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O'Malley, L S S
Popular Hinduism: The Religion of the Masses.  £6.00 
Jackson, A V Williams
Zoroaster: The Prophet of Ancient Iran.  £36.00 
Giles, Lionel
Musings of a Chinese Mystic.  £15.00 
Food is not the Source of Energy. Authenticated by Eminent Doctors.  £28.00 
Iino, Norimoto
Zeal for Zen.  £12.00 
Satyananda, Sri
The Eternal Quest of Man: A Journey Towards Ultimate Liberation.  £16.00 
La Porta senza Porta; seguito da 10 Tori di Kakuan e da trovare il centro.  £14.00 
Tagore, Rabindranath
Der Gärtner.  £16.00 
Obermiller, E
Prajnaparamita in Tibetan Buddhism. Second Edition.  £12.00 
Vittachi, Varindra
Assignment Subud. First Edition.  £24.00 
Garstin, Crosbie
The Dragon and the Lotus. First Edition.  £10.00 
Bright-Paul, Anthony
Stairway to Subud.  £22.00 
No Author Konark Colour Album Picture Post Cards.  £5.00 
Teape, W M
The Secret Lore of India, and the Perfect Life for All, Being few Main Passages from the Upanishads.  £10.00 
Miracle Power of the I Ching.  £10.00 
Mani, V R
Sons of Siva: A Study in the Religious Cults of Ganesa and Karttikeya.  £14.00 
Cumming, James
The Book of Esther: Its Spiritual Teaching. A Devotional Commentary.  £22.00 
Saraswati, Swami
Practice of Yoga. Volume 1: Various Practical Methods in Yoga and Meditation.  £24.00 
Beutin, Wolfgang
Bütow, Thomas
Europäische Mystik vom Hochmittelalter zum Barock: Eine Schlüsselepoche in der europäischen Mentalitäts-, Spiritualitäts- und Individuationsentwicklung. Beiträge der Tagung 1996 und 1997 der Evangelischen Akademie Nordelbien in Bad Segeberg.  £64.00 
Dargue, William
Heroes of the Faiths. Assembly Stories from Around the World.  £35.00 
Cave, Sydney
Christianity and Some Living Religions of the East.  £6.00 
Stewart, William
India's Religious Frontier: Christian Presence amid Modern Hinduism.  £10.00 
Oliver, Ian
Buddhism in Britain.  £7.00 
Streeter, Burnett Hillman
The Buddha and the Christ. Bampton Lectures for 1932. First Ed.  £10.00 
St Giles Lectures
The Faiths of the World. A Concise History of the Great Religious Systems of the World.  £14.00 
Haigh, Henry
Some Leading Ideas of Hinduism: Being the Thirty-Second Fernley Lecture.  £12.00 
Hildebrandt, Reiner
Gott sehen. Texte christlicher Mystiker. Ed. Heinrich Schipperges.  £6.00 
Iohn, Friedrich
Die Predigt Meister Eckharts. Seelsorge und Häresie.  £36.00 
Mechthild von Magdeburg
Das fliessende Licht der Gottheit. Zweite, neubearbeitete Übersetzung Ed. Margot Schmidt.  £28.00 
Schmidt, Margot
Grundfragen christlicher Mystik.  £46.00 
Heimbach, Marianne
Der ungelehrte Mund als Autorität. Mystische Erfahrung als Quelle kirchlich-prophetischer Rede im Werk Mechthilds von Magdeburg.  £46.00 
Schmidtke, Dietrich
Minnichlichiu gotes erkennusse. Studien zur frühen abendländischen Mystiktradition. Heidelberger Mystiksymposium vom 16. Januar 1989.  £32.00 
Chávez Alvarez, Fabio
Hildegard von Bingen
Die brennende Vernunft. Studien zur Semantik der "rationalitas" bei Hildegard von Bingen.  £42.00 
Walton, Michael
Peace River.  £12.00 
Lautenschläger, Gabriele
Hildegard von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen.  £36.00 
Dawson, Raymond
Confucio. Trad. Rafael Vargas.  £6.00 
Dawson, Raymond
Confucio. Traduzion dall Inglese da Anna Colombo.  £4.00 
Vivekananda, Swami
Rousing Call to Hindu Nation. Ed. Ranade, Eknath.  £24.00 
Ghanananda, Swami
Mind and Consciousness.  £6.00 
Toyne, Marcus
Involved in Mankind: The Life and Message of Vivekananda.  £6.00 
Vivekananda, Swami
The Universal Religion.  £3.00 
Smart, Ninian
Beyond Ideology. Religion and the Future of Western Civilzation.  £10.00 
Murata, Kiyoaki
Japan's New Buddhism. An Objective Account of Soka Gakkai.  £14.00 
Marcello, Patricia Cronin
The Dalai Lama: A Biography.  £12.00 
Sivananda, Swami
Lod Shanmukha and His Worship.  £12.00 
Appleton, George
The Christian Approach to the Buddhist. An Outline.  £6.00 
Humphreys, Christmas
Exploring Buddhism.  £5.00 
Cave, Sydney
An Introduction to the Study of Some Living Religions of the East.  £5.00 
Barua, Sona Kanti
Buddhist Thought and Meditation in the Nuclear Age.  £4.00 
Ions, Veronica
Egyptian Mythology.  £6.00 
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