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Danielsson, Robert
Andersson, Mats
Chess for Starters.  £8.00 
Aitken, A C
Turnbull, H W
An Introduction to the Theory of Canonical Matrices.  £24.00 
MacKie, A G
Boundary Value Problems.  £18.00 
Glenn, Oliver
The Theory of Invariants.  £34.00 
Walker, Miles
Book of Instructions for the Standard, Reitz and Engineers' Patterns with Log-Log Scales.  £12.00 
Boardman, A
Introducing the Use of P I C Direct and inverse Log-Log Differential Scales for Finance Calculations.  £12.00 
Boardman, A
Introducing the Use of P I C Differential Scales for Trigonometrical Computations.  £12.00 
Whewell, William
Archimedes: Greek Mathematics. (Encyclopaedia Metropolitana)  £14.00 
Clegg, John
Calculus of Variations.  £16.00 
Green, S L
The Theory and Use of the Complex Variable. An Introduction.  £10.00 
Taeger, Burkhard
Zahlensymbolik bei Hraban, bei Hincmar - und im 'Heiland'?  £22.00 
Rowland, Stanley
Principles of Accounting.  £26.00 
Borchardt, W G
Perrott, A D
A New Trigonometry for Schools Part 2. With Answers.  £8.00 
Chamberlain, John
Knitting Mathematics and Mechanisms.  £8.00 
Ayer, A J
Probability and Evidence.  £12.00 
Titchmarsh, E C
Introduction to the Theory of Fourier Integrals.  £46.00 
Southwell, R V
Relaxation Methods in Engineering Science. A Treatise on Approximate Computation.  £36.00 
Abbott, Steve
The Mathematical Gazette. The Journal of the Mathematical Association. Nos 476, 483, 485.  £12.00 
Pumain, Denise
La Dynamique des Villes.  £26.00 
Soyer, Jacqueline
Conservation de la forme circulaire dans le parcellaire français. Etude basée sur l'interprétation des photographies aériennes.  £15.00 
Dendrinos, Dimitrios
Catastrophe Theory in Urban and Transport Research: Eight Papers.  £14.00 
Baker, H F
Principles of Geometry. Volume 3: Solid Geometry.  £24.00 
Bhagavantam, S
Scattering of Light and the Raman Effect.  £46.00 
Watson, G N
A Treatise on the Theory of Bessel Functions.  £20.00 
Grace, J H
Young, A
The Algebra of Invariants.  £34.00 
O'Hara, C W
Ward, D R
An Introduction to Projective Geometry.  £14.00 
Eisenhart, Luther
An Introduction to Differential Geometry with Use of the Tensor Calculus.  £26.00 
Smith, Charles
Solutions of the Examples in an Elementary Treatise on Conic Sections by the Methods of Co-Ordinate Geometry.  £16.00 
Albert, Adrian
Modern Higher Algebra.  £46.00 
Bliss, Gilbert
Algebraic Functions.  £12.00 
Hobson, E W
The Theory of Functions of a Real Variable and the Theory of Fourier's Series.  £36.00 
Elliott, Edwin
An Introduction to the Algebra of Quantics. Second Edition.  £46.00 
Jacobson, Nathan
Lectures in Abstract Algebra III: Theory of Fields and Galois Theory.  £24.00 
Linnett, J W
Wave Mechanics and Valency.  £8.00 
Hart, Ivor
Introduction to Advanced Heat.  £14.00 
Hartree, Douglas
Calculating Instruments and Machines.  £68.00 
Gray, Andrew
Gray, James Gordon
A Treatise on Dynamics, with Examples and Exercises.  £24.00 
Love, A E H
Theoretical Mechanics. An Introductory Treatise on the Principles of Dynamics, with Applications and Numerous Examples.  £34.00 
Gurevich, G B
Foundations of the Theory of Algebraic Invariants.  £24.00 
Whittaker, E T
A Treatise on the Analytical Dynamics of Particles and Rigid Bodies.  £28.00 
Davies, Ian
Fractals for the Micro.  £6.00 
Wood, Geoff
Large Primes.  £6.00 
Wood, Geoff
Pi.  £6.00 
Thomas, Alan
Secret Codes.  £6.00 
Thomas, Alan
Towers of Hanoi.  £6.00 
Thomas, Alan
Binomial Coefficients and Factorials.  £6.00 
Wood, Geoff
Fun With Numbers.  £6.00 
Truman, Aubrey
Swings, Roundabouts and the Mayan Calendar.  £6.00 
Mason, James
The Principles of Chess in Theory and Practice. Fifth Edition Revised.  £18.00 
Capablanca, José Raúl
Chess Fundamentals.  £36.00 
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