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No Author Paul and Albert: Received and Recorded by the Rev G V Owen. The Story of Retribution in the Hells of the Hereafter.  £24.00 
Lethbridge, T C
The Power of the Pendulum.  £12.00 
Jukes, Andrew
The Law of the Offerings.  £14.00 
Jukes, Andrew
The Law of the Offerings in Leviticus I - VII.  £14.00 
Whitelock, Jill
Curious Objects.  £14.00 
Brown, Joseph Epes
The Sacred Pipe. Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux.  £8.00 
Cheiro's Language of the Hand.  £18.00 
No Author A Ritual and Illustrations of Freemasonry Accompanied by Numerous Engravings and a Key to the Phi Beta Kappa.  £56.00 
Kennedy, David
A Venture in Immortality.  £24.00 
Guirdham, Arthur
We are one Another.  £16.00 
Bray, Hilary
How it Strikes a Contemporary.  £12.00 
No Author Testimony of Light.  £42.00 
Wheatley, J B
Spiritual Warriors. An Allegory of the Spirit.  £36.00 
Rommaynne, P D
And Where Shall I Be? An Introduction to the Future Life.  £18.00 
Sherwood, Jane
Post-Mortem Journal: Communications from T E Lawrence.  £20.00 
Guirdham, Arthur
Great Heresy: The History and Beliefs of the Cathars.  £16.00 
Hebert, Septimus
Glimpses into Paradise.  £26.00 
Sculthorp, Frederick
More About the Spirit World and Expriences in Astral Projection.  £18.00 
Moses, William Stainton
More Spirit Teachings.  £24.00 
Tomas, Andrew
We Are Not the First: Riddles of Ancient Science.  £12.00 
Drake, Raymond
Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient West.  £8.00 
Swedenborg, Emanuel
Himmel und Hölle. Beschrieben nach Gehörtem und Gesehenem. Aus der lateinischen Urschrift übersetzt von Dr J F I Tafel. Zweite vollständige Taschenausgabe herausgegeben von F Pochon.  £12.00 
Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas
Black Sun. Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity.  £48.00 
Vergote, Antoine
Wood, M H
Guilt and Desire. Religious Attitudes and their Pathological Derivatives.  £24.00 
Merriam, Anne van Ness
The Ghosts of Hampton.  £12.00 
Titus Livius
Jahn, Otto
T. Livi ab Urbe Condita Librorum CXLII Periochae. Iullii Obsequentis ab Anno Urbis Conditae DV Prodigiorum Liber.  £24.00 
Roll, Michael
The Suppression of Knowledge.  £8.00 
Severn, J Millot
The Life Story and Experiences of a Phrenologist.  £40.00 
Stocker, Dimsdale
Sub-Consciousness. Studies and Lessons in the Larger Life Being a Series of Practical Instructions in the Application to the New Psychology to Daily Life. Third Edition.  £46.00 
Slater, Ralph
Hypnotism and Self-Hypnosis.  £12.00 
Thomas, Drayton
Precognition and Human Survival: A New Type of Evidence.  £14.00 
Laussermayer, Roman
Radiokarbon-Datierung des Turiner Grabtuches: Kritische Analyse der Datierungsergebnisse.  £60.00 
No Author Is There a Life After Death?  £10.00 
Guirdham, Arthur
Great Heresy: The History and Beliefs of the Cathars.  £36.00 
Rawlings, Maurice
Beyond Death's Door.  £16.00 
Holzapfel, Rudolf Melander
Shakespeare's Secret. A New & Correct Interpretation of Shakespeare's Sonnets, Which are Now for the First Time Fully Explained.  £160.00 
Heuvelmans, Bernard
In the Wake of Sea-Serpents.  £46.00 
Forrester, John
Psychoanalysis and History. Volume 7 (2009) to Volume 16 (2015)  £200.00 
Forrester, John
Sabbadini, Andrea
Psychoanalysis and History. Volume 5 (2007) to Volume 16 (2015)  £240.00 
Farges, Albert
Mystical Phenomena Compared with their Human and Diabolical Counterfeits: A Treatise on Mystical Theology in Agreement with the Principles of St Teresa Set Forth by the Carmelite Congress of 1923 at Madrid.  £36.00 
Neckel, Gustav
Studien zu den germanischen Dichtungen vom Weltuntergang.  £20.00 
Roethe, G
Zu den althochdeutschen Zaubersprüchen.  £16.00 
Reinitzer, Heimo
Ukena, Peter
Das Königs-Einhorn: Ein Einblattdruck von Philipp von Zesen.  £10.00 
Banwell, Kathleen
Heaven to Earth.  £24.00 
Maréchal, Joseph
Studies in the Psychology of the Mystics.  £18.00 
Pennick, Nigel
The Mysteries of King's College Chapel.  £16.00 
Balleine, G R
Past Finding Out. The Tragic Story of Joanna Southcott and her Successors.  £8.00 
Kamensky, Anna
Le Mystére du Soi.  £36.00 
Palmer, Raymond
Search Magazine, November 1968.  £26.00 
Hansen, Joseph
Zauberwahn, Inquisition und Hexenprozeß im Mittelalter und die Entstehung der großen Hexenverfolgung.  £30.00 
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