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Roscoe, Thomas
Landscape Annual for 1832.  £120.00 
Brine, Mary
My Little Margaret.  £24.00 
Tjalve, E
Andreasen, M M
Engineering Graphic Modelling. A Workbook for Design Engineers.  £16.00 
Carroll, Lewis
Hudson, Gwynedd
Alice in Wonderland.  £240.00 
Pickering, Edgar
Goble, Warwick
King for a Summer: A Story of Corsican Life and Adventure.  £28.00 
Gask, Lilian
Anderson, Florence Mary
Dinky's Circus.  £24.00 
Benson, Barbara
The Camel.  £7.00 
Peres Rodrigues, Adelino
Gil, Julio
O Passeio do Emir.  £80.00 
Callaway, Godfrey
The Fellowship of the Veld: Sketches of Native Life in South Africa.  £12.00 
No Author Here's to Adventure: A Book of Stories.  £18.00 
Reeve, Tim
Catchpole, Diana
The Friends of God and the Work of the Spirit. An Illustrated Book of the Hours for the 21st Century.  £46.00 
Wiesner, David
Mardi.  £12.00 
Piraux, Maurice
Le Togo Aujourd' hui. 3e Edition.  £25.00 
Duhamel, Georges
Dollian, Guy
Le Jardin des Betes Sauvages (43 Bois Originaux de Guy Dollian)  £12.00 
Fayard, Jean
Lebedeff, Jean
Mes Maitresses (43 Bois Originaux de Jean Lebedeff)  £16.00 
Mauriac, François
Dollian, Guy
Destins (30 Bois Originaux de Guy Dollian)  £12.00 
Gerstäcker, Friedrich
Reisen um die Welt. Ein Familienbuch. 6 parts bound in 2 vols.  £46.00 
Pletsch, Oscar
Gute Freundschaft. Eine Geschichte für Damen, aber für Kleine, in 21 Bildern erzählt.  £16.00 
Busch, Wilhelm
Die ängstliche Nacht. Bildergeschichten, Prosa und Gedichte.  £4.00 
No Author Selections from the English Poets. With Steel Engravings.  £28.00 
Beerbohm, Max
Lee, Charles
Lewis, D B Wyndham
The Stuffed Owl: An Anthology of Bad Verse.  £12.00 
Giberne, Agnes
Sunday Afternoons With Mamma: A Book For Very Little Children.  £48.00 
Deakin, Helen
Deakin's Chart of English History.  £36.00 
Lieberman, William
Manhattan Observed.  £8.00 
Max, Martin
Ambit. Number 91, 1982: Caribbean Special Issue.  £8.00 
Richards, I A
Schmidt Mackey, I
German Through Pictures.  £24.00 
Hole, William
The Life of Jesus of Nazareth. Eighty Pictures by William Hole. De Luxe Edition.  £120.00 
Varshavskii, Lev
Russkaia karikatura 40-50-kh gg. XIX v. (RUSSIAN)  £98.00 
Ruskin, John
The King of the Golden River or the Black Brothers. A Legend of Stiria. Illus Richard Doyle. 28th Thousand.  £12.00 
Williamson, George
Scott, Leader
Pietro Vannucci called Perugino.  £10.00 
Hulse, Gillian
Morris, where are you?  £8.00 
Cameron, William
Eve, Esmé
I Went to Britain: An Adventure Written in Everyday English for Foreign Students. First Edition.  £14.00 
Lockwood, Jane
Let's Discuss it.  £15.00 
Church, Alfred
Pictures from Greek Life and Story with illustrations.  £16.00 
Hume, David
The Student's Hume. A History of England from the earliest times to the Revolution in 1688 […] incorporating the corrections and researches of recent historians; and continued down to the year 1858. Fortieth Thousand.  £14.00 
Crane, Walter
Gilbert, Henry
Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Illustrated by Walter Crane.  £8.00 
Nairne, Alexander
Raverat, Gwen
Jenkinson, Margaret Clifford
Shadows of the Christ. A Sacred Drama. Being a Succession of Scenes Indirectly Representing His Ministry, Passion, and Resurrection. With a Woodcut by Madame Raverat.  £42.00 
Pewtress, Vera
Pailthorpe, Doris
The Lord God Made Them All.  £10.00 
Adams, William
Adams, H C
The Cherry-Stones or The Force of Conscience.  £12.00 
Patmore, Gertrude
Patmore, Bertha
Our Pets and Playfellows in Air Earth and Water.  £22.00 
Hodder, Edwin
The Life of a Century 1800 to 1900 with five hundred and nineteen illustrations.  £18.00 
Swann, H
Johnson, J
Prof. E. McSquared's Original, Fantastic and Highly Edifying Calculus Primer.  £12.00 
Caro, James
English for Foreigners.  £5.00 
Wilkens, Lisa
Monson, Jane Elizabeth
The Stories that Follow Black Pictures: A Creative Collaboration of 8 Writers and 1 Artist.  £5.00 
No Author Minnesänger (Postkartenserie Nr. 60)  £8.00 
Fedden, Robin
Costa, A
Alpine Ski Tour. An Account of the High Level Route with Photographs by A. Costa and others.  £24.00 
Kirkwood, Esther
Plant and Flower Forms. Studies of Typical Forms of Plants and Plant Organs.  £12.00 
Shipley, A E
More Minor Horrors. Illustrated.  £10.00 
Gillespie, Evan
Berrill, N J
Growth, Development, and Pattern.  £12.00 
Geer, C de
Rodolphe Töpffer Bibliophile. Dessins de Töpffer.  £24.00 
Displaying 451 to 500 (of 1065 books) Page ... 6  7  8  9  10 ...