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Johnson, Elsie May
The Man Who Freed the Slaves: Story of William Wilberforce.  £10.00 
Fraser, Harriet
Progressive School Needlework.  £10.00 
Wilder, Laura Ingalls
The Long Winter.  £8.00 
Palmer, Gwen
Visiting a Community Church.  £6.00 
Sullivan, Danny
Visiting a Roman Catholic Church.  £6.00 
Babraa, Davinder Kaur
Visiting a Sikh Temple.  £6.00 
No Author Book City: Bibliography. The First Specialized Exhibition of Children's Book. February 21 - 26 1996, Tehran.  £36.00 
Fidler, Kathleen
Tales of the North Country.  £18.00 
Davey, Cyril
Makers of the English Bible. The Story of the Bible in English.  £12.00 
Boy Scouts Association
The Boy Scouts Association Policy, Organisation and Rules. 1943 1938 Edition Amended to 1st December 1943.  £12.00 
Boy Scouts Association
The Boy Scouts Association Policy, Organisation and Rules. 1945 1938 Edition Amended to 1st August, 1945.  £12.00 
Greene, Marion
Down River Lies the World.  £14.00 
Reader, Ralph
Hurll, A W
Good Turns from the "Gang Shows".  £24.00 
Lee, Norman
De Schaduw.  £12.00 
Gunn, John
Het Spionneneiland.  £12.00 
Piggott, Juliet
Stowell, Gordon
Kiku of Japan.  £12.00 
Nature Study: A Way to go About it.  £12.00 
Nuttall, Nesta
The Friends of Jesus. With Pictures to Colour and other Things to Do.  £10.00 
Philipps, Roland
Letters to a Patrol Leader (First Series) The Scout Law.  £28.00 
Silke, W
Silke, M
Scout Specials and Cub Capers. A Book of Revue Sketches, Songs and Poems for Scouts and Cubs.  £18.00 
Blyton, Enid
The Boy with the Loaves and Fishes. Illustrated by Elsie Walker.  £14.00 
Reader, Ralph
Hurll, A W
Sketches from the "Gang Shows".  £24.00 
Boy Scouts Association
First Steps in Scouting.  £8.00 
Boy Scouts Association
First Steps in Scouting.  £8.00 
Thomson, K Graham
Hints for Patrol Leaders.  £14.00 
A Troop-Leader
Points for Patrol Leaders and Rovers.  £24.00 
Boy Scouts Association
The Story of Baden-Powell.  £12.00 
Harman, Albert
Alderson, Ernest
Surveying for Boy Scouts with Chapters on Map Reading.  £16.00 
Stephen, W L
Letters to the New Scoutmaster on Starting Out.  £10.00 
Reynolds, E E
Boy Scouts.  £8.00 
Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Farmer Boy.  £8.00 
Pearse, Guy
Saint Dorothea.  £12.00 
Pearse, Guy
St. Genevieve of Paris.  £12.00 
Pearse, Guy
Saint Columba.  £12.00 
Pearse, Guy
Saint Dunstan.  £12.00 
Bull, Paul
Community of the Resurrection
Worldliness. Some Thoughts for Lent.  £8.00 
Oswald, Janet
Little Pelican Poems. An Anthology from The Little Pelican, 1984 - 1993.  £10.00 
Smith, Betty
Hamdorf, Norm
The Big Brother. Joseph.  £12.00 
Kindberg, Sally
Tricky Tricks.  £10.00 
Ellsworth, E E
Magic Chestnut.  £10.00 
Eliott, Lydia
The Young Explorers.  £6.00 
Ratcliff, Delphine
The Golden Pony.  £6.00 
Needham, Violet
Nickless, Will
Adventures at Hampton Court.  £46.00 
Boden, Hilda
Pony Girl.  £6.00 
Patchett, Mary Elwyn
The Call of the Bush.  £48.00 
Patchett, Mary Elwyn
Payne, Roger
Ajax and the Drovers.  £48.00 
Patchett, Mary Elwyn
Charlton, Mike
The Long Ride.  £28.00 
Payne, Joseph
Select Poetry for Children: With Brief Explanatory Notes. Arranged for the Use of Schools and Families.  £14.00 
Tansley, Eric
Patchett, Mary Elwyn
Ajax the Warrior.  £76.00 
Le Feuvre, Amy
Jill's Red Bag.  £6.00 
Displaying 251 to 300 (of 1981 books) Page ... 6  7  8  9  10 ...