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Drumont, Edouard
Le Testament d'un Antisémite.  £24.00 
Müller, Ernst
History of Jewish Mysticism.  £14.00 
Levy, Solomon
Anglo-Jewish Historiography.  £12.00 
Wagenaar, L
[Siddur Imrei Lev] Gebedenboek met Nederlandsche Vertaling. Bound with: Abodath Habbajith Afdeeling "Huiselijke Eeredienst".  £64.00 
Pauly, Jean de
Le Livre du Zohar. Pages Traduites du Chaldaïque.  £14.00 
Pétrement, Simon
Le Dualisme dans l'Histoire de la Philosophie et des Religions. Introduction a l'étude du Dualisme Platonicien, du Gnosticisme, et du Manichéisme.  £16.00 
Locker, Berl
Palestine and the Jewish Future.  £14.00 
Broido, Ephraim
Jews, Arabs and the Middle East.  £10.00 
Josephus, Vol 4: Jewish Antiquities, Books I - IV. With an English Translation by H St. J Thackeray.  £56.00 
Grenzmann, Ludger
Haye, Thomas
Wechselseitige Wahrnehmung der Religionen im Spätmittelalter und in der Frühen Neuzeit: I. Konzeptionelle Grundfragen.  £36.00 
Maimonides, Moses
Friedlander, M
The Guide for the Perplexed. Translated from the Original Arabic Text.  £8.00 
Smith, W Robertson
Lectures on the Religion of the Semites. First Series: Fundamental Institutions.  £18.00 
No Author Liber Duodecim Prophetarum.  £12.00 
Taylor, Charles
Sayings of the Jewish Fathers, comprising Pirqe Aboth in Hebrew and English, with Notes and Exercurses. Second Edition.  £26.00 
Lowe, W H
The Mishnah on which the Palestinian Talmud rests from the Unique Manuscript Preserved in the University Library of Cambridge.  £160.00 
Weber, Ferdinand
System der altsynagogalen palästinischen Theologie: Aus Targum, Midrasch und Talmud, dargestellt von Ferdinand Weber. Nach des Verfassers Tode herausgegeben von Franz Delitzsch und Georg Schnedermann.  £20.00 
Charles, R H
The Apocalypse of Baruch, translated from the Syriac / edited, with introduction, notes, and indices by R H Charles.  £46.00 
Crusemann, Frank
The Torah. Theology and Social History of Old Testament Law.  £16.00 
Masalha, Nur
The Palestine Nakba. Decolonising History, Narrating the Subaltern, Reclaiming Memory.  £14.00 
Lindemann, Albert
Anti-Semitism before the Holocaust.  £12.00 
Israel, Jonathan
European Jewry in the Age of Mercantilism 1550 - 1750.  £12.00 
Cohen, A
Everyman's Talmud.  £8.00 
Ohana, David
The Origins of Israeli Mythology. Neither Canaanites nor Crusaders.  £44.00 
Bashkin, Orit
New Babylonians. A History of Jews in Modern Iraq.  £16.00 
Zeitlin, Irving
Jew. The Making of a Diaspora People.  £14.00 
Baldensperger, Guillaume
Die messianisch-apokalyptischen Hoffnungen des Judentums (= Das Selbstbewußtsein Jesu im Lichte der messisanischen Hoffnungen seiner Zeit, Erste Hälfte)  £18.00 
Williams, Lukyn
A Manual of Christian Evidences for Jewish People. Volume 1. First Edition.  £12.00 
Balthasar, Hans Urs von
Martin Buber and Christianity. A Dialogue Between Israel and the Church.  £28.00 
Koestler, Arthur
The Yogi and The Commissar and Other Essays.  £10.00 
Shohet, Nir
Zilkha, Abraham
The Story of an Exile. A Short History of the Jews of Iraq.  £12.00 
Harnack, Adolf
Neue Untersuchungen zur Apostelgeschichte und zur Abfassungszeit der Synoptischen Evangelien. (Beiträge zur Einleitung in das Neue Testament, 4)  £24.00 
Harnack, Adolf
Über den Privaten Gebrauch der Heiligen Schriften in der Alten Kirche. (Beiträge zur Einleitung in das Neue Testament, 5)  £24.00 
Aris, Stephen
The Jews in Business.  £10.00 
Adams, Michael
Signposts to Destruction. Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Territories.  £16.00 
Rutherford, Evan
Palestinians and Israelis on Peace.  £24.00 
Zionism and Racism: A Case to Answer.  £12.00 
Bevan, Edwyn
Singer, Charles
The Legacy of Israel.  £10.00 
Kohut, Alexander
Aruch Completum sive Lexicon, Vocabula et Res, quae in Libris Targumicis, Talmudicis et Midraschicis Continentur. Tomus Secundus  £88.00 
Kohut, Alexander
Aruch Completum sive Lexicon, Vocabula et Res, quae in Libris Targumicis, Talmudicis et Midraschicis Continentur. Tomus Quartus.  £88.00 
Lowe, W H
The Hebrew Student's Commentary on Zechariah, Hebrew and LXX, with Excursus on Syllable-Dividing, Metheg, Initial Dagesh, and Simian Rapheh.  £24.00 
Winckler, Hugo
Geschichte Israels in Einzeldarstellungen. Teil 1, Teil 2. (Völker und Staaten des alten Orients, 2, 3).  £30.00 
Birch, Maureen
Lincoln's Medieval Jewry and Up-hill Norman Houses.  £8.00 
Sachs, Marcus
Marcus Sachs: In Memoriam.  £20.00 
Bolitho, Hector
Beside Galilee - A Diary in Palestine.  £12.00 
Sylvester, David
Arab-Israeli Conflict: Filmstrip and Cassette Notes. (Schools Council History 13-16 Project)  £12.00 
Arab League
Israeli Socialism: A Reality or a Myth?  £8.00 
Smallwood, Mary
The Legislation of Hadrian and Antonius Pius against Circumcision. Plus Addendum.  £12.00 
Smallwood, Mary
Some Notes on the Jews under Tiberius.  £12.00 
Keesing's Archives
The Arab-Israeli Conflict: The 1967 Campaign.  £8.00 
Levi, David
The Form of Prayers for the Festivals of Passover and Pentecost According to the Custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, Carefully Translated from the Original Hebrew.  £68.00 
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