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Clark, Paul
Youth Culture in China. From Red Guards to Netizens.  £16.00 
Irving, Washington
Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  £18.00 
Searle, Ronald
Willans, Geoffrey
Back in the Jug Again.  £36.00 
Barrie, J M
Doyle, Conan
Princess Mary's Gift Book.  £22.00 
Tipoti, Alick
Mura migi kazika. For Us Little Mob.  £18.00 
Westerman, Percy
Lumley, Savile
Mystery Island.  £24.00 
Twain, Mark
Huckleberry Finn.  £26.00 
Coolidge, Susan
What Katy Did Next.  £6.00 
Coolidge, Susan
What Katy Did at School.  £7.00 
Coolidge, Susan
What Katy Did.  £7.00 
Beaman, S G Hulme
Noble, Ernest
The Adventures of Larry the Lamb. Portrait of the Mayor.  £8.00 
Illustrated Tales of the Boarder: A New Series for the Nursery.  £64.00 
Morgan, D Francis
Signalling for Scouts (The Official Scout Manual)  £10.00 
Lewis, John
How to Run a Patrol. A Handbook for Patrol Leaders and Scoutmasters.  £10.00 
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Price, Norman
Treasure Island.  £10.00 
Corbett, Pie
Writing Models Year 4.  £16.00 
Whitebread, David
The Psychology of Teaching and Learning in the Primary School.  £20.00 
Wilder, Laura Ingalls
These Happy Golden Years.  £8.00 
Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Little Town on the Prairie  £8.00 
Boy Scouts Association
The "Devo" First Class Badge Record Card.  £8.00 
Boy Scouts Association
Do You Know Your "Scouting for Boys".  £16.00 
Yarns on Scout Promise and Law .  £18.00 
Boy Scouts Association
"The Scouter" Digest. A Selection from the pages of "The Scouter" from September 1939 to September 1944.  £8.00 
Dimmock, Haydn
The Scout's Book of Gadgets and Dodges.  £10.00 
Dimmock, Haydn
The Scout's How-To-Do-It Book.  £10.00 
Gilcraft's Second Class Book.  £8.00 
Gilcraft's Tenderfoot Books.  £8.00 
Chausse, Sylvie
Cursat, Catherine
Henri le Radis Triste.  £10.00 
Boy Scouts Association
Thirty-Sixth Annual Report of the Committee of the Council. Balance Sheet, Accounts and List of Subscribers for the Eighteen Months ended 31st March, 1945.  £10.00 
Boy Scouts Association
Cambridge Boy Scouts' Association. Service for St. George's Day. St. John's College Chapel April 27th, 1947.  £4.00 
Boy Scouts Association
The Scout. The Only Weekly Official Organ of the Boy Scouts Association.  £48.00 
Boy Scouts Association
The Scouter. The Headquarters Gazette of the Boy Scouts Association.  £40.00 
Boy Scouts Association
Scout-Ink Scout Progress Record Card Ref. 425.  £12.00 
Boy Scouts International Bureay
Jamboree Journal of World Scouting New Series Volume 1 No. 8 December 1946.  £16.00 
Boy Scouts Association
Over 15. The Approved Scheme of Training for the Older Boy.  £8.00 
Boy Scouts.  £8.00 
Lenin, V I
Stalin, Joseph
Lenin and Stalin on Youth.  £8.00 
Shea, John
Senior Scouts Suggestions to Scouters.  £10.00 
Boy Scouts Association
Scout Badge Tests. Revised Scheme of Scout Proficiency Badges and Revision of First and Second Class Tests.  £10.00 
Boy Scouts Association
Scout Proficiency Badges Draft Scheme of Revision.  £10.00 
Boy Scouts Association
Thirty-Seventh Annual Report of the Committee of the Council. Balance Sheet, Accounts and List of Subscribers for the Year Ended 31st March, 1946.  £10.00 
Hedges, Sid
Youth Club Activities.  £10.00 
Boy Scouts Association
A Scouting Quiz. 24 Photographs with Questions and Answers from "The Scout".  £18.00 
Griffin, F W W
Always a Scout.  £10.00 
Leonard, M P G
Scouts' Owns.  £10.00 
Barclay, Vera
Scout Discipline.  £10.00 
Boy Scouts Association
Norfolk Boy Scouts Song Book.  £16.00 
National Sunday School Union
The Classmate. The Favourite Picture Story Book No. 4.  £8.00 
Shaw, Frank
A Manual for Confirmation Classes.  £36.00 
Wightman, Elfreyda
Book of Prayers for Boys and Girls.  £8.00 
Displaying 201 to 250 (of 1981 books) Page  1  2  3  4  5 ...