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Thayer, W S
Osler and Other Papers.  £46.00 
Huxley, Aldous
Barfoot, C C
Aldous Huxley between East and West.  £28.00 
Stuart, J
A Chapter of Science.  £8.00 
Haldane, J S
The Philosophy of a Biologist.  £8.00 
Dewhurst, Kenneth
Sydenham, Thomas
Dr Thomas Sydenham 1624 - 1689. His Life and Original Writings.  £10.00 
Munby, A N L
Portrait of an Obsession. The Life of Sir Thomas Phillipps, the world's greatest book collector.  £24.00 
Snow, Philip
Stranger and Brother. A Portrait of C P Snow.  £10.00 
Lewis, C S
Watson, George
Critical Essays on C S Lewis.  £78.00 
de La Roque, Jean
Cloupet, M
Phillips, Carl
A Voyage to Arabia Felix (1708-1710) A Journey from Mocha to Muab (1711-1713) A Narrative Concerning Coffee, An Account of the Captivity of Sir Henry Middleton at Mocha by the Turks in 1612, together with New Travels in Arabia Felix (1788)  £34.00 
Perelberg, R
Freud: A Modern Reader.  £24.00 
Hagner, Michael
Einstein on the Beach. Der Physiker als Phänomen.  £8.00 
Rayner, Eric
Cooper, Judy
Speak of Me as I Am. The Life and Work of Masud Khan.  £10.00 
Bertram, Anthony
Picasso, Pablo
Picasso.  £5.00 
Fisher, David James
Romain Rolland and the Politics of Intellectual Engagement. With a New Introduction by the Author.  £24.00 
Bos, Jaap
Groenendijk, Leendert
The Self-Marginalization of Wilhelm Stekel. Freudian Circles Inside and Out.  £68.00 
Reynolds, Lorna
Kate O'Brien. A Literary Portrait.  £16.00 
Beaumont, Cyril
Flash-Back. Stories of My Youth.  £46.00 
Hepworth, Barbara
Some Statements by Barbara Hepworth.  £6.00 
Morris, David
Notes of a Thousand Men and Some Things they Did in Art, Literature, War, Government, Science, and Industry, Arranged in Groups, and in Order of Time.  £16.00 
Hopkins, Thurston
Banker Tells All.  £10.00 
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
De Gruchy, John W.
De Gruchy, John
The Cambridge Companion to Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  £14.00 
Luther, Martin
Fabiny, Tibor
Martin Luther's Last Will and Testament. A Facsimile of the Original Document, with an Account of its Origins, Composition and Subsequent History by Tibor Fabiny.  £18.00 
Addison, Hilda
Mary Webb. A Short Study of Her Life and Work.  £18.00 
Mellinkoff, Sherman
Life Is Short, The Art Is Long.  £26.00 
Rubinstein, Anton
Bernstein, Nikolai
Anton Rubinstein. (Musiker-Biographien, Band 29)  £14.00 
Rubinstein, Anton
Bernstein, Nikolai
Anton Rubinstein. (Musiker-Biographien, Band 29)  £12.00 
Gluck, Ritter
Welti, Heinrich
Gluck. (Musiker-Biographien, Band 9)  £8.00 
Bach, Johann Sebastian
Batka, Richard
J S Bach. (Musiker-Biographien, Band 15)  £8.00 
Bellini, Vincenzo
Voss, Paul
Vincenzo Bellini. (Musiker-Biographien, Band 23)  £8.00 
Wagner, Richard
Nohl, Ludwig
Wagner. (Musiker-Biographien, Band 5)  £8.00 
Mendelssohn, Ludwig
Schrader, Bruno
Mendelssohn. (Musiker-Biographien, Band 21)  £8.00 
Schubert, Franz
Niggli, A
Schubert. (Musiker-Biographien, Band 10)  £8.00 
Schumann, Robert
Batka, Richard
Schumann. (Musiker-Biographien, Band 13)  £8.00 
Godley, A D
Socrates and Athenian Society in His Day.  £18.00 
Cary, Henry
The Works of Plato. A New and Literal Version, Chiefly from the Text of Stallbaum. Volume 1 ONLY.  £18.00 
Schmidtz, David
Nozick, Robert
Robert Nozick.  £10.00 
Cunningham, Allan
Anne Seymour Damer. (Extracted from The Lives of the most Eminent British Painters, Sculptors and Architects)  £10.00 
Evelyn, John
Bray, William
The Diary and Correspondence of John Evelyn, Author of the Sylva, to which is subjoined the private correspondence between King Charles I etc. Volumes 2, 3, 4 ONLY.  £40.00 
Pruvost, Pierre
L'Oeuvre de Paul Bertrand, Paleobotaniste, 1879 - 1944.  £10.00 
Oliver, F W
Dukinfield Henry Scott, 1854 - 1934.  £14.00 
Smith, R A L
Beautyfying Canterbury Cathedral.  £10.00 
Watkin, Aelred
Farne Island and St Cuthbert.  £10.00 
Thurlows 2010 Project
The Thurlows 2010.  £64.00 
Falconi, Carlo
The Popes in the Twentieth Century. From Pius to John XXIII.  £10.00 
Kroll, Erwin
Hans Pfitzner.  £14.00 
Cahill, Mike
Cahill Blood: A Military Family History.  £36.00 
Almagor, Joseph
Pierre des Maizeaux (1673 - 1745), Journalist and English Correspondent for Franco-Dutch Periodicals, 1700 - 1720.  £24.00 
Müller, D
Boysen Jensen, P
Peter Boysen Jensen 18. Januar 1883 - 21. November 1959.  £12.00 
Grasilier, Léonce
Rétif de la Bretonne Inconnu - Notes et Documents Inédits.  £14.00 
Prokofieff, Serge
Aus meinem Leben. Mit Photos.  £14.00 
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