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The British Character, studied and revealed by Pont; with an introduction by E M Delafield.  £8.00 
Bergson, Henri
Laughter. An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic. Authorised Translation by C Brereton & F Rothwell.  £46.00 
de Kay, Ormonde
N'Heures Souris Rames: The Coucy Castle Manuscript.  £12.00 
An Essay on Laughter. Its Forms, its Causes, its Development and its Value.  £76.00 
Hood, Thomas
Whims and Oddities in Prose and Verse, with 87 Original Designs. A New Edition.  £16.00 
Giaccherini, Enrico
I "Fabliaux" di Chaucer: Tradizione e innovazione nella narrativa comica chauceriana.  £34.00 
Baumgart, Reinhard
Das Ironische und die Ironie in den Werken Thomas Manns.  £8.00 
Morgenstern, Christian
Galgenlieder: Dem Kind im Manne.  £9.00 
Busch, Wilhelm
Die Kirmes und andere Bildergeschichten.  £6.00 
Reuter, Christian
Schelmussky: Kuriose und gefährliche Reisebeschreibung zu Land und zu Wasser.  £8.00 
Brewer, Derek
Structures and Character-Types of Chaucer's Popular Comic Tales (Seperata de Estudios Sobre Los Generos Literarios, 1)  £4.00 
Brewer, Derek
Shakespearean Comedy: Structure and Character-types. (Seperata de Estudios Sobre Los Generos Literarios, 1)  £6.00 
Mead, W R
Figures of Fun: Further Reflections on Finns in English Fiction (= Neuphilologische Mitteilungen 77)  £8.00 
Hood, Thomas
Comic Poems.  £8.00 
Eggers, Peter
Dat Leed von se Herr Pastor sien Koh.  £12.00 
Boskin, Joseph
Humor and Social Change in Twentieth-Century America.  £22.00 
Greenberg, Daniel
The Grant Swinger Papers. In Collaboration with Center for the Absorption of Federal Funds.  £24.00 
Punch. Volume 8.  £24.00 
Punch. Volume 37. July - December 1859.  £18.00 
Grenfell, Wilfred
Yourself and Your Body.  £14.00 
Hoffnung, Annetta
Bookworms.  £6.00 
Lear, Edward
The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear.  £10.00 
Ingoldsby, Thomas
Jessop, Ernest
The Lay of St Aloys. A Legend of Blois.  £36.00 
Aldin, Cecil
Surtees, Robert Smith
Handley Cross or Mr Jorrocks's Hunt. Vol. II. Illustrated in colour by Cecil Aldin.  £24.00 
Stockhausen, H G
Lothar Meggendorfer's Humoristische Blätter.  £9.00 
Cruikshank, George
Four Hundred Humorous Illustrations.  £19.00 
Greuner, Ruth
Zeitzünder im Eintopf: Antifaschistische Satire 1935-1945.  £10.00 
Garrett, T J
Modern German Humour: 20 Stories.  £10.00 
Marckwort, Ulf-Heiner
Der deutsche Schelmenroman der Gegenwart: Betrachtungen zur sozialistischen Rezeption pikaresker Topoi und Motive.  £26.00 
Busch, Wilhelm
Der Fuchs. Die Drachen. Zwei lustige Sachen.  £8.00 
Reimann, Hans
Vergnügliches Handbuch der deutschen Sprache.  £12.00 
No Author The Hohenzollerns through German Eyes.  £24.00 
Lacey, Mike
Whizzer and Chips Annual 1978.  £14.00 
Reed, Graham
Magic for Every Occasion. First Edition.  £10.00 
Chambers, Nancy
Humorous Books for Children. Chosen by Lance Salway. 1978.  £8.00 
Goedeke, Karl
Schwänke des sechzehnten Jahrhunderts.  £12.00 
Lancaster, Osbert
Private Views: New Pocket Cartoons. First Edition.  £8.00 
Stronach, George
A Diary of the Gladstone Government.  £18.00 
Streeter, Edward
As You Were, Bill.  £8.00 
No Author Picture Jokes for Kids.  £7.00 
Ffolkes, Michael
Cartoon Companion to Classical Mythology.  £10.00 
Herbert, A P
Wisdom for the Wise. Being 'Tinker, Tailor ' and 'The Wherefore and the Why'. First Edition.  £8.00 
Gardner, Martin
More Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions.  £6.00 
Jog, N G
Judge or Judas?  £12.00 
Livergant, A
Importance of Being Witty.  £18.00 
Ross, Michael
Race Riots. Comedy and Ethnicity in Modern British Fiction.  £36.00 
Rey-Flaud, Bernadette
La Farce ou la Machine a Rire. Théorie d'un genre dramatique 1450 - 1550.  £64.00 
Nicolson, Harold
The English Sense of Humour and Other Essays.  £8.00 
Lariar, Lawrence
You've Got Me on the Hook: A Catch of the Funniest Cartoons About Fishing By Leading Cartoonists.  £12.00 
Davies, Randall
Out of the Ark or Creatures Facetious in Cut and Doggerel.  £14.00 
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