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Walker, Michael
Criminal Law.  £12.00 
Garforth, John
Day in the Life of a Victorian Policeman.  £10.00 
Halliday, Brett
Mum's the Word for Murder.  £10.00 
Prys Williams, Gwylmor
Patterns of Teenage Delinquency, England and Wales 1946 - 61.  £12.00 
Phillipson, Coleman
Three Criminal Law Reformers: Beccaria, Bentham, Romilly.  £28.00 
Sayers, Dorothy
Eustace, Robert
The Documents in the Case.  £24.00 
Howard, Leigh
Blind Date.  £8.00 
Simenon, Georges
Hunt, Mair
Maigret'n mynd adre.  £14.00 
Daly, Elizabeth
Evidence of Things Seen.  £6.00 
Gardner, John
The Liquidator (featuring Boysie Oakes)  £6.00 
Griew, Edward
The Theft Acts 1968 and 1978.  £48.00 
Lupo, Salvatore
Shugaar, Antony
History of the Mafia.  £12.00 
Gelles, Richard
Straus, Murray
Steinmetz, Suzanne
Behind Closed Doors. Violence in the American Family.  £12.00 
Carr, John Dickson
The Lost Gallows.  £18.00 
Symons, Julian
The Gigantic Shadow.  £12.00 
Symons, Julian
The Colour of Murder.  £12.00 
Symons, Julian
A Reasonable Doubt. Some Criminal Cases Re-examined.  £10.00 
Arluke, Arnold
Brute Force. Animal Police and the Challenge of Cruelty.  £16.00 
Clifford, Daniel
Green, Kay Ann
Watterson, Ronald
The Pit Bull Dilemma. The Gathering Storm. 1000 Annotated Abstracts from Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers and Reports.  £48.00 
Beirne, Piers
South, Nigel
Issues in Green Criminology. Confronting Harms against Environments, Humanity and other Animals.  £24.00 
Shapiro, Kenneth
Randour, Mary Lou
The Assessment and Treatment of Children Who Abuse Animals. The Anicare Child Approach.  £28.00 
Adams, Meredith Lentz
Murder and Martial Justice. Spying and Retribution in World War 2 America.  £10.00 
Wallace, Edgar
Again Sanders.  £7.00 
Cannell, J C
100 Mysteries for Arm-Chair Detectives. Based on actual crimes and mysteries investigated at Scotland Yard.  £10.00 
O'Hara, John
Pipe Nights.  £12.00 
Haythorne, John
None of Us Cared for Kate.  £28.00 
Millar, Margaret
The Soft Talkers.  £18.00 
Sayers, Dorothy
Clouds of Witness.  £8.00 
Young, Wayland
The Profumo Affair. Aspects of Conservatism.  £8.00 
Haggard, William
Venetian Blind.  £10.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  £8.00 
de Reuck, A V S
The Mentally Abnormal Offender.  £6.00 
Lacche, Luigi
Beyond the Statute Law: The "Grey" Government of Criminal Justice Systems.  £14.00 
Williams, Susan
Who Killed Hammarskjold? The UN, The Cold War and White Supremacy in Africa.  £78.00 
Cryer, Robert
Wilmshurst, Elizabeth
An Introduction to International Criminal Law and Procedure. Second Edition.  £28.00 
Peers, Steve
EU Justice and Home Affairs Law. Third Edition.  £28.00 
Ludi, Regula
Reparations for Nazi Victims in Postwar Europe.  £50.00 
Gorman, Robert
Mihalkanin, Edward
Historical Dictionary of Human Rights and Humanitarian Organizations. Second Edition.  £36.00 
Thurston, R
Lynching. American Mob Murder in Global Perspective.  £60.00 
Institut de Recherche et d'Histoire des Textes
Fingerprints. 1: Manual; 2: Examples; Fingerprint Newsletter No 2.  £16.00 
Lander, J R
Attainder and Forfeiture, 1453 to 1509.  £12.00 
Wallis, John
Macdonell, John
Reports of State Trials. New Series. Volume 1 - 7 (1820 - 1850)  £460.00 
Primoratz, Igor
Terrorism: A Philosophical Investigation.  £10.00 
Woozley, A D
Law and Obedience. The Argument of Plato's Crito.  £56.00 
Radzinowicz, Leon
The Cambridge Institute of Criminology: Its Background and Scope.  £10.00 
Orchard, W E
Modern Theories of Sin.  £8.00 
Gadney, Reg
The Last Hours before Dawn.  £12.00 
Gadney, Reg
Somewhere in England.  £12.00 
Gadney, Reg
Seduction of a Tall Man.  £20.00 
United Kingdom
An Act to explain and amend an Act, made in the seventh Year of his late Majesty's Reign, intitutled, An Act to settle how far Owners of Ships shall be answerable for the Acts of the Masters or Mariners.  £10.00 
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