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Shell Petroleum Company
Guide to Some of East Africa's Flowering Trees and Shrubs.  £10.00 
Shell Guide to East African Birds.  £10.00 
Guide to Some of East Africa's Upland Flowers.  £10.00 
Salter, T F
The Angler's Guide, Abridged for the Use of Young Anglers: Containing The Angler's Progress - The Art of Trolling for Jack and Pike, and Fly-Fishing: also Bottom or Float Fishing, and Trimmer Angling: etc. The Second Edition.  £240.00 
Bewick, Thomas
Thornton, Robert John
A New Family Herbal: Or Popular Account of the Natures and Properties of the Various Plants used in Medicine, Diet, and the Arts. The Plants Drawn from Nature by Henderson, and Engraved on Wood, by Thomas Bewick.  £240.00 
Francis, Francis
A Book on Angling: Being a Complete Treatise on The Art of Angling in Every Branch with Explanatory Plates, etc: Sixth Edition, Revised and Improved, To which is added A Memoir of the Author.  £88.00 
Hulme, Edward
Familiar Wild Flowers. First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Series.  £220.00 
Sturm, C C
Reflections on the Being and Attributes of God; and on his Works, both in Nature and Providence, for every day of the Year. Volume 1 ONLY. (= Miscellaneous Works of Adam Clark, LLD FAS, Vol 3)  £20.00 
Marchant, A
Radnorshire Birds. Annual Report 1987.  £14.00 
Levine, Donald
Wax and Gold. Tradition and Innovation in Ethopian Culture.  £16.00 
Laroui, Abdallah
L'Histoire de Maghreb. Un Essai de Synthèse.  £12.00 
Sutton, George Miksch
High Arctic. An Expedition to the Unspoiled North.  £12.00 
Gerlach, Ron
The Lost Giants. A Tale of Tortoises in the Seychelles.  £8.00 
Pounds, N J G
An Historical Geography of Europe 450 BC - AD 1330.  £24.00 
Hamilton, James
Volcano.  £10.00 
Hocken, Thomas Morland
Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand. Settlement of Otago.  £28.00 
Barker, Richard
Geology of the Coromandel Peninsula.  £14.00 
New Zealand
New Zealand Wildflowers.  £12.00 
Walker, Nick
The Painted Hills. Rock Art of the Matopos, Zimbabwe.  £28.00 
Flowers of the Holy Land. Blumen des Heiligen Lande.  £32.00 
Huber, Frederick
Light. Colour and Life for the World.  £24.00 
Wood, J G
The Common Objects of the Sea Shore: Including Hints for an Aquarium.  £36.00 
Balfour, J H
Class Book of Botany, being an Introduction to the Study of the Vegetable Kingdom.  £46.00 
Bewick, John
Salter, T F
The Angler's Guide, being a New, Plain and Complete Practical Treatise on the Art of Angling for Sea, River and Pond Fish, to which is Added a Treatise on Trolling, with Numerous New Cuts and Engravings. Sixth Edition.  £160.00 
Ponton, Mungo
The Material Universe, its Vastness and Durability.  £460.00 
No Author Half Hours in Air and Sky. Marvels of the Universe.  £18.00 
Bogel, Cynthea
Hiroshige Birds and Flowers.  £36.00 
Shaw, Fred
The Science of Dry Fly Fishing.  £36.00 
Frängsmyr, Tore
Linnaeus: The Man and His Work.  £16.00 
Gardner, Gerald
Slant-Stack Processing.  £116.00 
McBride, Earle
Diagenesis of Sandstone. Cement-Porosity Relationships.  £12.00 
Edlin, H L
Trees, Woods and Man.  £12.00 
Strier, Karen
Primate Behavioral Ecology.  £12.00 
Crouzet, Yves
Starosta, Paul
Bambous.  £16.00 
Instituto de Estudios Albacetense
Congreso de Historia de Albacete. Volume 3: Arqueologia y Prehistoria.  £36.00 
Instituto de Estudios Albacetense
Congreso de Historia de Albacete. Volume 3: Edad Moderna.  £36.00 
Oakley, Kenneth
Framework for Dating Fossil Man.  £10.00 
Szalay-Marzso, Laszlo
Studies on Potatoe Aphids in Hungary.  £18.00 
Burbank, Luther
An Architect of Nature Being the Autobiography of Luther Burbank With Biographical Sketch by Wilbur Hall.  £12.00 
Lewens, Tim
Organisms and Artefacts. Design in Nature and Elsewhere.  £10.00 
Aston, Michael
Interpreting the Landscape. Landscape Archaeology and Local History.  £18.00 
Carter, R W G
Coastal Environments. An Introduction to the Physical, Ecological, and Cultural Systems of Coastlines.  £18.00 
Frängsmyr, Tore
Linnaeus: The Man and His Work.  £12.00 
Kohler, Robert
All Creatures: Naturalists, Collectors and Biodiversity 1850-1950.  £24.00 
Hyman, Libbie Henrietta
The Invertebrates: Volume 6: Mollusca 1.  £26.00 
Hyman, Libbie Henrietta
The Invertebrates: Volume 1: Protozoa through Ctenophora.  £20.00 
Croizat, Leon
Panbiogeography, or: An Introductory Synthesis of Zoogeography, Phytogeography, and Geology; with Notes on Evolution, Systematic, Ecology, Anthropology.  £160.00 
Lack, David
Population Studies of Birds.  £10.00 
Sokolov, B S
Vendskaia Sistema. Istoriko-Geologicheskoe i Paleontologicheskoe Obosnovanie. Two Volumes. 1: Paleontologiia. 2: Stratigrafgiia i Geologicheskoie Protsessy.  £46.00 
Darwin, Charles
On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.  £18.00 
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