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Tolstoy, Alexei
Russkie narodnye skazki.  £34.00 
Dal, V
Poslovitsy russkogo naroda.  £36.00 
Maksimov, S V
Krylatye slova.  £28.00 
Propp, Vladimir
Istoricheskie korni volshebnoi skazki.  £46.00 
Propp, Vladimir
Russkaia skazka.  £46.00 
Cohen, Sara
Popular Music. Vol 17, No 1.  £12.00 
Lane, Edward William
The Thousand and One Nights, Commonly Called The Arabian Nights' Entertainments.  £12.00 
No Author Aurelias Sagenkreis. Die schönsten Geschichten, Sagen und Märchen von Baden-Baden und dem Schwarzwalde. 4te Auflage.  £24.00 
Kurti, Alfred
Persian Folktales.  £8.00 
Meuss, Ruth
Breton Folktales.  £8.00 
Wilson, E M
Tragic Themes in Spanish Ballads. The Fifth Canning House Annual Lecture delivered at Canning House on Thursday, 24th April, 1958.  £8.00 
Sigfursson, Björn
Saga 1960.  £26.00 
Rennie, Neil
Pocahontas, Little Wanton: Myth, Life and Afterlife.  £36.00 
Chavannes, Édouard
De l'Expression des Voeux dans l'Art Populaire Chinois.  £28.00 
Dames, Longworth
Popular Poetry of the Baloches. Vol. 1 & 2 bound in One. First Edition.  £38.00 
Greverus, Ina-Maria
Frankfurter Feste. Von Wem? Für Wen?  £34.00 
Tognina, Riccardo
Lingua e Cultura della Valle di Poschiavo. Una Terminologia della valle di Poschiavo.  £84.00 
Humbert, Gabriele
Literarische Einflüsse in schottischen Volksballaden. Versuch einer kritischen Variantenvergleichung.  £24.00 
Bailey, Cyril
The Religion of Ancient Rome.  £12.00 
Schmidkunz, Walter
De Swienegel als Wettrenner. Ein plattdeutsches Märchen.  £8.00 
Abrahams, Roger
Rankin, Lois
Counting-Out Rhymes. A Dictionary.  £12.00 
Zhirmunsky, Victor
Legenda o doktore Fauste. (RUSSIAN)  £24.00 
Alekseev, M P
Levin, Yu D
Viliam Rol'ston - propagandist Russkoy literatury i fol'klora. (RUSSIAN)  £24.00 
Craik, Mrs
John Dietrich and other Stories from The Fairy Book.  £12.00 
Frazer, James George
The Golden Bough. A Study in Magic and Religion. Third Edition. Part 2: Taboo and the Perils of the Soul.  £18.00 
Frere, M
Old Deccan Days; or, Hindoo Fairy Legends Current in Southern India.  £24.00 
Levy, Hermann
Wilson, Arnold
Burial Reform and Funeral Costs.  £36.00 
Hartland, Edwin
The Science of Fairy Tales. An Inquiry Into Fairy Mythology.  £38.00 
Ioseliano, Ottia
Left in Charge. Designed by F Volski.  £12.00 
Pushkin, Alexander
The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights, Drawings V Konashevich.  £12.00 
Evgenyeva, Anastasia
Evgeneva, Anastasia Petrovna
Ocherki po iazyku russkoi ustnoi poezii v zapisiakh XVII - XX vv. (RUSSIAN)  £28.00 
Halliwell, James Orchard
Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales of England. 2 vols.  £24.00 
Marriott, William
A Collection of English Miracle-Plays or Mysteries containing Ten Dramas from the Chester, Coventry, and Towneley Series, with Two of Latter Date to which is prefixed, an Historical View of this Description of Plays by William Marriott.  £35.00 
Eliade, Mircea
Mythes, Rêves et Mystères.  £14.00 
Lange, Anselm
Klingende Kostbarkeiten. Tischglocken aus 5 Jahrhunderten in Bronze, Porzellan, Silber, Glas.  £15.00 
No Author Annuaire des Traditions Populaires. Deuxieme Annee.  £20.00 
Velten, Carl
Märchen und Erzählungen der Suaheli.  £18.00 
Variot, Jean
Légendes et traditions orales d'Alsace. Tome 2: Sundgau et Haute-Alsace.  £18.00 
Variot, Jean
Légendes et traditions orales d'Alsace. Tome 3: Basse Alsace.  £18.00 
Saintyves, P
Les Liturgies Populaires. Rondes Enfantines et Quêtes Saisonnières.  £26.00 
Millien, Achille
Les Chants Oraux du Peuple Russe.  £64.00 
Krüger, Fritz
Géographie des Traditions Populaires en France. Avec un Abum de 22 Figures.  £16.00 
Larivaille, Paul
Aretino, Pietro
Lettere di, a, su Pietro Aretino.  £22.00 
Rougé, Jacques-Marie
Le Folklore de la Touraine. Préface de René Boylesve.  £18.00 
De Fourcaud
La Tradition au Pays Basque. Art Populaire, Ethnographie, Folk-Lore, Hagiographie, Histoire.  £180.00 
Boucher, Gustave
La Tradition en Poitou et Charentes. Art Populaire, Ethnographie, Folk-Lore, Hagiographie, Histoire.  £88.00 
Silva Galena, Librado
In Yancuic Nahua Tlahtolli: Relatos y Cantos en Nahuatl.  £34.00 
No Author Nastennyi Kalendar. Russian Language.  £30.00 
Drijver, F W
Historie en Legende. Vervolg op Mozaiek.  £20.00 
Barandiaran, Joseph-Michel
Eusko-Jakintza. Revue d'Etudes Basques. Vol 3, no 4-6, 1949.  £30.00 
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