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Cioranescu, Alexandre
Bibliographie de la Littérature Française du Dix-Septième Siècle.  £140.00 
Maggs Bros
Manuscripts and Books on Medicine, Magic, Astrology and Natural Sciences, Arranged in Chronological Order, and Portraits and Autographs of Eminent Scientists. (Catalogue 582)  £26.00 
Symington, Alex
Catalogue of the Museum and Library of the Brontë Society.  £10.00 
Partington, Martin
O'Higgins, Paul
Social Security Law in Britain and Ireland: A Bibliography.  £18.00 
Engelmann, Wilhelm
Bibliotheca Scriptorum Classicorum. 8. Auflage, Umfassend die Literatur von 1700 bis 1878, neu bearbeitet von Dr E Preuss. 2. Abtheilung: Scriptores Latini.  £30.00 
Engelmann, Wilhelm
Bibliotheca Scriptorum Classicorum. 8. Auflage, Umfassend die Literatur von 1700 bis 1878, neu bearbeitet von Dr E Preuss. 1. Abtheilung: Scriptores Graeci.  £30.00 
Lesure, François
Recueils Imprimés, XVIIIe Siècle. Ouvrage publié sous la direction de François Lesure. RISM B II.  £46.00 
Pearson, J D
Index Islamicus 1906 - 1955. (Plus Supplement 1956 - 1960) A Catalogue of Articles on Islamic Subjects in Periodicals and Other Collective Publications.  £64.00 
Hickel, Erika
Biochemische Forschung im 19. Jahrhundert. Mit einer Bibliographie der Quellen.  £34.00 
Diaz, Jose Simon
Manual de Bibliografia de la Literatura Española.  £46.00 
Cureton, William
Vindiciae Ignatianae; Or the genuine writings of St. Ignatius, as exhibited in the antient Syriac version, Vindicated from the Charge of Heresy.  £46.00 
Peter Naacher
Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Economics, Social Sciences. Dritter Teil, Monographien N - S.  £12.00 
Barcza, Irme
A középeuropai Vamunio Kérdésének Irodalma. (Bibliographie der Mitteleuropäischen Zollunionsfrage)  £18.00 
Sotheby Parke Bernet
Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of English Literature and Colour Plate Books Formed by the Late J W Harrison, Esq. of Plumpton, Sussex (Sotheby's Auction Catalogue, 29 March to 1 April 1965).  £10.00 
Sotheby Parke Bernet
Catalogue of English Illustrated and Private Press Books and Related Drawings (Sotheby's Auction Catalogue, 10 July 1980).  £10.00 
Sotheby Parke Bernet
Catalogue of Nineteenth Century and Modern First Editions and Presentation Copies (Sotheby's Auction Catalogue, 22 and 23 May, 1980).  £10.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
Locke, Harold
A Bibliographical Catalogue of the Writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, MD, LLD, 1879 - 1928.  £120.00 
Florescano, Enrique
Bibliografia del Maiz en Mexico.  £16.00 
Jackson, Benjamin
Vegetable Technology. A Contribution Towards a Bibliography of Economic Botany, with a Comprehensive Subject-Index.  £24.00 
British Museum
British Museum. Books in Print and Forthcoming Publications. 1963 - 1964.  £8.00 
Ricapito, Joseph
Bibliografia Razonada y Anotada de las Obras Maestras de la Picaresca Española.  £36.00 
Cambridge University Library
Classified list of Current Serials available in the [Cambridge] University Library. Sixth Edition, 1976.  £86.00 
Cambridge University Library
Current Serials Available in the [Cambridge] University Library and in other Libraries connected with the University. Vol 1 and 2.  £84.00 
Maggs Bros
Samuel Johnson LL. D. (1709 - 1784)  £12.00 
Lowood, Henry
Current Bibliography in the History of Technology (1993)  £14.00 
Revyakin, A I
Likhachev, D
Mashinskii, Semen
Petrov, S M
Russkie Pisateli: Biobibliograficheskii Slovar.  £84.00 
Lewis, Naomi
The Best Children's Books of 1964.  £10.00 
Hilton, Ronald
The Scientific Institutions of Latin America, with Special Reference to their Organization and Information Facilities.  £24.00 
Haughton, J L
Constitution of Alloys Bibliography.  £14.00 
Wright, C T H
Catalogue of the London Library. 3 Volumes.  £40.00 
Lewis, Naomi
The Best Children's Books of 1966.  £10.00 
Lewis, Naomi
The Best Children's Books of 1965.  £10.00 
Sotheby Parke Bernet
Catalogue of the Jack Cole Collection of Books and Pictures on the Dance Part 1 (Sotheby's Auction Catalogue, 16 and 17 July, 1979)  £8.00 
Ido Book Service
Ido Booklist.  £10.00 
Fauvel, John
Mathematics through History. A Resource Guide.  £10.00 
Padtberg, Beate-Carola
Rheinischer Liberalismus in Köln während der politischen Reaktion in Preussen nach 1848/49.  £18.00 
Henning, Friedrich Wilhelm
van Eyll, Klara
Wirtschaftsarchive und Kammern. Aspekte wirtschaftlicher Selbstverwaltung gestern und heute: Referate und Diskussionsbeiträge des wissenschaftlichen ... am 28. und 29. Januar 1982 in Köln.  £30.00 
Koolmees, P A
Department of the Science of Food of Animal Origin: History and Bibliography, 1918 - 1993.  £18.00 
Singer, Charles
Catalogue of Printed Books Comprising the Library of Charles Singer and Mrs Dorothea Singer. Auction Catalogue.  £16.00 
Schaeffer, Albrecht
Ehlers, Walter
Albrecht Schaeffer. Das Werk. Eine Bibliographie. Mit zwei biographischen Aufsätzen des Dichters und kritischen Glossen von ihm im Text.  £16.00 
Keynes, Geoffrey
Jane Austen. A Bibliography.  £56.00 
Weinsheimer, Joel
Roth, Barry
An Annotated Bibliography of Jane Austen Studies, 1952 - 1972.  £64.00 
Fulmer, Constance Marie
George Eliot: A Reference Guide.  £24.00 
Smirnov-Sokolskii, Nikolai
Russkie literaturnye al'manakhi i sborniki XVII-XIX vv.  £64.00 
Edinburgh Public Library
Catalogue of Books in the Lending Library. Catalogue of Books in the Lending Library, Second 10.000.  £64.00 
Muratova, K D
Istoriia russkoi literatury XIX veka: Bibliograficheskii ukazatel.  £52.00 
University of Amsterdam
Lijst van lopende tijdschriften aanwezig in de Universtieitsbibliotheek en Instituutsbibliotheken van de Universiteit van Amsterdam.  £40.00 
Jubani, Bep
Bibliografi e Arkeologjise dhe Historise se Lashte Te Shqiperise (1945 - 1971)  £32.00 
Del Hoyo, Arturo
Teatro Mundial 1700 Argumentos de Obras de Teatro Antiguo y Moderno Nacional y Extranjero con Descripciones, Listas de Personajes, Criticas y Bibliografia.  £46.00 
Cambridge University Library
Catalogue of the Maccoll Collection and other Spanish Books.  £10.00 
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