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Shapin, Steven
Of Gods and Kings: Natural Philosophy and Politics in the Leibniz-Clarke Disputes. (ISIS, 1981, 72 (262))  £10.00 
Vergote, Antoine
Wood, M H
Guilt and Desire. Religious Attitudes and their Pathological Derivatives.  £24.00 
Jacobus de Voragine
The Golden Legend. Readings on the Saints. Volume 2.  £14.00 
Rowe, William
God and the Problem of Evil.  £26.00 
Stump, Eleonore
Murray, Michael
Philosophy of Religion. The Big Questions.  £16.00 
No Author The Woman Worker in the Church. Training and Opportunities for Full-Time Work.  £10.00 
Crafts Advisory Committee
Rugs for Churches. Commissioned Altar Rail Kneelers to Celebrate Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee.  £14.00 
Hoffman, Joshua
Rosenkrantz, Gary
The Divine Attributes.  £24.00 
Charlesworth, M J
St Anselm's Proslogion.  £14.00 
Burton, Janet
Monastic and Religious Orders in Britain, 1000 - 1300.  £10.00 
Julian of Norwich
A Book of Showings. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £142.00 
Mullan, David
Religious Pluralism in the West. An Anthology.  £24.00 
Vaughan, Alden
The Puritan Tradition in America, 1620 - 1730.  £14.00 
Littlejohn, James
Westrigg. The Sociology of a Cheviot Parish.  £8.00 
Funkenstein, Amos
Theology and the Scientific Imagination. From the Middle Ages to the Seventeenth Century.  £28.00 
Luther, Martin
Fabiny, Tibor
Martin Luther's Last Will and Testament. A Facsimile of the Original Document, with an Account of its Origins, Composition and Subsequent History by Tibor Fabiny.  £18.00 
Cutting, George
Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment.  £24.00 
Valpy, E
Valpy's The New Testament with English Notes Critical, Philological, and Explanatory: Volumes 1 - 3.  £120.00 
Knox, Wilfred
Chadwick, H
The Sources of the Synoptic Gospels. Volume 2: St Luke and St Matthew.  £12.00 
Tregelles, Samuel
The Greek New Testament, and the Latin Version of Jerome, from the Codex Amnatinus, Mattew to Acts, Catholic Epistles, Romans to Philemon.  £88.00 
Ashby, Margaret
St Nicholas' Church, Stevenage.  £8.00 
Pattison, George
A Short Course in the Philosophy of Religion.  £10.00 
Kessler, Edward
Wright, Melanie
Themes in Jewish-Christian Relations.  £18.00 
Kessler, E
Pawlikowski, J
Jews and Christians in Conversation.  £12.00 
Peterson, Michael
The Problem of Evil. Selected Readings.  £10.00 
Hooker, Richard
The Works of that Learned and Judicious Divine Mr Richard Hooker: With an Account of his Life and Death by Isaac Walton, in 2 Volumes.  £46.00 
Clarke, Laurence
A Compleat History of the Holy Bible, Contained in the Old and New Testament.  £240.00 
The Newman Association
The Newman Association. Annual Report.  £20.00 
Schmidt, Heinrich
Appel, Georg
[Studies on Prayer]. Veteres Philosophi quomodo iudicaverint de Precibus; De Romanorum Precationibus.  £46.00 
Wellhausen, Julius
Das Evangelium Lucae, übersetzt und erklärt von J Wellhausen.  £20.00 
Magen, Beate
Die Wallonengemeinde in Canterbury von ihrer Gründung bis zum Jahre 1635.  £16.00 
Milligan, George
Moulton, James Hope
The Vocabulary of the Greek Testament. Illustrated from the Papyri and other Non-Literary Sources. Part 1 - 8.  £160.00 
Smith, R A L
Beautyfying Canterbury Cathedral.  £10.00 
Watkin, Aelred
Farne Island and St Cuthbert.  £10.00 
Wood-Legh, Kathleen
The Chantries in some English Mediaval Towns.  £10.00 
Falconi, Carlo
The Popes in the Twentieth Century. From Pius to John XXIII.  £10.00 
O'Day, Rosemary
Continuity and Change. Personnel and Administration of the Church in England 1500 - 1642.  £12.00 
Taliaferro, Charles
Cambridge Platonist Spirituality.  £12.00 
Kvam, Kristen
Schearing, Linda
Eve and Adam. Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Readings on Genesis and Gender.  £14.00 
Brown, Peter
The Body and Society. Men, Women, and Sexual Renunciation in Early Christianity.  £16.00 
Gregory of Nazianzus
Boulenger, Fernand
Grégoire de Nazianze: Discours Funèbres en l'Honneur de son Frère Césaire et de Basile de Césarée.  £20.00 
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne
Controverses = Oeuvres Complètes de Bossuet, Eveque de Meaux. Volumes 27 - 42 ONLY.  £240.00 
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne
Écriture Sainte = Oeuvres Complètes de Bossuet, Eveque de Meaux. Volumes 18 - 24 ONLY.  £120.00 
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne
Education = Oeuvres Complètes de Bossuet, Eveque de Meaux. Volumes 13 - 18 ONLY.  £100.00 
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne
Administration = Oeuvres Complètes de Bossuet, Eveque de Meaux. Volumes 25 - 26 ONLY.  £50.00 
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne
Piété = Oeuvres Complètes de Bossuet, Eveque de Meaux. Volumes 9 - 12 ONLY.  £80.00 
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne
Correspondence = Oeuvres Complètes de Bossuet, Eveque de Meaux. Volumes 44 - 48 (Only).  £100.00 
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne
Sermons = Oeuvres Complètes de Bossuet, Eveque de Meaux. Volumes 1 - 8.  £140.00 
Mittner, Ladislaus
Wurd - Das Sakrale in der altgemanischen Epik.  £24.00 
Telemann, Georg Philipp
Kersting-Meulemann, Ann
Du, o schönes Weltgebäude.  £36.00 
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