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Kristensen, Gustav
Symposium on the Expansion Method in the Context of the Family of Models and Methodologies with a Focus on Parametric Variation.  £88.00 
Gaile, Gary
Willmott, Cort
Spatial Statistics and Models.  £46.00 
Rao, Ramachandra
Kashyap, R L
Dynamic Stochastic Models from Empirical Data.  £24.00 
Griffith, Daniel
MacKinnon, Ross
Dynamic Spatial Models.  £46.00 
Boots, Barry
Getis, Arthur
Models of Spatial Processes: An Approach to the Study of Point, Line and Area Patterns.  £24.00 
Bartels, C P A
Ketellapper, R H
Exploratory and Explanatory Statistical Analysis of Spatial Data.  £24.00 
Griffith, Daniel
Advanced Spatial Statistics: Special Topics in the Exploration of Quantitative Spatial Data Series.  £42.00 
Mandelbrot, Benoit
Stanley, Eugene
Guyon, Etienne
Fractal Forms.  £12.00 
Arbia, Giuseppe
Spatial Data Configuration in Statistical Analysis of Regional Economic and Related Problems.  £28.00 
Griffith, Daniel
Amrhein, Carl
Statistical Analysis for Geographers.  £16.00 
Haylock, Derek
Cockburn, Anne
Understanding Mathematics for Young Children. A Guide for Foundation Stage and Lower Primary Teachers.  £36.00 
Goodchild, Michael
Zhang, Jingxiong
Spatial Uncertainty: Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.  £120.00 
Hersch, Reuben
What is Mathematics, Really?  £20.00 
Lamperti, John
Probability: A Survey of the Mathematical Theory.  £16.00 
Griffith, Daniel
Haining, Robert
Transformations Through Space and Time. An Analysis of Nonlinear Structures, Bifurcation Points and Autoregressive Dependencies.  £36.00 
Richtmyer, F K
Kennard, E H
Introduction to Modern Physics. Fifth Edition.  £16.00 
Spencer, A J M
Engineering Mathematics. Volume 2.  £12.00 
Hunter, S C
Mechanics of Continuous Media. Second Edition.  £34.00 
Thurston, Hugh
Intermediate Mathematical Analysis.  £12.00 
Case, John
The Strength of Materials. A Treatise on the Theory of Stress Calculations for Engineers.  £14.00 
Spencer, A J M
Continuum Mechanics.  £8.00 
Spiegel, Murray
Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Advanced Calculus.  £10.00 
Moore, P G
Statistics and the Manager. The Uses of Statistics and Probability in Managerial Decisions.  £10.00 
Tuckey, C O
Armistead, Wilson
Algebra.  £12.00 
Oram, F T
Wesley, R
Mathematics Pocket Book for the Services.  £10.00 
David, Florence
Probability Theory for Statistical Methods.  £14.00 
Davies, Owen
Statistical Methods in Research and Production: With Special Reference to the Chemical Industry.  £12.00 
Crabb, J A
Practical Geometry for Schools. Book 1.  £14.00 
Biggs, Norman
Discrete Mathematics. Revised Edition.  £12.00 
Harman, Albert
Alderson, Ernest
Surveying for Boy Scouts with Chapters on Map Reading.  £16.00 
Stuart, A
Ord, J K
Kendall's Advanced Theory of Statistics: Volume 2: Classical Interference and Relationship. Fifth Edition.  £56.00 
Krzanowski, W J
Marriott, F H C
Multivariate Analysis. Volume 1: Distributions, Ordination and Inference.  £26.00 
Inglis, J Gall
The Express1-56/- Per CWT Reckoner With Supplementary Tables to 140/-.  £8.00 
Adler, Irving
Magic House of Numbers.  £6.00 
Drake, Stillman
Galileo. Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems.  £10.00 
Ramsey, A S
Dynamics. Part 1 and Part 2. A Textbook for the Use of Higher Divisions in Schools and for First Year Students at the Universities.  £16.00 
Walsham, Geoff
Interpreting Information Systems in Organizations.  £22.00 
Banks, Jerry
Principles of Quality Control.  £36.00 
Meyer, Jerome
Arithmetricks.  £6.00 
de la Vallée Poussin, Ch J
Intégrales de Lebesgue - Fonctions d'Ensemble - Classes de Baire. Lecons Professées au College de France.  £46.00 
Devlin, Keith
The Millennium Problems. The Seven Greatest Unsolved Mathematical Puzzles of our Time.  £12.00 
Abbott, Edwin
Flatland. A Romance of Many Dimensions.  £6.00 
Diaz de Baeza, Juan
Manual de Logica: que contiene lo sustancial que en esta asignatura deben aprender los estudiantes del primer ano de filosofia por el Presbitero.  £22.00 
Aczel, Amir
Complete Business Statistics.  £36.00 
White, John
The Birth and Rebirth of Pictorial Space.  £20.00 
Worthington, A M
Dynamics of Rotation. An Elementary Introduction to Rigid Dynamics.  £16.00 
Carrier, A
Traité de Topographie Générale. Eléments de Géodésie - Topographie - Astronomie Topographique.  £20.00 
Oppenheim, A N
Questionnaire Design and Attitude Measurement.  £12.00 
Geerts, W
Working with a Slide Rule. A Programmed Text.  £14.00 
Fort, Tomlinson
Calculus.  £20.00 
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