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Butcher, D W
The Departmental Libraries of the University of Cambridge: Offprinted from the Journal of Documentation Vol 7, December 1951.  £8.00 
Cambridge University Library
Guide to Faculty and Departmental Libraries in the University of Cambridge: With an appendix containing the Libraries of certain Institutes, etc. that offer facilities to Members of the University.  £12.00 
Gredley, Ellen
Exchanging Bibliographic Data. MARC and other international Formats.  £15.00 
Parker, Elizabeth Betz
Dooley, Jackie
Library of Congress: Thesaurus for Graphic Materials: Topical Terms for Subject Access.  £100.00 
Blackaby, James
Greeno, Patricia
Nomenclature Committee
The Revised Nomenclature for Museum Cataloguing. A Revised and Expanded Version of Robert G. Chenhall's System for Classifying Man-Made Objects.  £60.00 
Bowser, Eileen
Kuiper, John
A Handbook for Film Archives. Based on the Experiences of Members of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF)  £67.00 
Stibbe, Hugo
Cartographic Materials. A Manual of Interpretation for AACR2. Prepared by the Anglo-American Cataloguing Committee for Cartographic Materials.  £18.00 
Porras, Collantes
Bibliografia de la Novela en Colombiana. Con Notas de Contenido y Critica de las Obras y Guias de Comentarios Sobre los Autores.  £22.00 
Orjuela, Hector
Bibliografia del Teatro Colombiana.  £24.00 
Orjuela, Hector
Bibliografia de la Poesia Colombiana.  £32.00 
Orjuela, Hector
Fuentes Generales para el Estudio de Literatura Colombiana. Guia Bibliografica.  £20.00 
Perez Ortiz, Ruben
Seudonimos Colombianos.  £20.00 
Jaramillo, Gabriel
Perez Ortiz, Ruben
Bibliografia de Bibliografias Colombianas. Segunda Edicion Corregida y Puesta al Dia por Ruben Perez Ortiz.  £12.00 
Pedroso, Don Eduardo Gonzalez
Autos Sacramentales desde su Origen Hasta Fines del Siglo 17 [Biblioteca de Autores Espanoles, desde la Formacion del Lenguaje Hasta Nuestros Dias].  £18.00 
Barnett, Stanley
Brown, Emerson
Developmental Book Activities and Needs in Indonesia.  £20.00 
Gazier, Cécile
Histoire de la Société et de la Bibliothèque de Port-Royal. Avant-propos de Louis Cognet.  £16.00 
Roques, Mario
Gilliéron, Jules
Bibliographie des Travaux de Jules Gilliéron.  £15.00 
Miller, Dayton
The Dayton C. Miller Collections relating to the Flute. II Catalogue of Books and Literary Material relating to the Flute and Other Musical Instruments with Annotations.  £38.00 
Badr, Ahmed
Kalander, Sulaiman
Kuwait University Libraries Department: Library Student Handbook.  £36.00 
Düster, Joachim
Scholz, Fred
Bibliographie über das Sultanat Oman Stand Juli 1980.  £160.00 
Hutchison, T W
Half a Century of Hobarts.  £6.00 
Cooper, Margaret
Bibliography and Index of Literature on Uranium and Thorium and Radioactive Occurrences in the United States. Part 5: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, etc.  £20.00 
Boris Kaplanski
A Collection of Book Catalogues of Russian Books from the Firm Boris Kaplanski, Paris.  £18.00 
E J Brill
A Collection of Book Catalogues of Russian Books from the Firm Brill, Leiden.  £24.00 
Martinus Nijhoff
A Collection of Book Catalogues of Russian Books from the Firm Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague.  £88.00 
National Book Council
An English Library - An Annotated Guide to 1300 Classics.  £9.00 
Rink, Henry
The Eskimo Tribes. Their Distribution and Characteristics especially in Regard to Language. 2 Parts.  £180.00 
Unbegaun, Boris
Catalogue des périodiques slaves et relatifs aux études slaves des bibliothèques de Paris. Avec une préface de André Mazon.  £30.00 
Maggs Bros
Four Centuries of Military Books. Catalogue No. 915.  £15.00 
Carl Leibel, Inc
A Selected List of Prebound Books for Boys and Girls. ("Prebound Juvenile Books" on Cover)  £15.00 
Secondary Education Board
Current Books. Junior Booklist of the Secondary Education Board.  £12.00 
No Author How to Choose Toys and Books For Ages Up to Fourteen Years.  £10.00 
Griffith, D D
A Bibliography of Chaucer: 1908-1924.  £12.00 
Leedham-Green, Elisabeth
Garrett Godfrey's Accounts c 1527-1533.  £12.00 
Rogers, T D
Sir Frederic Madden at Cambridge. Extracts from Madden's Diaries 1831, 1838, 1841-2, 1846, 1846, 1859 and 1863.  £15.00 
Thorpe, Lewis
Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society. Volume 19.  £10.00 
No Author Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society. Volume 38.  £10.00 
Cambridge Bibliographical Society
Indices to the Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, Volumes 1-11, 1949-1999.  £14.00 
Dane, J A
Lerer, Seth
Press Variants in John Stow's Chaucer (1561) and the text of 'Adam Scriveyn'. (Essay in Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, Vol 11, Part 4)  £10.00 
Lamprill, W T
Inventories and Catalogues. Their Preparation Under Varying Circumstances with a Brief Description of Decorative Furniture.  £18.00 
Gorky, Maxim
Martinus Nijhoff: Antiquarian Book Dealers. List 736: The Golden Age of Russian Literature; List 737: Maksim Gorky and the Znanie School of Fiction.  £12.00 
Oriental Research Partners
Russkaya Starina. Catalogue No. 4, Fall 1973.  £10.00 
No Author English Language and Medieval English Literature: A Select Reading-List for Students.  £8.00 
Macdonald, Arthur
A Plan for the Study of Man. With reference to Bills to Establish a Laboratory for the Study of Criminal, Pauper, and Defective Classes, with a Bibliography of Child Study.  £24.00 
Ophthalmological Society
Catalogue of the Library of the Ophthalmological Society of the United Kingdom. Part 1.-Authors, Part 2.-Subjects. Fourth Edition.  £52.00 
Thimm, C A
Subject-index to the Bibliography of Trypanosomiasis: With Additional References and Corrections.  £24.00 
Nuttall, George
Robinson, L E
Ticks: A Monograph of the Ixodoidea. Part 2: Bibliography of the Ixodoidea.  £36.00 
Valdes, Nelson
A Bibliography on Cuban Women in the Twentieth Century.  £15.00 
World Health Organisation
World Medical Periodicals.  £12.00 
No Author Descriptive Catalogue of the Anatomical and Pathological Museum of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Addenda for the Years 1881 - 1893.  £32.00 
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