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Arnold, Sarah Louise
The Way of Understanding.  £8.00 
Haycraft, Margaret
Our Feathery Folk. Sunday Chats With the Children.  £16.00 
Hale, Kathleen
Orlando (The Marmalade Cat) A Seaside Holiday.  £24.00 
Carroll, Lewis
Peake, Mervyn
The Hunting of the Snark. An Agony in Eight Fits.  £8.00 
Waldfogel, Jane
What Children Need.  £16.00 
Larsson, Carl
At Solsidan. 31 Malningar med Text. Andra Upplagan.  £124.00 
Hughes, Kathryn
The Victorian Governess.  £12.00 
Suckling, Nigel
Anderson, Wayne
Gnomes and Gardens. A Field Guide to the Little People.  £46.00 
Oxford University Press
First Friends 1. Oxford iTools.  £68.00 
Oxford University Press
First Friends 2. Oxford iTools.  £68.00 
Reed, Talbot Baines
The Cock-House at Fellsgarth.  £10.00 
Reed, Talbot Baines
The Fifth Form at St Dominic's.  £10.00 
Farrar, Frederic
Eric or, Little by Little. A Tale of Roslyn School.  £12.00 
No Author Pictorial Treasury.  £12.00 
Dumbarton, A
Feringhi and other Stories of Indian Gipsy Life.  £22.00 
Whittaker, Alan
Child Labour in South Africa: A General Review.  £14.00 
Pfister, Oskar
Love in Children and its Aberrations: A Book for Parents and Teachers.  £34.00 
Bischoff, Margarete
Alte Puppenspiele in und um Innsbruck. Ein Beitrag zum Höttinger Peterlspiel.  £14.00 
Opie, Iona
Opie, Peter
Children's Games with Things.  £14.00 
Ransome, Arthur
Swallows and Amazons.  £48.00 
Orellana, Ildefonso
Las cuatro Apariciones de la Virgen de Guadalupe: Leyenda melodramatica en verso y siete partes.  £86.00 
Orellana, Ildefonso
D. Juan Tenorio: Semejante al Drama Grande: Dramita fantastico, escrito especialmente para ninos o titeres.  £120.00 
Carpintero de Tutte, Maria
El Negro che non Comia Pan. Poemas al Niño Negro.  £64.00 
Guernsey's Gentleman's Auction. An important Grouping of extraordinary Collections of Toy Soldiers, Ship Models, Beer Steins and other Items of Interest to the Gentleman Connoisseur.  £36.00 
Kipling, Rudyard
A Diversity of Creatures.  £10.00 
Kipling, Rudyard
The Shipwright's Trade.  £22.00 
Potter, Beatrix
The Tailor of Gloucester. From the Original Manuscripts.  £10.00 
Forester, C S
The Barbary Pirates.  £8.00 
Wheatcroft, Sue
Worth Saving. Disabled Children During the Second World War.  £58.00 
Kilday, Anne-Marie
A History of Infanticide in Britain, c.1600 to the Present.  £70.00 
Kirby, Peter
Child Workers and the Industrial Health in Britain, 1780-1850.  £18.00 
Hannam, Charles
A Boy in Your Situation.  £8.00 
Patrick, Benjamin
The How and Why Wonder Book of Heraldry.  £36.00 
Beaumont, Emilie
Mon Cahier du Corps Humain.  £10.00 
Opie, Iona
Opie, Peter
The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren.  £8.00 
No Author All About Marbles and 20 Games to Play.  £6.00 
Harrison, Tony
A Source Book of Dinghies.  £10.00 
Jackson, G G
Way, Barnard
Tales of the Aeroplanes Told to Midge.  £8.00 
Milton, John
The Ecology of Child Development. Papers Read at the Annual General Meeting, April 25, 1975.  £14.00 
Kersey, Robert
Just Five. A Collection of Pentatonic Songs. Book One.  £6.00 
Scott-Gatty, Alfred
Little Songs for Little Voices. Book 2. With Illustrations Specially Drawn for the Work by Mrs John Collier.  £36.00 
No Author My Painting Book of Old Testament Pictures.  £6.00 
Hort, L M
The Religion of Little Children.  £8.00 
Hort, L M
Bringing up Children.  £8.00 
Sis, Peter
The Tree of Life. A Book Depicting the Life of Charles Darwin Naturalist, Geologist and Thinker.  £16.00 
Crockett, S R
Browne, Gordon
The Surprising Adventures of Sir Toady Lion with Those of General Napolean Smith. An Improving History for Old Boys, Young Boys, Good Boys, Bad Boys, Big Boys, Little Boys, Cow Boys, and Tom-Boys.  £12.00 
Bratt, Berte
Hab Mut, Katrin.  £12.00 
Bratt, Berte
Nina, so gefällst Du Mir.  £12.00 
Bratt, Berte
Zwei Briefe für Britta.  £12.00 
Bratt, Berte
Marions glücklicher Entschluss.  £12.00 
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