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Slepian, David
Key Papers in the Development of Information Theory.  £24.00 
Berlekamp, Elwyn
Key Papers in the Development of Coding Theory.  £24.00 
Lebowitz, J L
Montroll, E W
Nonequilibrium Phenomena II: From Stochastics to Hydrodynamics.  £98.00 
Jullien, R
Botet, R
Aggregation and Fractal Aggregates.  £88.00 
Collier, J G
Delhaye, J M
Bergles, A E
Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in the Power and Process Industries.  £52.00 
Crew, Henry
Galilei, Galileo
Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences.  £10.00 
Hurwitz, Adolf
Vorlesungen über allgemeine Funktionentheorie und elliptische Funktionen. With Courant: Geometrische Funktionentheorie.  £28.00 
Levy, Hyman
Modern Science.  £36.00 
Raabe, Paul
Mass, Zahl und Gewicht. Mathematik als Schlüssel zu Weltverständnis und Weltbeherrschung. Ausstellungskatalog der Herzog August Bibliothek.  £22.00 
Magnani, Lorenzo
Filosofia e Geometria: Temi teorici e storici.  £36.00 
Richards, F J
Phyllotaxis: Its Quantitative Expression and Relation to Growth in the Apex.  £15.00 
Synge, J L
Schild, A
Tensor Calculus.  £8.00 
Shmal'gauzen, I I
Schmalhausen, Ivan
Kiberneticheskie voprosy biologii.  £64.00 
Green, S L
Advanced Level Pure Mathematics.  £20.00 
Hogben, Lancelot
Statistical Theory: The Relationship of Probability, Credibility and Error. An Examination of the Contemporary Crisis in Statistical Theory from a Behaviourist Viewpoint.  £40.00 
Asher, J M
Implementing TQM in Small and Medium Companies.  £46.00 
Laverghetta, Thomas
Microwave Materials and Fabrication Techniques.  £12.00 
Maas, Stephen
Nonlinear Microwave Circuits.  £24.00 
Chandra, Jagdish
Chaos in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems.  £14.00 
Matthaei, G
Young, L
Microwave Filters, Impedance Matching Networks, and Coupling Structures.  £106.00 
Ramsey, A S
Dynamics. Part 2.  £8.00 
Salmon, George
A Treatise on the Higher Plane Curves, intended as a Sequel to A Treatise on Conic Sections. Third Edition.  £12.00 
Rahman, N A
Practical Exercises in Probability and Statistics.  £12.00 
Conti, Tito
Building Total Quality. A Guide for Management.  £22.00 
Hess, Wolfgang
Pitch Determination of Speech Signals. Algorithms and Devices.  £64.00 
Head, J W
Mathematical Techniques in Electronics and Engineering Analysis.  £14.00 
Ramsey, A S
Elementary Co-ordinated Geometry: A Book for Beginners.  £8.00 
Filshie, James
McIlroy, Robert
The Straight Line and Circle. (Analytical Geometry)  £12.00 
Abbott, P
Mahon, G E
National Certificate Mathematics. Volume 3: Third Year Course.  £10.00 
Abbott, P
Marshall, H
National Certificate Mathematics. Volume 2: Second Year Course.  £10.00 
Chivers, G T
Elementary Mensuration.  £8.00 
Alder, Berni
Methods in Computational Physics: Advances in Research and Applications. Volume 4: Applications in Hydrodynamics.  £18.00 
de Ruiter, H M
Transmission, Reflection and Radiation at Junction Planes of Different Open Waveguides.  £18.00 
Ruggiero, Steven
Rudman, David
Superconducting Devices.  £36.00 
Salem, Raphael
Carleson, Lennart
Algebraic Numbers and Fourier Analysis. Selected Problems On Exceptional Sets.  £148.00 
Twomey, S
Introduction to the Mathematics of Inversion in Remote Sensing and Indirect Measurements.  £46.00 
Radix, J C
Gyroscopes et Gyrometres.  £24.00 
Sun, Ne-Zheng
Inverse Problems in Groundwater Modeling.  £120.00 
Schirok, Bernd
Der Aufbau von Wolframs "Parzival". Untersuchungen zur Handschriftengliederung, zur Handlungsführung und Erzähltechnik sowie zur Zahlenkomposition.  £22.00 
McClellan, James
Number Theory in Digital Signal Processing.  £88.00 
Valanis, Kirk
Irreversible Thermodynamics of Continuous Media.  £34.00 
Southwell, R V
Relaxation Methods in Engineering Science. A Treatise on Approximate Computation.  £24.00 
Harmuth, Henning
Nonsinusoidal Waves for Radar and Radio Communication.  £30.00 
Maugin, Gerard
Continuum Models and Discrete Systems. Volume 1.  £18.00 
Richards, Bryan
Measurements of Unsteady Fluid Dynamic Phenomena.  £16.00 
Descloux, J
Numerical Analysis: Proceedings of the Colloquium on Numerical Analysis. Lausanne, October 11 - 13, 1976.  £16.00 
Orton, A
Studies in Mechanics Learning.  £32.00 
Clarke, L H
Norton, F G J
Additional Applied Mathematics.  £24.00 
Clarke, L H
Pure Mathematics At Advanced Level.  £14.00 
Johnson, N L
Statistics. An Intermediate Text-Book.  £8.00 
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