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Cantor, Geoffrey
Lindberg, David
The Discourse of Light from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment Papers Read at a Clark Library Seminar, 1982.  £38.00 
Thorne, A P
Spectrophysics.  £10.00 
Ditchburn, R W
Light. The Student's Physics Volume 1.  £16.00 
Hey, Tony
The Quantum Universe.  £10.00 
Abbott, A F
Ordinary Level Physics.  £16.00 
Braddick, H J J
The Physics of Experimental Method.  £10.00 
Richards, J P G
Waves.  £8.00 
Lipson, H
Cochran, W
The Determination of Crystal Structures. The Crystalline State Volume 3.  £20.00 
Phillips, David
William Lawrence Bragg, 1890 to 1971.  £40.00 
Daly, Reginald Aldworth
Strength and Structure of the Earth.  £16.00 
Pidduck, F B
A Treatise on Electricity.  £38.00 
Bitter, Francis
Mathematical Aspects of Physics. An Introduction.  £8.00 
Clemmow, P C
Dougherty, J P
Electrodynamics of Particles and Plasmas.  £28.00 
Rosser, W G V
Classical Electromagnetism via Relativity. An Alternative Approach to Maxwell's Equations.  £94.00 
Smith, P
Smith, R C
Mechanics.  £28.00 
Steinfeld, Jeffrey
Molecules and Radiation. An Introduction to Modern Molecular Spectroscopy.  £8.00 
Schrödinger, Erwin
Statistical Thermodynamics.  £12.00 
Feynman, Richard
Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track: The Letters of Richard Feynman. SAMPLE CHAPTER.  £12.00 
Scheck, Florian
Mechanics. From Newton's Law to Deterministic Chaos.  £28.00 
Pain, H J
The Physics of Vibrations and Waves.  £12.00 
Beet, Ernest Agar
A Text Book of Elementary Astronomy.  £10.00 
Reimann, Arnold
Physics. Volume 1: Mechanics and Heat.  £16.00 
Herzberg, Gerhard
Atomic Spectra and Atomic Structure.  £6.00 
Spain, Barry
Vector Analysis.  £12.00 
Roberts, J
Heat and Thermodynamics.  £22.00 
Arley, Niels
Introduction to the Theory of Probability and Statistics.  £8.00 
Arya, Atam Parkash
Introduction to Classical Mechanics.  £18.00 
Thompson, J M T
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos. Geometrical Methods for Engineers and Scientists.  £24.00 
Harrison, J M
Elementary General Science. Book One. Third Edition.  £8.00 
James, T
Fundamentals of Photographic Theory.  £16.00 
Series, G W
Spectrum of Atomic Hydrogen.  £18.00 
Oparin, A I
The Universe.  £8.00 
Smart, W M
Some Famous Stars.  £8.00 
Kurth, Rudolf
Introduction to Stellar Statistics.  £16.00 
Robinson, F N H
Electromagnetism.  £32.00 
Landau, L D
Lifshitz, E M
Course of Theoretical Physics. Volume 6: Fluid Mechanics.  £36.00 
Leech, J W
Classical Mechanics.  £20.00 
Duffin, W J
Advance Electricity and Magnetism for Undergraduates.  £10.00 
King, Ronold
Mack, Richard
Sandler, Sheldon
Arrays of Cylindrical Dipoles.  £30.00 
Champion, F C
Davy, N
Properties of Matter. Student's Physics Series. Volume 3.  £10.00 
Shklovsky, I S
Supernova.  £12.00 
Dinwoodie, Cameron
The Handbook of the British Astronomical Association 1963.  £12.00 
Dinwoodie, Cameron
The Handbook of the British Astronomical Association 1962.  £12.00 
Rowan-Robinson, Michael
Cosmology.  £8.00 
Bai-Lin, Hao
Chaos.  £22.00 
Vogel, Arthur
A Text Book of Qualitative Chemical Analysis: including Semimicro Qualitative Analysis.  £12.00 
Ditchburn, R W
Light.  £20.00 
Putman, J L
Isotopes. An Account of How Atoms and Their Radiation Are Used by Man.  £8.00 
Hamilton, W J
Appleton, A B
Surface and Radiological Anatomy for Students and General Practitioners. Second Edition.  £16.00 
Pentz, Michael
Scientists Against Nuclear Arms
The Problems and Prospects of Nuclear Disarmament. Report of the SANA International Symposium, London, 1983.  £10.00 
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