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Campbell, Norman Robert
Modern Electrical Theory. Second Edition.  £18.00 
Namba, Keiichi
Structure and Function of Macromolecular Assembly. Proceeding of the 22nd International Symposium, Division of Biophysics, the Taniguchi Foundation.  £36.00 
Stewart, Balfour
Lessons in Elementary Physics.  £86.00 
Kitchin, C R
Astrophysical Techniques.  £12.00 
Mandelbrote, Scott
Footprints of the Lion. Issac Newton at Work.  £12.00 
Drake, Stillman
Galileo. Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems.  £10.00 
Alexander, William
Allen, W J D
The Observer's Book on Meteorology.  £12.00 
Johnson, Paley
Practical Physical Chemistry. Part 1: Natural Sciences Tripos. Whole and Advanced Half Subject, Lent Term 1960.  £16.00 
Pearson, G L
The Physics of Electronic Semiconductors.  £12.00 
Johnson, Paley
Practical Physical Chemistry. Part 1: Natural Sciences Tripos. Advanced Chemistry, Lent Term 1965.  £16.00 
Slater, John
Introduction to Chemical Physics.  £20.00 
Murray, E G D
Studia Varia. Literary and Scientific Papers.  £16.00 
Murray, E G D
Our Debt to the Future. Royal Society of Canada Symposium Presented on the Seventy Fifth Anniversay 1957.  £16.00 
Noakes, Richard
From Newton to Hawking: A History of Cambridge University's Lucasian Professors of Mathematics.  £24.00 
Cohen, Bernard
The Newtonian Revolution.  £88.00 
Brand, J
Speakman, J C
Molecular Structure. The Physical Approach.  £12.00 
Devons, Samuel
Biology and the Physical Sciences.  £18.00 
Slater, R J
Radioisotopes in Biology: A Practical Approach.  £12.00 
Pippard, A B
Forces and Particles: Outline of the Principles of Classical Physics.  £12.00 
Stainsby, George
Copley, A L
Flow Properties of Blood and Other Biological Systems: Proceedings of an Informal Discussion Convened Jointly by the Faraday Society (Colloid and Biophysics Committee) and the British Society of Rheology.  £22.00 
Joffe, A F
Stil'bans, L S
Physical Problems of Thermoelectricity.  £10.00 
Broglie, Louis de
Matter and Light. The New Physics. Translated by W H Johnston.  £64.00 
Allen, H Stanley
Photo-Electricity. The Liberation of Electrons by Light. With Chapters on Fluorescence and Phosphorescence, and Photo-Chemical Actions and Photography.  £26.00 
Richardson, O W
The Emmission of Electricity from Hot Bodies.  £24.00 
Klug, Aaron
Widdowson, E E
Definitions and Formulae for Students. (Modern Physics)  £46.00 
Cornelius, Paul
Electrical Theory on the Giorgi System.  £12.00 
Wehr, M Russell
Richards, James
Physics of the Atom.  £12.00 
Schuster, Arthur
Lees, Charles Herbert
Advanced Exercises in Practical Physics.  £38.00 
Johnson, Martin
Sverdrup, H U
The Oceans. Their Physics, Chemistry, and General Biology.  £68.00 
Jeans, James
Problems of Cosmogony and Stellar Dynamics.  £120.00 
Jacobs, J A
A Textbook on Geonomy.  £12.00 
Cook, Alan
Interiors of the Planets.  £20.00 
Wilson, Hewitt
Ceramics - Clay Technologies.  £12.00 
Harker, Alfred
Metamorphism: A Study of the Transformations of Rock-Masses. (Second Edition).  £10.00 
Mason, Brian
Principles of Geochemistry.  £20.00 
Lodge, Oliver
Past Years. An Autobiography by Sir Oliver Lodge.  £76.00 
Staub, Rudolf
Der Bewegungsmechanismus der Erde dargelegt am Bau der irdischen Gebirgssysteme.  £18.00 
Fisher, Osmond
The Physics of the Earth's Crust.  £120.00 
Hartshorne, N H
Crystals and the Polarising Microscope. A Handbook for Chemists and Others.  £24.00 
Firstbrook, P L
Paleoceanic Reconstructions. 160 - 0 Ma.  £36.00 
Shrock, Robert
Sequence in Layered Rocks: A Study of Features and Structures Useful for Determining Top and Bottom or Order of Succession in Bedded and Tabular Rock Bodies.  £18.00 
Scheidegger, Adrian
Principles of Geodynamics.  £16.00 
Westfall, Richard
The Construction of Modern Science. Mechanisms and Mechanics.  £10.00 
Whitteridge, D
A Discussion on Stereoscopic Vision: Organized by D Whitteridge and P G H Clarke.  £18.00 
Ubbelohde, A R
Man and Energy.  £6.00 
Bless, Robert
Discovering the Cosmos.  £24.00 
Blackith, R E
The Power that Corrupts: The Threat of Nuclear Power Promotion in Ireland.  £12.00 
Tomlin, E W F
Man, Time and the New Science.  £10.00 
Moore, Walter
Physical Chemistry. Second Edition.  £14.00 
Mendoza, Eric
Experiment. "A" Level Physics Experiments.  £12.00 
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