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Friedman, Milton
Studies in the Quantity Theory of Money.  £10.00 
Cheung, C-K
Keogh, G E
Getting Started with Mathematica.  £12.00 
Kay, Irvin
Moses, Harry
Inverse Scattering Papers: 1955 - 1962.  £18.00 
Merks, J W
Sampling and Weighing of Bulk Solids.  £48.00 
Zairi, Mohamed
Measuring Performance for Business Results.  £10.00 
Timmerman, E H
Practical Reservoir Engineering Part 2. Methods for Analyzing Output from Equations and Computers.  £38.00 
Quayle, Michael
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: Strategies and Realities.  £48.00 
Zimmermann, H J
Fuzzy Set Theory and its Applications.  £28.00 
Vick, Steven
Degrees of Belief. Subjective Probability and Engineering Judgment.  £48.00 
Beauchamp, K G
Applications of Walsh and Related Functions With an Introduction to Sequency Theory.  £48.00 
Dale, John Borthwick
Logarithmic and Trigonometric Tables.  £8.00 
Danielson, G L
Marine Radio Manual.  £16.00 
Spiegel, Murray
Theory and Problems of Vector Analysis. SI (metric) Edition.  £10.00 
Lipschutz, Seymour
Theory and Problems of Linear Algebra.  £10.00 
Ampere, André Marie
Theorie mathematique des phenomenes electro-dynamiques : uniquement deduite de l'experience.  £16.00 
Sparkes, J J
Semiconductor Devices. How They Work.  £26.00 
Robinson, P D
Fourier and Laplace Transforms.  £42.00 
Sneddon, Ian
Special Functions of Mathematical Physics and Chemistry.  £12.00 
Stephenson, G
An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations for Science Students.  £10.00 
Earnshaw, R A
Wiseman, N
An Introductory Guide to Scientific Visualization.  £10.00 
Turner, R E
Betts, D S
Introductory Statistical Mechanics.  £16.00 
Burkill, J C
A First Course in Mathematics.  £10.00 
Miller, George
Mathematics and Psychology.  £8.00 
Korvin, G
Fractal Models in the Earth Sciences.  £76.00 
Malczewski, Jacek
GIS and Multicriteria Decision Analysis.  £96.00 
Hillier, Frederick
Introduction to Operations Research.  £24.00 
Lindley, D V
Making Decisions.  £12.00 
Rice, John
Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis.  £18.00 
Marsden, Jerrold
Hoffman, Michael
Basic Complex Analysis.  £68.00 
Truss, John
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists.  £56.00 
Dewdney, A K
The New Turing Omnibus.  £18.00 
Gelman, Andrew
Carlin, John
Bayesian Data Analysis.  £36.00 
Darwin, Charles
Galton On Genius. (Encounter, August 1962, Volume 19, No 2)  £10.00 
Smith, C S
Quality and Reliability. An Integrated Approach.  £12.00 
Nielsen, Kaj
Vanlonkhuyzen, John
Plane and Spherical Trigonometry.  £8.00 
No Author Chess and Draughts. Bound Excerpt from Cassell's Complete Book of Sports and Pastimes.  £12.00 
No Author Chess, Draughts. Bound Excerpt from Cassell's Complete Book of Sports and Pastimes.  £14.00 
Danielsson, Robert
Andersson, Mats
Chess for Starters.  £8.00 
Aitken, A C
Turnbull, H W
An Introduction to the Theory of Canonical Matrices.  £24.00 
MacKie, A G
Boundary Value Problems.  £18.00 
Cayley, Arthur
An Elementary Treatise on Elliptic Functions.  £16.00 
Glenn, Oliver
The Theory of Invariants.  £34.00 
Hobson, E W
A Treatise on Plane and Advanced Trigonometry.  £16.00 
Walker, Miles
Book of Instructions for the Standard, Reitz and Engineers' Patterns with Log-Log Scales.  £12.00 
Boardman, A
Introducing the Use of P I C Direct and inverse Log-Log Differential Scales for Finance Calculations.  £12.00 
Boardman, A
Introducing the Use of P I C Differential Scales for Trigonometrical Computations.  £12.00 
Whewell, William
Archimedes: Greek Mathematics. (Encyclopaedia Metropolitana)  £14.00 
Herstein, I N
Noncommunicative Rings.  £16.00 
Clegg, John
Calculus of Variations.  £16.00 
Hunter, J
Number Theory.  £10.00 
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