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Piccolino, Marco
The Taming of the Ray. Electric Fish Research in the Enlightenment from John Walsh to Alessandro Volta.  £16.00 
Warner, Frederick
Slater, D H
The Assessment and Perception of Risk.  £32.00 
Cottrell, Alan
Kelly, A
A Discussion on Strong Fibrous Solids.  £32.00 
Von Mises, Richard
Theory of Flight.  £14.00 
Jiles, David
Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.  £46.00 
Hauptman, Herbert
Karle, Jerome
Solution of the Phase Problem 1: The Centrosymmetric Crystal.  £64.00 
Monnier, Alexandre
Fessard, A
Électrophysiologie: Paris, 31 Mars - 9 Avril 1949.  £36.00 
Lloyd, Peter
Optical Methods in Ultracentrifugation, Electrophoresis and Diffusion: With a Guide to the Interpretation of Records.  £16.00 
Rao, C N R
Ultra-Violet and Visible Spectroscopy: Chemical Applications.  £14.00 
Pascoe, K J
An Introduction to the Properties of Engineering Materials.  £16.00 
Spalding, D B
Cole, E H
Engineering Thermodynamics. An Introductory Text. First Edition.  £14.00 
Romanelli, Francesco
Pamela, Jerome
JET Joint European Torus. The JET Joint Undertaking.  £20.00 
Nash, Sara
Science and Complexity. Proceedings of an Interdisciplinary IBM Conference.  £14.00 
Elmer, Peter
Gears and Gear-Cutting. Principles, Practice and Formulae.  £10.00 
Webster, A G
Plimpton, Samuel
Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics.  £12.00 
Earnshaw, J B
An Introduction to A-C Circuit Theory.  £22.00 
Einstein, Albert
Relativity. The Special and General Theory.  £20.00 
Miles, E R C
Supersonic Aerodynamics. A Theoretical Introduction.  £20.00 
Royal Society
The Record of The Royal Society of London for the Promotion of Natural Knowledge.  £24.00 
American Physical Society
Symposium on the Solid State. (= Reviews of Modern Physics. Volume 17, Number 1, January 1945)  £14.00 
Institute of Physics
The Physics of Nuclear Reactors. A Conference Arranged by the Institute of Physics in London from 3 to 6 July, 1956.  £16.00 
Royal Society
Obituary Notices of Fellows of the Royal Society. Volume 9.  £14.00 
Marschak, Jacob
Schurr, Sam
Economic Aspects of Atomic Power.  £12.00 
Jeffreys, Harold
Scientific Inference.  £16.00 
Röntgen, Wilhelm Conrad
Lemmerich, Jost
Rontgen Rays Centennial 1895-1995.  £18.00 
Frank, H
Beiträge zur Methodik des mathematischen und physikalischen Unterrichts.  £18.00 
Arnott, Neil
Elements of Physics or Natural Philosophy, General and Medical, Explained Independently of Technical Mathematics and Containing New Disquisitions and Practical Suggestions. Second Edition.  £120.00 
Fage, A
The Aeroplane. A Concise Scientific Study. Fourth Edition.  £14.00 
Wilson, James
A Complete Dictionary of Astrology.  £24.00 
Ardamackij, A L
Almaznaja Obrabotka Opticeskich Detalej.  £64.00 
Kirillin, V A
Sheindlin, A E
Issledovaniia Termodinamicheskikh Svoistv Veshchestv.  £64.00 
Hunnius, F C
Our Generation Against Nuclear War. An International Journal. Volume 2, No 4.  £16.00 
Blackett, P M S
War and Peace: The CND Quarterly.  £12.00 
Landau, D
Hardness: A Critical Examination of Hardness, Dynamic Hardness, and an Attempt to Reduce Hardness to Dimensional Analysis.  £14.00 
Gardner, Martin
Great Essays in Science.  £8.00 
Lynde, C J
Water Pressure and Air Pressure.  £14.00 
Lynde, C J
Our Wonderful World.  £24.00 
Lynde, C J
The Pressure of the Atmosphere.  £14.00 
Lynde, C J
More Fun with Science.  £14.00 
Muter, Ivan
Bowden, K E J
Advance Handbook for Science Masters and Lecturers.  £16.00 
Searle, V H L
Physics Revision Course, for Higher School and Intermediate Examinations.  £12.00 
Richards, J P G
Williams, R P
Waves.  £8.00 
Hopkinson, Bertram
The Scientific Papers of Bertram Hopkinson. Edited by Sir J Alfred Ewing and Sir Joseph Larmor.  £140.00 
Bleaney, B I
Bleaney, B
Electricity and Magnetism. Third Edition.  £36.00 
Walton, Alan
Three Phases of Matter. Second Edition.  £20.00 
The Radiochemical Centre
The Radioactive Manual. Part 1. Physical Data.  £18.00 
Mott, N F
An Outline of Wave Mechanics.  £18.00 
Gas Council
Gas Fires to High-Speed Warm Your House.  £10.00 
Pearce, W E
School Electricity.  £14.00 
Braddick, H J J
Vibrations, Waves and Diffractions.  £10.00 
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