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Christianson, Gale
Edwin Hubble. Mariner of the Nebulae.  £22.00 
Evans, A G
Fracture in Ceramic Materials. Toughening Mechanisms, Machining Damage, Shock.  £16.00 
Wait, James
Overvoltage Research and Geophysical Applications.  £28.00 
Adler, Robert
Feldman, Raisa
Taqqu, Murad
A Practical Guide to Heavy Tails. Statistical Techniques and Applications.  £74.00 
Sornette, D
Critical Phenomena in Natural Sciences. Chaos, Fractals, Selforganization and Disorder: Concepts and Tools.  £48.00 
Bingham, John
ADSL, VDSL, and Multicarrier Modulation.  £12.00 
Flügge, Siegfried
Handbuch der Physik / Encyclopedia of Physics. Volume 16: Elektrische Felder und Wellen / Electric Fields and Waves.  £36.00 
Hubral, Peter
Krey, Theodor
Interval Velocities from Seismic Reflection Time Measurements.  £16.00 
Coveney, Peter
Boghosian, Bruce
Francis, Alexander
Proceedings of 1996 Conference on Discrete Models for Fluid Mechanics (International Journal of Modern Physics Volume 8, Number 4 August 1977).  £12.00 
Touloukian, Y S
Specific Heat. Nonmetallic Liquids and Gases and Supplement to Volume 6.  £48.00 
White, J E
Underground Sound. Application of Seismic Waves.  £36.00 
Garland, J C
Tanner, D B
Electrical Transport and Optical Properties of Inhomogeneous Media (Ohio State University, 1977).  £16.00 
White, J E
Sengbush, R L
Production Seismology.  £18.00 
Stewart, Robert
Toksoz, Nafi
Vertical Seismic Profiling Part B: Theory.  £18.00 
Hardage, Bob
Vertical Seismic Profiling Part A: Principles.  £18.00 
Dohr, Gerhard
Seismic Shear Waves Part A: Theory.  £18.00 
Johnson, D L
Sen, P N
Physics and Chemisty of Porous Media (Schlumberger-Doll Research, 1983).  £16.00 
Koplik, Jayanth
Winkler, Kenneth
Koplik, Joel
Physics and Chemisty of Porous Media II.  £16.00 
King, R W P
Smith, Glenn
Antennas in Matter. Fundamentals, Theory, and Applications.  £148.00 
No Author Solid State Devices, 1981. Ten Invited Papers presented at the ESSDERC 81.  £10.00 
Arya, S Pal
Air Pollution Meteorology and Dispersion.  £60.00 
No Author Radioisotopes in Hydrology. Proceedings of the Symposium on the Application of Radioisotopes in Hydrology held by the International Atomic Energy Agency in Tokyo, 5 - 9 March 1963.  £36.00 
Yuan, Luke
Wu, Chien-Shiung
Methods of Experimental Physics: Volume 5 Part B Nuclear Physics.  £16.00 
Touloukian, Y S
Thermal Conductivity. Nonmetallic Solids.  £78.00 
Touloukian, Y S
Viscosity.  £48.00 
Touloukian, Y S
Thermal Conductivity. Nonmetallic Liquids and Gases.  £36.00 
Touloukian, Y S
Thermal Conductivity. Metallic Elements and Alloys.  £70.00 
Bradt, R C
Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics, Volume 4. Crack Growth and Microstructure.  £18.00 
Bradt, R C
Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics, Volume 3. Flaws and Testing.  £28.00 
Bradt, R C
Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics, Volume 5. Surface Flaws, Statistics, and Microcracking.  £18.00 
Bradt, R C
Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics, Volume 6. Measurements, Transformations, and High-Temperature Fracture.  £18.00 
Arata, Yoshiaki
Plasma, Electron and Laser Beam Technology. Development and Use in Materials Processing.  £24.00 
Boccara, N
Daoud, M
Physics of Finely Divided Matter. Proceedings of the Winter School Les Houches, France, March 25 - April 5, 1985.  £10.00 
Peterson, James
Osmond, John
Geometry of Sandstone Bodies. A Symposium, most papers of which were presented before the Association at its Forty-Fifth annual meeting, Atlantic City, New Jersey, April 25 - 28, 1960.  £12.00 
Williams, J C
Belov, A F
Titanium and Titanium Alloys. Scientific and Technological Aspects. Volumes 1 - 3.  £136.00 
Nur, A M
Wang, Zhijing
Seismic and Acoustic Velocities in Reservoir Rocks. Volume 2: Theoretical and Model Studies.  £88.00 
Nur, A M
Wang, Zhijing
Seismic and Acoustic Velocities in Reservoir Rocks. Volume 1, Experimental Studies.  £48.00 
Ellis, George
Before the Beginning. Cosmology Explained.  £8.00 
Oldenberg, Otto
Rasmussen, N C
Modern Physics for Engineers.  £8.00 
Sneddon, Ian
Special Functions of Mathematical Physics and Chemistry.  £12.00 
Jackson, Daphne
Concepts of Atomic Physics.  £6.00 
Francois, D
Advances in Fracture Research. 5 Volume Complete Set.  £180.00 
Pippard, A B
The Elements of Classical Thermodynamics: For Advanced Students of Physics.  £22.00 
Redwood, John
European Science in the Seventeenth Century.  £12.00 
Stephenson, G
An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations for Science Students.  £10.00 
Collier, Robert
Burckhardt, Christoph
Lin, Lawrence
Optical Holography.  £18.00 
Gamow, George
Mr Tompkins in Paperback.  £12.00 
Elwell, D
Pointon, A J
Classical Thermodynamics.  £10.00 
Winder, A
Loda, Charles
Space-Time Information Processing.  £14.00 
Lorrain, Paul
Corson, Dale
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves.  £12.00 
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