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Sculthorp,, Frederick
Excursions to the Spirit World. A Report of Personal Experiences During Conscious Astral Projection.  £14.00 
Swift, J M
Jehovah's Witnesses. A brief account of the history, beliefs, and methods of a strange and widespread organization.  £8.00 
Müller, Ernst
History of Jewish Mysticism.  £14.00 
Lecouteux, Claude
Les Monstres dans la litterature allemande du moyen age: contribution à l'étude du merveilleux médiéval. Volumes 1 - 3.  £86.00 
Taeger, Burkhard
Zahlensymbolik bei Hraban, bei Hincmar - und im 'Heiland'?  £22.00 
Hügel, Friedrich von
Eternal Life. A Study of its Implications and Applications.  £16.00 
Hügel, Friedrich von
Eternal Life. A Study of its Implications and Applications.  £16.00 
Streeter, Burnett Hillman
Immortality. An Essay in Discovery Co-ordinating Scientific, Psychical and Biblical Research.  £24.00 
Christou, Evangelos
The Logos of the Soul.  £12.00 
Meissner, Rudolf
cuonio uuidi.  £10.00 
Johnson, A C
The Great Problem and the Evidence for its Solution.  £24.00 
Streeter, Burnett Hillman
Immortality. An Essay in Discovery Co-ordinating Scientific, Psychical and Biblical Research.  £22.00 
Cornillier, Pierre-Emile
The Survival of the Soul and Its Evolution After Death: Notes of Experiments.  £68.00 
Beer, Francis
Women and Mystical Experience in the Middle Ages.  £8.00 
Michelet, Jules
La Sorcière.  £86.00 
Morrissette, Bruce
La Bataille Rimbaud. L'Affaire de La Chasse Spirituelle. Avec Inédits, Illustrations, et une Anthologie de Pastiche Rimbaldiens.  £22.00 
Cheval, Ferdinand
Le Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval a Hauterives (Drome). Documents Recueillis par André Jean.  £10.00 
Storr, Vernon
Christianity and Immortality.  £36.00 
Pringle-Pattison, Seth
The Idea of Immortality. The Gifford Lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh in the Year 1922.  £18.00 
Ebon, Martin
Reincarnation in the Twentieth Century.  £8.00 
Parsons, Mrs Theodore
Making the Body Think.  £46.00 
Cloete, Stuart
Storm Over Africa. A Study of the Mau Mau Rebellion, its Causes, Effects and Implications in Africa South of the Sahara.  £26.00 
Moeller, Charles
Satan.  £46.00 
Bord, André
Mémoire et Espérance chez Jean de La Croix.  £14.00 
Laffan, M N
The Hand and the Mind.  £24.00 
Steiner, Rudolf
Reincarnation and Immortality.  £12.00 
Ginzburg, Carlo
Rosenthal, Raymond
Ecstasies. Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath.  £12.00 
Jung, C G
Read, Herbert
Hull, R F C
Psychology and Alchemy. The Collected Works of C G Jung Volume, Twelve.  £36.00 
Renéville, Rolland de
Canseliet, Eugene
Rabelais et l'Alchimie (Les Cahiers d'Hermès No. 1).  £14.00 
Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding
Many Mansions.  £10.00 
Ledre, Charles
La Franc-Maçonnerie.  £8.00 
Steiner, Rudolf
The Manifestations of Karma. Eleven Lectures Given in Hamburg, 16th to 28th May, 1910.  £18.00 
Holmes, E E
Immortality.  £12.00 
Reyner, J H
The Diary of a Modern Alchemist.  £28.00 
Schweitzer, Albert
The Decay and the Restoration of Civilization: The Philosophy of Civilization. Part 1.  £8.00 
d'Arcy, M C
Death and Life.  £12.00 
Bowman, F P
Eliphas Lévi. Visionnaire Romantique.  £16.00 
Shuker, Karl
In Search of Prehistoric Survivors: Do Giant Extinct Creatures Still Exist?  £24.00 
Swedenborg, Emanuel
Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Divine Love and Concerning the Divine Wisdom.  £18.00 
Pease, Howard
Border Ghost Stories.  £10.00 
Hogart, Ron
Alchemy. A Bibliography of the Manly Hall Collection: Including Related Material on Rosicrucianism and the Writings of Jacob Boehme.  £100.00 
Hughes, Thomas McKenny
Acoustic Vases in Churches Traced back to the Theatres and Oracles of Greece.  £12.00 
Blecher, Georg
Tamborino, Julius
De Extispicio Capita Tria, scripsit et imaginibus illustravit Georgius Blecher, accedit De Babyloniorum Extispicio Caroli Bezold Supplementum. Bound with: De Antiquorum Daemonismo.  £34.00 
Van Oirschot, Anton
Verboven, Wim
Spoken en Kastelen in Nederland.  £26.00 
Swedenborg, Emanuel
A Layman
A Brief Introduction to the Theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.  £12.00 
Trechmann, C T
The British Association for the Suppression of Science Or a New Explanation of Mountain Uplift Based on Lunar Gravitation and Oceanic Pressure.  £46.00 
Malaise, Rene Edmond
A New Deal in Geology, Geography and Related Sciences.  £36.00 
Gibbons, Gavin
The Coming of the Space Ships.  £18.00 
Palmstierna, Erik
Horizons of Immortality. A Quest for Reality.  £18.00 
Kraspedon, Dino
My Contact with Flying Saucers.  £14.00 
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