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Davies, Randall
Out of the Ark or Creatures Facetious in Cut and Doggerel.  £10.00 
Lamb, Charles
Last Essays of Elia.  £7.00 
Winter, Charles
24 Recitationettes. Being Tales Told in Verse.  £10.00 
Constanduros, Mabel
Hudson, Lily
Overheard on the Promenade.  £10.00 
France, Mabel
The Aunt Maria Sketches.  £12.00 
Rogers, Benjamin
The Birds of Aristophanes. The Greek Texts Revised with a Translation into Corresponding Metres, Introduction and Commentary.  £12.00 
Seligson, Marcia
What ever happened to ...?: A Collection of things remembered because once they were important to us.  £12.00 
Humour of Parliament and Parliamentary Elections.  £14.00 
Reed, Phoebe
My Pet Limericks. Illus Colleen Roark.  £14.00 
D, J G D
High Hats and Sly-Boots.  £12.00 
Davis, Jim
The Incurable Garfield.  £12.00 
Henscheid, Eckhard
Dummdeutsch.  £4.00 
Balzac, Honoré de
The Country Parson.  £10.00 
Steinhaus, Hubert
Mathematical Snapshots.  £58.00 
Manser, Martin
The Guinness Book of Words.  £8.00 
Forster, Leonard
Poetry of Significant Nonsense. An Inaugural Lecture.  £10.00 
Renatus, Johannes
Allerlee aus d'r Äberlausitz. Heiteres und Ernstes in Oberlausitzer Mundart. Vol 4 only.  £20.00 
Lambel, Hans
Erzählungen und Schwänke.  £12.00 
Sykes, Arthur
A Book of Words reprinted in Part from Punch. With a few Sketches by the Author.  £38.00 
Sykes, Arthur
Harking Back. In Verse and Prose. (From Punch).  £22.00 
Freeman, Roger
As I Was A-Saying: Country Goings-On.  £6.00 
Coren, Alan
Pick of "Punch".  £8.00 
Johnson, Kim (Howard)
The First 20 Years of Monty Python.  £8.00 
Surtees, Robert Smith
Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities.  £12.00 
Lancaster, Osbert
Drayneflete Revealed.  £5.00 
Exley, Richard
Happy Families. Life and Laughter in the Family, as Seen by Children.  £6.00 
Rees, Nigel
Epitaphs. A Dictionary of of Grave Epigrams and Memorial Eloquence.  £6.00 
Hollowood, Bernard
Pick of Punch.  £16.00 
Eliezer, Ben
The World's Best Jewish Jokes.  £5.00 
Adams, Anthony
Leach, Robert
Talent, Wonder and Delight. A Scrapbook of Victorian Entertainment.  £6.00 
No Author The Schoolmaster in Comedy and Satire.  £10.00 
Mather, Victoria
Macartney-Snape, Sue
The Appalling Guests, Social Stereotypes from the Telegraph Magazine.  £5.00 
Lewis, Martin
Today's the Day.  £5.00 
Epstein, Eugene
Who Put the Wit in Switzerland?  £8.00 
No Author Humoresken. Der Auerochs, die Liebesgabe, Eine gute Lehre. (Unterhaltungsbibliothek für Einigungs-Stenographen)  £6.00 
Hilditch, Neville
In Praise of Humour. An Anthology of Enjoyment.  £9.00 
M'Ghie, M P
The Celebated Comic Song, Purty Molly Brallaghan, as sung by Mr Power, Mr Leonard, and Mr Colins, written by Miss M P M'Ghie. The Music Arranged and Partly Composed by W M'Ghie.  £20.00 
Hollander, Nicole
Ma, Can I Be a Feminist and Still Like Men?  £8.00 
Balmas, Enea
Comedies du XVI Siecle.  £10.00 
Taylor, Henry
The Statesman: An Ironical Treatise on the Art of Succeeding. With an Introd Essay by Harold Laski.  £10.00 
Lent, John
Illustrating Asia. Comics, Humour, Magazines and Picture books.  £36.00 
Graham, Harry
Ruthless Rhymes for Heartless Homes. Illustrated by G H. 28th Impression.  £18.00 
Hollander, Nicole
Okay! Thinner Thighs for Everyone.  £5.00 
Vaillard, Pierre-Jean
Je Vous Salue Mesdames!  £8.00 
Browning, Guy
The Social Survival Handbook. Illustrated by Simon Torrance.  £8.00 
Schmitz, Karlchen
Hu is Hu? Wer ist [denn schon] wer? Konrads politische Erben.  £6.00 
Vecchione, Glen
Challenging Math Puzzles. Illustrated by Glen Vecchioe and Nina Zottoli.  £5.00 
Ward, Artemus
Artemus Ward His Book. With a Biographical Introduction by Hannaford Bennett.  £5.00 
Rose, Marius
The Intelliegent Teacher's Guide to Preferment. Illustrated by Biro. First Edition.  £6.00 
Breen, Richard
Oxford: Oddfellows and Funny Tales.  £10.00 
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