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Yeats, William Butler
Dougan, R O
W B Yeats Manuscripts and Printed Books exhibited in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin 1956. Catalogue.  £10.00 
British Council
British Books on India. A selection written between the eighteenth century and the present day showing something of the contribution made by British scholars to Indian studies.  £8.00 
Greenidge, A H J
Clay, A M
Sources for Roman History B. C. 133-70. First Edition.  £36.00 
Cohn, John
Kelsey, Ann
Fiels, Keith
Planning for Library Automation. A Practical Handbook.  £12.00 
Rebellato, Elisa
La fabbrica dei divieti. Gli indici dei libri proibiti da Clemente VIII a Benedetto XIV.  £24.00 
Meyer, Reinhart
Das Deutsche Trauerspiel des 18. Jahrhunderts. Eine Bibliographie.  £34.00 
Prohl, Jürgen
Elemente und Formen der Personalbibliographien zur deutschen Literaturgeschichte: Versuch einer Typologie mit vergleichenden Betrachtungen über ausgewählte Beispiele.  £34.00 
Schiller, Friedrich
Rudolph, Ludwig
Schiller-Lexikon. Erläuterndes Wörterbuch zu Schiller's Dichterwerken.  £32.00 
Marini, Quinto
Il Dialogo di Salomone e Marcolfo, fonte del Bertoldo.  £15.00 
Kinser, Samuel
The Works of Jacques-Auguste de Thou.  £48.00 
Shackleton, Robert
The Library, the Scientist and the Humanist.  £12.00 
Myson, William
Surrey Newspapers. A Handlist and Tentative Bibliography.  £12.00 
Fulford, Roger
Solanus. Bulletin of the Sub-Committee on Slavonic and East European Materials Standing Conference on National and University Libraries (SCONUL)  £12.00 
Abrahams, Roger
Rankin, Lois
Counting-Out Rhymes. A Dictionary.  £12.00 
Dias, R W M
A Bibliography of Jurisprudence. Being a Companion to Jurisprudence. Second Edition.  £36.00 
Ritter, Annelies
Veröffentlichungen von Professor Dr phil Percy Ernst Schramm, Göttingen.  £48.00 
Zeppa, Joseph
Announcing the Joseph Zeppa Collection of War, Diplomacy and Peace.  £28.00 
E J Brill
Catalogue 370: Between Nile and Indus. (Asia Minor, Egypt (Modern), India, Iran, Iraq, Turkey)  £15.00 
Historical Manuscripts Commission
Index to Lists of Accessions to Repositories from 1954 to 1958.  £28.00 
Laitakari, Aarne
Geologische Bibliographie Finnlands, 1555 - 1933.  £34.00 
Bartholomew, A T
A Bibliography of Sir Adolphus William Ward 1837 - 1924.  £12.00 
Further Education Unit
Further Education Unit Research Projects, Current or Completed, June 1985.  £24.00 
Harrison, Helen
Picture Librarianship.  £18.00 
Evans, David
Smith, David
Shaw, Malcolm
Dent, Bill
Using AACR2. A Step-by-Step Algorithmic Approach to Part II of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules.  £9.00 
Department of Education
Index to Department of Education and Science Circulars and Administrative Memoranda: Current on 1st January, 1969. List 10.  £8.00 
Brake, Laurel
YWES, the Year's Work in English Studies. Volume 65, 1984.  £33.00 
Brake, Laurel
YWES, the Year's Work in English Studies Volume 64, 1983.  £33.00 
Brake, Laurel
YWES, the Year's Work in English Studies Volume 63, 1982.  £33.00 
Hulet, Claude
Latin American Prose in English Translation. A bibliography.  £12.00 
Kaufhold, Karl Heinrich
Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte 1985 und 1986 (mit einzelnen Nachträgen aus 1984)  £10.00 
Becco, Horacio
Fuentes para el estudio de literatura Hispanoamericana.  £10.00 
Rela, Walter
Guia Bibliografica de la Literatura Hispano Americana desde el Siglo XIX hasta 1970.  £20.00 
Flores, Angel
Bibliografia de Escritores Hispanoamericanos. A Bibliography of Spanish-American Writers 1609-1974.  £33.00 
Diaz, Jose Simon
Manual de Bibliografia de la literatura Espanola. Segunda Edicion ampliada con unas Adiciones 1962-1964.  £10.00 
Ticknor, George
History of Spanish Literature. Sixth American Edition, Corrected and Enlarged in Three Volumes.  £44.00 
Orjuela, Hector
Las Antologias Poeticas de Colombia. Estudio y Bibliografia.  £20.00 
Charmatz, Richard
Wegweiser durch die Literatur der Österreichischen Geschichte. Mit einem Geleitwort von Heinrich Friedjung.  £14.00 
Behn, Wolfgang
The Iranian Opposition to the Shah. 701 Selected Publications: A Documentary History on Microfiche. Catalogue Only.  £46.00 
Slatkine Reprints
Grammairiens et Théoriciens Français de la Renaissance a la fin des l'Époque Classique. (Catalogue of Reprint Series)  £28.00 
Tolstov, I L
Moi vospominaniya. Russian Language.  £20.00 
Pushkin, Alexander
Voevodin, V
Povest o Pushkine. K 100-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya Pushkina. Russian Language.  £15.00 
Rosell y Torres, Isidoro
Indices Generales 2 volumes [Biblioteca de Autores Espanoles, desde la Formacion del Lenguaje Hasta Nuestros Dias].  £48.00 
Muratova, K D
Istoriya Russkoy Literaturi konca 19 - nachala 20 veka. Russian Language.  £15.00 
Buhmeer, K K
Izdanie klassicheskoi literatury. Russian Language.  £15.00 
Shmelev, I S
Povesti i rasskazy. Russian Language.  £20.00 
Antonovich, M A
Eliseev, G Z
Shestidesiatie Gody. Vospominaniia. Russian Language.  £50.00 
Chirkov, N M
O stile Dostoevskogo. Russian Language.  £15.00 
Haase, Carl
Herbert, Ernst Friedrich
Findbuch zum Bestand Nachlass Ernst Friedrich Herbert Graf Münster (1766 - 1839)  £20.00 
Zdobnov, N V
Istoriya Russkoi Bibliografii do Nachala 20 veka.  £16.00 
Flower, Desmond
A Thousand Years of French Books. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Manuscripts, First Editions and Bindings […] for the National Book League.  £10.00 
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