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Mearsheimer, John
Responses to Gaza. (London Review of Books, 29 Jan 2009)  £12.00 
Grunwald, Kurt
Türkenhirsch. A Study of Baron Maurice de Hirsch, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.  £64.00 
Buber, Martin
Die Chassidischen Bücher.  £36.00 
Herlitz, Georg
Kedem Taschen-Wörterbuch Deutsch - Hebräisch.  £36.00 
Hiro, Dilip
Sharing the Promised Land: Interwoven Tale of Israelis and Palestinians.  £7.00 
Macpherson, Duncan
Third Millennium Guide to Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  £7.00 
Cheshin, Amir
Separate and Unequal: The Inside Story of Israeli Rule in East Jerusalem.  £12.00 
Whitfield, Geoffrey Victor
Israeli and Palestinian Terrorism: The 'Unintentional' Agents.  £12.00 
Mossawa Center
Akka. City on the Front. A Review of the Events and Confrontations in Akka during October 2008.  £14.00 
Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
Who is My Neighbour? Report on an Ecumenical Visit to the Middle East, 10 - 24 March 2001.  £8.00 
Ellis, Marc
Israel and Palestine - Out of the Ashes: The Search for Jewish Identity in the Twenty-First Century.  £8.00 
Coursen-Neff, Zama
Second Class: Discrimination against Palestinian Arab Children in Israel's Schools.  £8.00 
Doughty, Richard
Gaza: Legacy of Occupation - A Photographer's Journey.  £7.00 
Chacour, Elias
We Belong to the Land.  £8.00 
Palestine / Israel: Peace or Apartheid? Occupation, Terrorism and the Future.  £7.00 
Greenstone, Julius
The Messiah Idea in Jewish History.  £14.00 
Jabareen, Yousef
An Equal Consitution for All. On a Constitution and Collective Rights for Arab Citizens in Israel.  £12.00 
Chacour, Elias
Faith Beyond Despair: Building Hope in the Holy Land.  £6.00 
Doppelgänger, du bleicher Geselle. Zur Pathologie des deutsch-jüdischen Verhältnisses.  £12.00 
Schiff, Ze'ev
Intifada.  £24.00 
Buber, Martin
Marx, Olga
Tales of the Hasidim. The Later Masters.  £7.00 
Hirsch, Emil
My Religion. The Crucifixion Viewed from a Jewish Standpoint. Reprint edition.  £14.00 
New York Daily News
British Slay 3 Jews in Haifa. Open Fire as 100 Storm Port. (Daily News, 14 Aug 1946)  £20.00 
Lillich, Richard
Operation Entebbe. Folder of Research Material.  £64.00 
Oesterley, W O E
The Wisdom of Solomon.  £12.00 
Hengel, Martin
Judaism and Helenism. Studies in their Encounter in Palestine during the Early Hellenistic Period. Vol 1 and 2.  £36.00 
Whiston, William
Flavius Josephus
The Works of Flavius Josephus.  £18.00 
Eisler, Robert
Messiah Jesus and John the Baptist: According to Flavius Josephus' recently rediscovered 'Capture of Jerusalem' and the other Jewish and Christian sources.  £460.00 
Alford, B H
Jewish History and Literature under the Maccabees and Herod.  £12.00 
Upton, Cyril
What is Wisdom? The world's oldest question posed in the light of contemporary perplexity.  £12.00 
Krohn, Claus-Dieter
Jüdische Emigration. Zwischen Assimilation und Verfolgung, Akkulturation und jüdischer Identität.  £24.00 
Khodadad, K E
The Passover in the Time of Christ.  £14.00 
Durrell, Lawrence
Lacarriere, Jacques
Les Gnostiques.  £16.00 
Badham, Paul
Religion, State, and Society in Modern Britain.  £16.00 
Stone, Dan
Constructing the Holocaust. A Study in Historiography.  £18.00 
Schöne, Albrecht
Moses, Stephane
Juden in der deutschen Literatur. Ein deutsch-israelisches Symposium.  £18.00 
Gruner, Wolf
Jewish Forced Labor under the Nazis: Economic Needs and Racial Aims, 1938 - 1944.  £26.00 
Masriya, Yahudiya
Les Juifs en Egypte.  £18.00 
Moses, Stephane
Spuren der Schrift. Von Goethe bis Celan.  £16.00 
Delitzsch, Franz
Jewish Artisan Life in the Time of Christ. (Original Copy)  £20.00 
Uppsala Colloquium
The Right to Leave; The Right to Return. Declaration. Introduction by Morris Abraham.  £14.00 
Robertson, Edward
The Disruption of Israel's Monarchy: Before and After.  £10.00 
Rowley, H H
Israel's Sojourn in Egypt.  £12.00 
Ovendale, Ritchie
The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Wars.  £8.00 
Braybrooke, Marcus
Inter-Faith Worship. A report of a working party.  £9.00 
Barness, Amnon
The Israel Press: The Role of the Press in the Foundation of Israel.  £26.00 
Ostmeier, Dorothee
Sprache des Dramas - Drama der Sprache. Zur Poetik der Nelly Sachs.  £38.00 
World Jewish Congress
Legal Curbs on Racial Incitement. A Survey of International Measures and Domestic Legislation (1965)  £8.00 
Wilson, R McL
The Gnostic Problem. A Study of the Relations between Hellenistic Judaism and the Gnostic Heresy.  £22.00 
British Survey
The British Survey: Israel Now.  £12.00 
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