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Popovic, B D
Dragovic, M B
Analysis and Synthesis of Wire Antennas.  £98.00 
Institution of Chemical Engineers
Fluid Mixing II: A Symposium Organised by the Yorkshire Branch and the Fluid Mixing Processes Subject Group of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.  £86.00 
Pearsall, T P
GaInAsP Alloy Semiconductors.  £32.00 
Whitehead, S
Dielectric Breakdown of Solids.  £32.00 
Jones, A R
Bayvel, L P
Electromagnetic Scattering and its Application.  £22.00 
National Physical Laboratory
National Physical Laboratory: Report for the Years 1940 - 1945.  £24.00 
Evans, Evan
A Revision Course in Physics: Heat, Light and Sound.  £12.00 
Nightingale, Ernest
Experimental Hydrostatics and Mechanics.  £12.00 
Wirz, H J
Smolderen, J J
Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics.  £20.00 
Hayes, Alexander
Steam for Process and Industrial Heating.  £16.00 
Steiner, Kalman
Fuels and Fuel Burners.  £18.00 
Carrier, Willis
Cherne, Realto
Grant, Walter
Modern Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilating.  £28.00 
Alder, Berni
Methods in Computational Physics: Advances in Research and Applications. Volume 4: Applications in Hydrodynamics.  £18.00 
Hewitt, G F
Measurement of Two Phase Flow Parameters.  £12.00 
Bradley, Elihu
Superalloys: A Technical Guide.  £26.00 
Evans, A G
Ceramic Containing Systems: Mechanical Aspects of Interfaces and Surfaces.  £24.00 
Giesekus, H
Progress and Trends in Rheology II: Supplement to Rheologica Acta.  £64.00 
Stephan, K
Lucas, K
Viscosity of Dense Fluids.  £46.00 
Hardage, Bob
Crosswell Seismology and Reverse VSP. Volume 1.  £62.00 
Valanis, Kirk
Irreversible Thermodynamics of Continuous Media.  £34.00 
Taylor, C
Schrefler, B A
Numerical Methods in Laminar and Turbulent Flow : Proceedings of the second international conference held at Venice, 13th-16th July, 1981.  £46.00 
Rose, John
Woollard, George
International Gravity Measurements.  £46.00 
Carroll-Porczynski, C Z
Advanced Materials: Refractory Fibrous Metals Composites.  £24.00 
Meritt, Herbert
Hydraulic Control Systems.  £88.00 
Bartnikas, R
McMahon, E J
Engineering Dielectrics: Corona Measurement and Interpretation.  £240.00 
Duhaj, P
Amorphous Metallic Materials: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference.  £88.00 
Mason, Warren
Electromechanical Transducers and Wave Filters. Second Edition.  £36.00 
Gerber, Eduard
Ballato, Arthur
Precision Frequency Control. Volume 2: Oscillators and Standards.  £160.00 
Frank, Joachim
Electron Tomography. Three-Dimensional Imaging with the Transmission Electron Microscope.  £168.00 
Marchioro, Carlo
Pulvirenti, M
Vortex Methods in Two-Dimensional Fluid Dynamics.  £24.00 
Delhaye, J M
Giot, M
Thermohydraulics of Two-Phase Systems for Industrial Design and Nuclear Engineering.  £88.00 
Van Dyke, Milton
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, Volume 15.  £22.00 
Van Dyke, Milton
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, Volume 30.  £22.00 
Van Dyke, Milton
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, Volume 32.  £22.00 
Wada, Yasaku
Charge Storage, Charge Transport and Electrostatics with their Applications: Workshop Proceedings.  £88.00 
Harmuth, Henning
Nonsinusoidal Waves for Radar and Radio Communication.  £30.00 
Mason, Warren
Thurston, R
Physical Acoustics: Principles and Methods. Volume 11.  £24.00 
Mason, Warren
Thurston, R
Physical Acoustics: Principles and Methods. Volume 8.  £24.00 
Mazenko, G
Grinstein, Geoffrey
Directions in Condensed Matter Physics: Memorial Volume in Honor of Shang-Keng Ma.  £56.00 
Aita, Carolyn Rubin
Thin Films: The Relationship of Structure to Properties: Symposium Held April 15-17, 1985, San Francisco.  £18.00 
Stiles, W S
Wyszecki, Günther
Colour Science: Concepts and Methods, Quantitative Data and Formulae. Second Edition.  £100.00 
Bertin, Jacques
Loeb, Julien
Experimental and Theoretical Aspects of Induced Polarization. 1: Presentation and Application of the IP Method Case Histories; 2: Macroscopic and Microscopic Theories.  £46.00 
Rutherford, Lord
The Newer Alchemy. Based on the Henry Sidgwick Memorial Lecture Delivered at Newnham College, Cambridge, November 1936.  £48.00 
Kumakhov, M A
Komarov, F F
Multiple Reflection from Surface X-Ray Optics.  £18.00 
Williams, David
Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Textbook for Materials Science: 4 Volume Set.  £36.00 
Kepler, Johannes
Kepler's Conversation with Galileo's Sidereal Messenger. First Complete Translation, with an Introduction and Notes, by Edward Rosen.  £140.00 
Christianson, Gale
Edwin Hubble. Mariner of the Nebulae.  £22.00 
Evans, A G
Fracture in Ceramic Materials. Toughening Mechanisms, Machining Damage, Shock.  £16.00 
Wait, James
Overvoltage Research and Geophysical Applications.  £28.00 
Adler, Robert
Feldman, Raisa
Taqqu, Murad
A Practical Guide to Heavy Tails. Statistical Techniques and Applications.  £74.00 
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