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Shaw, Bernard
Back to Methuselah.  £10.00 
Bradley, David
The Ignorant Elizabethan Author and Massinger's "Believe as you List": A Public Lecture at the University of Sydney in 1970.  £12.00 
Thirion, Ernest
Théatre Choisi de Molière en huit volumes avec le Preface de 1682.  £8.00 
Monnier, Henri
Henri Monnier.  £10.00 
Jarry, Alfred
Lebois, André
Alfred Jarry. L'Irremplaçable.  £16.00 
Jarry, Alfred
Lot, Ferdinand
Alfred Jarry, son Oeuvre. Portrait et Autographe.  £8.00 
Jarry, Alfred
Rachilde, Marguerite
Alfred Jarry ou Le Surmale de Lettres.  £12.00 
Saillet, Maurice
Sur la Route de Narcisse. Jarry et la Peur de l'Amour.  £14.00 
Balmas, Enea
Jan Luyken e il suo Theatre des Martyrs.  £14.00 
Grindea, Miron
The TNP. Special Issue of Adam International Review.  £8.00 
Glissant, Edouard
The Courier. Single Issue. November 1985.  £10.00 
Gilbert and Sullivan
Pirates of Penzance, The Gondoliers, Trial by Jury, Princess Ida, The Yeomen of the Guard, The Mikado, Iolanthe, Ruddigore, HMS Pinafore, Patience.  £38.00 
Coghill, Nevill
Eliot, T S
The Family Reunion.  £14.00 
Sedgwick, Fred
100 Ideas for Assemblies. Primary Edition.  £6.00 
Panizza, Oskar
Fini, Leonor
Alain de Leseleuc en accord avec Le Théatre Montparnasse présente Le Concile d'Amour.  £28.00 
Barrault, Jean-Louis
Legrand, Michel
Jarry sur la Butte. Spectacle de Jean-Louis Barrault d'après les oeuvres d'Alfred Jarry.  £12.00 
Black, George
"O-Kay for Sound" A George Black Production. London Palladium.  £16.00 
Nordmann, Jean Gabriel
Les Petits Mondes.  £14.00 
Bakst, Leon
Borisovskaia, Natalia
Lev Bakst.  £20.00 
Artaud, Antonin
Oeuvres Complètes, Volume 1 - 9.  £90.00 
Thompson, John
Hayes, B J
Euripides: Bacchae.  £10.00 
Chekhov, Anton
Chekhov. Three Plays.  £14.00 
Andromache ex Optimus Exemplaribus Expressa cum Variis Lectionibus in usum Scholae Reglae Westmonasteriensis.  £36.00 
Rogers, Benjamin
The Comedies of Aristophanes. Volume 6. Part 11: The Plutus. To Which is Added, as a Specimen of the New Comedy a Translation of the Menaechmi of Plautus.  £16.00 
Reader, Ralph
Hurll, A W
Good Turns from the "Gang Shows".  £24.00 
Ariosto, Ludovico
Drei italienische Lustspiele aus der Zeit der Renaissance. Von Ariosto, Lorenzino de Medici, Machiavelli. Übersetzt von Paul Heyse.  £10.00 
Silke, W
Silke, M
Scout Specials and Cub Capers. A Book of Revue Sketches, Songs and Poems for Scouts and Cubs.  £18.00 
Reader, Ralph
Hurll, A W
Sketches from the "Gang Shows".  £24.00 
Allchin, A M
Ann Griffiths.  £10.00 
Halcombe, P B
The Medea of Euripides, with the Lyrical Parts Done into English: Introduction, Notes, and Vocabulary.  £12.00 
Uféras, Gérard
Un Pas vers les Étoiles. Le Ballet de l'Opéra National de Paris.  £36.00 
Terence, Hauton Timorumenos, from the Text of J H Gray, Pitt Press Series, Translated by J A Nicklin.  £12.00 
Riley, H T
The Trinummus of Plautus.  £6.00 
Diderot, Denis
La Religieuse.  £18.00 
Batchelder, Majorie
The Puppet Theatre Handbook.  £22.00 
Turra, Mario
Zeitgenössische Clown-Nummern.  £20.00 
The Tragedies of Sophocles: In English Prose. The Oxford Translation.  £12.00 
Harrison, G B
Jonson, Ben
Every Man in His Humour.  £12.00 
Nichols, H E
Five Plays for Scouts.  £12.00 
Pirandello, Luigi
Right You Are! (If You Think So); All For The Best; Henry IV.  £6.00 
Guthrie, Tyrone
Lindsay, David
Kemp, Robert
The Satire of the Three Estates. Edinburgh Festival Version by Robert Kemp.  £10.00 
Crawford, Mary
Dramatic Scenes from Scottish History. Episodes from Scottish history presented in dramatic and tableaux form for young people.  £16.00 
Goodhart, H C
The Eighth Book of Thucydides' History, Edited with Notes and Introduction.  £45.00 
Lennard, H B
The Ion of Euripides. Now first translated into English, in its original and identical metres, with stage directions, suggesting how it may have been performed, with preface and notes by H. B. L.  £24.00 
Lennard, H B
The Hippolutos of Euripides. Now first translated into English, in its original and identical metres, with stage directions, suggesting how it may have been performed, also with preface and notes. By H. B. L.  £24.00 
Boyd, Ernest
The Contemporary Drama of Ireland.  £14.00 
Hudson, Lynton
The English Stage 1850 -1950.  £8.00 
Shakespeare Society
Religious and Moral Sentences Culled from the Works of Shakespeare.  £64.00 
Barnett, Lionel
The Greek Drama.  £8.00 
Cornford, Francis
Origin of the Drama.  £8.00 
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