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Baram, Daphna
Disechantment. The Guardian and Israel.  £12.00 
Bolitho, Hector
The Angry Neighbours: A Diary of Palestine and Transjordan.  £14.00 
Orpaz, Yitzhak
The Death of Lysanda.  £12.00 
Netanyahu, Benzion
Alonso de Espina: Was he a New Christian.  £16.00 
Lerner, Paul
The Consuming Temple. Jews, Department Stores, and the Consumer Revolution in Germany, 1880 - 1940.  £26.00 
Di Cesare, Donatella
Heidegger and the Jews. The Black Notebooks.  £16.00 
Glinert, Lewis
Chik Chak! A Gateway to Modern Hebrew Grammar.  £28.00 
Flowers of the Holy Land. Blumen des Heiligen Lande.  £32.00 
Myers, Maurice
The Passover Hagadah.  £24.00 
Boughton, Jesse Scott
The Idea of Progress in Philo Judaeus.  £24.00 
Roth, Cecil
A Short History of the Jewish People. 1600 BC - AD 1935.  £20.00 
Mullan, David
Religious Pluralism in the West. An Anthology.  £24.00 
Kessler, Edward
Wright, Melanie
Themes in Jewish-Christian Relations.  £18.00 
Kessler, E
Pawlikowski, J
Jews and Christians in Conversation.  £12.00 
Kvam, Kristen
Schearing, Linda
Eve and Adam. Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Readings on Genesis and Gender.  £14.00 
Wagner, Günter
Die Musikerfamilie Ganz aus Weisenau: Ein Beitrag zur Musikgeschichte der Juden am Mittelrhein.  £20.00 
Hirshberg, Jehoash
Paul Ben-Haim: His Life and Works.  £20.00 
Rock, Albert
The Status Quo in the Holy Places.  £24.00 
Bagatti, Bellarmino
Recherches sur le Site du Temple de Jerusalem (Ier - VIIe siècle).  £14.00 
Buber, Martin
Begegnung. Autobiographische Fragmente.  £15.00 
Bohlman, Philip
The World Centre for Jewish Music in Palestine, 1936 - 1940: Jewish Musical Life on the Eve of World War II.  £68.00 
Landauer, Georg
Der Zionismus im Wandel dreier Jahrzehnte.  £24.00 
Schreiner, Stefan
Ein kostbares Erbe. Der Vilner Gaon und seine Werke.  £24.00 
Benjamin of Tudela
Itinerarium Benjaminis.  £2,400.00 
Human Rights Watch
Occupied Palestinian Territories. A Question of Security. Violence against Palestiniamn Women and Girls.  £20.00 
Maimonides, Moses
The Medical Aphorisms of Moses Maimonides. Volume 2. Translated and Edited by Fred Rosner and Suessman Muntner.  £26.00 
Klarsfeld, Serge
Les Enfants d'Izieu: Une Tragedie Juive.  £64.00 
Satahl, Ziv
From Occupation to Annexation: The silent adoption of the Levy report on retroactive authorization of illegal construction in the West Bank.  £24.00 
Hanak, Werner
Musik des Aufbruchs. Endstation Schein - Heiligenstadt. Eric Zeisls Flucht nach Hollywood.  £30.00 
Frelick, Nancy
The Mirror in Medieval and Early Modern Culture: Specular Reflections.  £46.00 
Goldin, Simha
The Ways of Jewish Martyrdom.  £36.00 
Vermes, Geza
Scripture and Tradition in Judaism: Haggadic Studies.  £36.00 
Palfrey, John
Elements of Chaldee, Syriac, Samaritan and Rabbinbical Grammar.  £26.00 
Torrey, Charles Cutler
Pseudo-Ezekiel and the Original Prophecy.  £24.00 
Clay, Albert
A Hebrew Deluge Story in Cuneiform, and Other Epic Fragments in the Pierpont Morgan Library.  £46.00 
Norris, Jacob
Land of Progress. Palestine in the Age of Colonial Development, 1905 - 1948.  £108.00 
Tec, Nechama
Resistance. Jews and Christians Who Defied the Nazi Terror.  £14.00 
Kenez, Peter
The Coming of the Holocaust.  £18.00 
Hannam, Charles
A Boy in Your Situation.  £8.00 
No Author The Song of Songs which is Solomon's.  £12.00 
Borossa, Julia
Ward, Ivan
Psychoanalysis, Fascism and Fundamentalism. (Psychoanalysis and History Special Issue Vol. 11, No. 2, 2009)  £14.00 
Drumont, Edouard
Le Testament d'un Antisémite.  £24.00 
Müller, Ernst
History of Jewish Mysticism.  £14.00 
Levy, Solomon
Anglo-Jewish Historiography.  £12.00 
Wagenaar, L
[Siddur Imrei Lev] Gebedenboek met Nederlandsche Vertaling. Bound with: Abodath Habbajith Afdeeling "Huiselijke Eeredienst".  £64.00 
Pauly, Jean de
Le Livre du Zohar. Pages Traduites du Chaldaïque.  £14.00 
Broido, Ephraim
Jews, Arabs and the Middle East.  £10.00 
Josephus, Volume 4: Jewish Antiquities, Books I - IV. With an English Translation by H St. J Thackeray.  £56.00 
Grenzmann, Ludger
Haye, Thomas
Wechselseitige Wahrnehmung der Religionen im Spätmittelalter und in der Frühen Neuzeit: I. Konzeptionelle Grundfragen.  £36.00 
Baer, S
Liber Duodecim Prophetarum.  £12.00 
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