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González Peña, Carlos
La Fuga de la Quimera. Novela.  £86.00 
Hugo, Victor
Notre Dame de Paris.  £8.00 
Mansfield, Katherine
Davin, D
Katherine Mansfield. Selected Stories.  £6.00 
Ross, Martin
Somerville, E
Dan Russel the Fox. An Episode in the Life of Miss Rowan.  £8.00 
Penny, Sarah
The Whiteness of Bones.  £8.00 
Kipling, Rudyard
A Fleet in Being.  £8.00 
Thompson, Hugh
Days with Sir Roger de Coverley.  £14.00 
Hilton, James
Good-Bye Mr Chips.  £16.00 
Hardy, Thomas
Wessex Tales.  £22.00 
Faulks, Sebastian
Where My Heart Used To Beat.  £14.00 
Roskill, Stephen
The Secret Capture.  £10.00 
O'Donnell, Peter
Colvin, Neville
Modesty Blaise The Scarlet Maiden. Also Featuring The Moon Man and A Few Flowers for the Colonel.  £60.00 
Osner, Nigel
Magic in Ravenswood.  £12.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
Danger! And Other Stories.  £16.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
Round the Red Lamp being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life.  £32.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
The Refugees. A Tale of Two Continents.  £14.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
The Green Flag and Other Stories of War and Sport.  £24.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
The Last Galley.  £16.00 
Charteris, Leslie
The Saint Around the World.  £10.00 
Cameron, John
Conan Doyle, Arthur
The Refugees.  £16.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
The Stark Munro Letters.  £16.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
A Duet With Chorus.  £12.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
The Doings of Raffles Haw.  £12.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
A Desert Drama Being the Tragedy of the Korosko.  £18.00 
Scott, Walter
The Fortunes of Nigel.  £18.00 
Forster, E M
The Torque. (Encounter, July 1972, Volume 39, No 1)  £10.00 
Koestler, Arthur
The Lion and The Ostrich. (Encounter, October 1973, Volume 41, No 4) 20th Anniversary Number: Enlarged Issue.  £10.00 
Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr
Breathing. (Encounter, March 1965, Volume 24, No 3)  £10.00 
Carter, Angela
Hoban, Russell
Rushdie, Salman
Granta 3. The End of the English Novel.  £48.00 
Wallace-Hadrill, Mike
Nettle Range Bladefear.  £24.00 
Browning, Robert
Butler-Stoney, T
The Pied Piper of Hamelin.  £36.00 
Moore, George
Celibates.  £12.00 
Conrad, Joseph
The Rescue.  £10.00 
France, Anatole
Ledésert, R P L
Le Petit Pierre.  £12.00 
Diderot, Denis
Contes. Edited with an Introduction by H Dieckmann.  £10.00 
Cocteau, Jean
La Machine Infernale, Edited with an Introduction and Notes by W M Landers.  £12.00 
Giono, Jean
Regain. Edited with an Introduction by Odile de Pomerai.  £12.00 
Hornung, E W
Mr Justice Raffles.  £14.00 
Gardiner, A G
Alpha of the Plough
Windfalls.  £6.00 
Gardiner, A G
Alpha of the Plough
Windfalls.  £10.00 
Gardiner, A G
Alpha of the Plough
Pebbles on the Shore.  £10.00 
Gering, Hugo
Eyrbyggja Saga.  £24.00 
Renan, Ernest
Le Broyeur de Lin. A Critical Edition by Colin Duckworth, with Introduction, Variants and Notes.  £12.00 
Grégoire de Tours
Buchner, Rudolf
Zehn Bücher Geschichten.  £46.00 
Hepple, Anne
Scotch Broth.  £12.00 
Defoe, Daniel
A Journal of the Plague Year.  £8.00 
Defoe, Daniel
The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders.  £8.00 
France, Anatole
Ledésert, R P L
Le Petit Pierre.  £10.00 
Mann, Thomas
Stories and Episodes.  £8.00 
Smith, Thorne
The Night Life of the Gods.  £6.00 
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