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Johnson, Donovan
Curves.  £8.00 
English Church History.  £8.00 
Manzi, Joyant and Co
Le Théatre: Nos 73 - 84. (Jan - Juin 1902). Manquant No. 79.  £100.00 
No Author Wonderland. 29 issues, 1961-1962.  £20.00 
Iglesias, Helen
Blanco, Manuel
El Palacio Real de Madrid. Volumen 1+2. A visual promenade around Madrid's Royal Palace, as drawn by the Second Chair in Analysis of Architectural Forms at the Madrid School of Architecture under the direction of Helen Iglesias.  £80.00 
Banks, Roger
The Unrelenting Ice. [Letter from author laid in].  £48.00 
Helander, Benj
Pietinen, Otso
Pietinen, Matti
Suomen Puun tie Metsästä Maailmalle: Finland's Wealth of Wood. Dual Finnish and English Text.  £20.00 
Ehrenfeucht, Aniela
Zawadowski, Waclaw
The Cube Made Interesting. Popular Lectures in Mathematics Volume 9.  £50.00 
Meniaud, Jean
Nos Bois Coloniaux. (Our Colonial Forests)  £38.00 
Glass, Elizabeth
A Subject Index for the Visual Arts. Parts I and II (complete)  £46.00 
Simond, Charles
La Vie Parisienne a Travers le XIXe Siècle. Paris de 1800 a 1900. D'Après les Estampes et les Mémoires du Temps. Tome 1: 1800 - 1830 Le Consulat, Le Premier Empire, La Restauration.  £20.00 
Counterfoil Album
The Counterfoil Album. Gloucester. (Photogravure Postcards and Views)  £12.00 
Azerbaijanian Copper.  £15.00 
Bourget, Paul
Rousseau, L
Un Scrupule. Illustrations de Myrbach. First Edition.  £12.00 
Matzenauer, Franz
Koller, Fini
Till Eulenspiegel. (Volksschatz 31)  £12.00 
Schwalm, Karl
Bohatta, Ida
Bilder mit Reimen. Ein Büchlein für unsere Kleinen (Volksschatz 34)  £14.00 
Stifter, Adalbert
Buchowiecki, Josef
Rothe, Richard
Katzensilber (Volksschatz 29 - 30)  £12.00 
Mörike, Eduard
Matzenauer, Franz
Haugg, Elise
Das Stuttgarter Hutzelmännlein. (Volksschatz 24 - 25)  £12.00 
Prinz, Leopold
Matzenauer, Alois
Reinick, Robert
Märchen. (Volksschatz 22)  £14.00 
Grimm, Jacob
Grimm, Wilhelm
Neudecker, Alois
Bell, K F
Deutsche Sagen. (Volksschatz 23)  £12.00 
Rosegger, Peter
Matzenauer, Franz
Ausgewählte Erzählungen. (Volksschatz 14 - 17)  £14.00 
Hauff, Wilhelm
Liebenauer, Ernst
List, Josef
Ausgewählte Märchen Teil 2. (Volksschatz 7)  £12.00 
Hebel, Johann Peter
Liebenauer, Ernst
Hirmann, Josef
Erzählungen. Ausgewählt von Josef Hirmann. (Volksschatz 4)  £12.00 
Trauner, Otto
Sommert, Hans
Fabelbuch für die deutsche Jugend. (Volksschatz 12)  £12.00 
Stifter, Adalbert
Hartmann, Alexander
Buchowiecki, Josef
Bergkristall.  £8.00 
Grimm, Jacob
Grimm, Wilhelm
Fahringer, Karl
Kutzer, E
Matzenauer, Alois
Kinder- und Hausmärchen 2. Geschichte für Grössere. Ausgewählt von Alois Massenauer. (Volksschatz 2)  £14.00 
Gordon, Edward
Wellington Koo, H E
China in Pictures.  £9.00 
Wolff, Letitia
Arenas, Adriana
YG3 NYC ADC. Young Guns.  £20.00 
Burroughs, William
Gibson, William
Kuipers, Dean
Bowie, David
Stipes, Michael
Harvey, P J
Jarrett, Marvin
Ray Gun. Out of Control.  £66.00 
Hamilton, Charles
Billy Bunter's Holiday Annual 1940.  £24.00 
Randall, Housk
Woodward, Tim
Revelations: Chronicles and Visions from the Sexual Underworld.  £34.00 
Sanejouand, Jean-Michel
Lamarche-Vadel, Bernard
Jean-Michel Sanejouand. Les Charges-Objets 1963-1967.  £20.00 
Canestrini, Giovanni
Leonardo. Costruttore di Macchine e di Veicoli.  £26.00 
Carré, Jean Marie
Autour de Verlaine et de Rimbaud. Dessins inedits de Paul Verlaine, de Germain Nouveau et d'Ernest Delahaye.  £84.00 
Duke of Beaufort, K G
Watson, A E T
Dodd, L
Wilberforce, H W W
Chipp, Herbert
The Badminton Library: Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Rackets, Fives with Numerous Illustrations by Lucien Davis, C M Newton, and from Photographs.  £88.00 
Lacroix, Paul
Science and Literature in the Middle Ages and at the Period of the Renaissance. Illustrated with upwards of Four Hundred Engravings on Wood. Fourth Thousand.  £28.00 
Ceppi, Marc
Brock, H M
Un Peu de Français. Earliest Lessons with Practice in Phonetics.  £14.00 
George Philips & Son
Philips' Handy Scripture Atlas [These Contents form Section 1 of Philips' Atlas-Geography of the Bible Lands].  £25.00 
Burr, Sydney
Turner, Dorothy
British Economic Grasses. Their Identification by the Leaf Anatomy.  £65.00 
Van Tieghem, Philip
Traité de Botanique. Deuxième Édition Revue et Augmentée. Avec 1213 Gravures dans le Texte. Vols 1 and 2 (complete) (French)  £120.00 
Paladino, Mimmo
Paladino. Villa delle Rose 8 Aprile 1990 - 20 Maggio 1990.  £36.00 
Fleury, Sylvie
Starr, Georgina
Ackermann, Rita
Grisebach, Lucius
Some Kind of Heaven. Ein Stück vom Himmel.  £30.00 
Spero, Nancy
MacGregor, Elizabeth
Zegher, Catherine
Nancy Spero. [Essay]Tongue, Torture, and Free Rein.[Installations] Black and the Red III. Let the Priests Tremble…exhibited from 21 March to 24 May 1998 Ikon Gallery.  £20.00 
Shaffer, Richard
Hofstadter, Albert
Richard Shaffer: Selected Work 1979-1983. May 25-June 30, 1984.  £14.00 
Anyone Corporation
Anything.  £16.00 
Gorgoni, Gianfranco
Celant, Germano
Aquattromani. Comune di Milano Cultura e Spettacolo Palazzo Reale.  £16.00 
Lenier, Sue
Klein, Pavel
Once Off.  £15.00 
Muniz, Vik
Galassi, Peter
Durand, Regis
Vik Muniz. Natura Pictrix. Un Entretien de Vik Muniz avec Peter Galassi.  £26.00 
No Author Action and Military Comic Magazine Collection, all released on October 2nd 1976.  £20.00 
Bildschirm Klassiker
Bomben auf Monte Cassino.  £8.00 
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