 1964.  £36.00 
Forsyth, Christopher
Judicial Review and the Constitution.  £52.00 
Woolf, Harry
The Rule of Law and a Change in the Constitution.  £12.00 
Baker, J H
An Introduction to English Legal History.  £10.00 
Bogdanor, Vernon
The Monarchy and the Constitution.  £32.00 
Du Bois-Pedain, Antje
Transitional Amnesty in South Africa.  £44.00 
Miller, C J
Contempt of Court.  £82.00 
Williams, G L
Learning the Law.  £24.00 
Woolf, Harry
Woolf, Jeremy
The Declaratory Judgment. Second Edition.  £74.00 
Wade, H W R
Forsyth, C F
Administrative Law. Eighth Edition.  £30.00 
Baker, J H
History of the Gowns Worn at the English Bar.  £10.00 
Craig, P P
Administrative Law. Fourth Edition.  £16.00 
Kolbert, Colin
Land Reform in Ireland. A Legal History of the Irish Land Problem and its Settlement.  £22.00 
Stevens, Robert
The Independence of the Judiciary. The View from the Lord Chancellor's Office.  £28.00 
Daniell, Timothy
A Literary Excursion to the Inns of Court in London.  £6.00 
Matthews, E J T
Oulton, A D M
Matthews and Oulton on Legal Aid and Advice. Supplement.  £26.00 
Baker, J H
A History of English Judges' Robes.  £12.00 
Megarry, Robert
Inns Ancient and Modern. A Topographical and Historical Introduction to the Inns of Court, Inns of Chencery, and Serjeants' Inns.  £14.00 
Judge, Igor
The Safest Shield. Lectures, Speeches, and Essays.  £26.00 
Pugh, John
Good-Bye Forever. The Victim of a System.  £10.00 
Fifoot, C H S
Frederic William Maitland. A Life.  £16.00 
Brindley, John
Court in the Act.  £8.00 
Morgan, Derek
Legal Studies, Special Issue. The Journal of the Society of Legal Scholars. Volume 24, Issues 1 and 2.  £16.00 
Legg, Thomas
Judges for the New Century.  £10.00 
Beeching, R
Royal Commission on Assizes and Quarter Sessions 1966 - 69. Report.  £12.00 
Maitland, F W
Milsom, S F C
Address given by Professor S F C Milsom at the Unveiling on January 2001 of a Memorial Tablet for F W Maitland in Westminster Abbey.  £26.00 
Rose, G N G
Royal Commission on Assizes and Quarter Sessions 1966 - 69. Special Statistical Survey.  £22.00 
Keen, Spencer
Oulton, Richard
Disability Discrimination in Employment.  £26.00 
Sachs, Albie
The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law.  £10.00 
Baker, John
Our Unwritten Constitution. Maccabean Lecture on Jurisprudence. Read at the British Academy 2009.  £22.00 
Foote, John Alderson
"Pie-Powder" being Dust From the Law Courts Collected and Recollected on the Western Circuit By a Circuit Tramp.  £28.00 
Bailhache, Philip
A Celebration of Autonomy 1204-2004: 800 Years of the Channel Island's Law.  £10.00 
Pollock, Frederick
Wright, Robert Samuel
An Essay on Possession in the Common Law: Parts I, II and III in one volume.  £78.00 
Walker, David
The Oxford Companion to Law.  £42.00 
Leyland, Peter
Woods, Terry
Administrative Law Facing the Future: Old Constraints and New Horizons.  £10.00 
Lyon, Ann
Constitutional History of the United Kingdom.  £12.00 
Cox, Noel
Constitutional Paradigms and the Stability of States.  £92.00 
Teague, H F J
The Pocket Law Lexicon. Seventh Edition.  £8.00 
Matthews, E J T
Oulton, A D M
Matthews and Oulton on Legal Aid and Advice. Supplement and Second Cumulative Supplement. 2 Volumes.  £58.00 
Jowell, Jeffrey
Woolf, Harry
de Smith, S A
Judicial Review of Administrative Action.  £56.00 
Pannick, David
Lester, Anthony
Human Rights Law and Practice.  £64.00 
Woolf, Harry
Judicial Review in the Commercial Arena. The Denning Lecture 1987.  £18.00 
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