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Garstang, Walter
My Heart's Fruit-Garden; Wherein are Divers Delectable Adages and Similes of the Prince of Doctrinal Ethics. A Translation, out of the Ancient Biblical Hebrew, of the Book of Koheleth else "Ecclesiastes or The Preacher".  £46.00 
Rose, William
Modern German Poetry.  £8.00 
Masefield, John
Some Verses to Some German.  £8.00 
Derschau, Christoph
Den Kopf voll Suff und Kino.  £12.00 
Tieck, Ludwig
Tiecks Werke in Zwei Bänden. Erster Band.  £12.00 
Gardiner, Wrey
Poetry Quarterly. Autumn 1946. Volume 8, Number 3.  £8.00 
Bancroft, Edith
The Land of Memory.  £8.00 
Keats, John
Hyperion.  £12.00 
Boileau, Nicolas
Le Lutrin L'Art Poétique.  £6.00 
Musset, Alfred de
Pages Choises. Volumes 1 and 2 Complete Set.  £6.00 
MacLean, Sorley
Spring Tide and Neap Tide. Selected Poems 1932 - 72. Reothairt is Contraigh. Taghadh de Dhain 1932 - 72.  £8.00 
Cartey, Wilfred
Red Rain.  £78.00 
Verlaine, Paul
Oeuvres Poétiques Complètes.  £24.00 
Cecil, Robert
Time and Other Poems.  £10.00 
O'Sullivan, Vincent
An Anthology of Twentieth Century New Zealand Poetry.  £12.00 
Wevers, Lydia
Yellow Pencils. Contemporary Poetry by New Zealand Women.  £22.00 
Heath-Stubbs, John
Leopardi, Giacomo
Origo, Iris
Selected Prose and Poetry.  £16.00 
Hackett, C A
Rimbaud. A Critical Introduction.  £8.00 
Thomas, Dylan
Deaths and Entrances.  £10.00 
Gibson, Ian
García Lorca, Federico
The Assassination of Federico Garcia Lorca.  £10.00 
Mitchell, Adrian
Out Loud.  £8.00 
Hartley, Anthony
The Penguin Book of French Verse 3. The Nineteenth Century.  £8.00 
Donne, John
Gardner, Helen
The Divine Poems.  £36.00 
Castle, Len
Len Castle. Mountain to the Sea.  £28.00 
Dodds, Andrew
Poppies in the Corn. Verses in Lothian Scots.  £28.00 
Traylen, Maryanne Grant
Transitions. A Journal of Crossings.  £12.00 
Milton, John
Verity, A W
Milton's Sonnets.  £8.00 
Macdiarmid, Hugh
A Clyack-Sheaf.  £10.00 
No Author The Dome. An Illustrated Magazine and Review of Literature, Music, Architecture, and the Graphic Arts. Volume Two of the New Series.  £16.00 
Brooke, Rupert
Selected Poems.  £22.00 
Macnicol, Nicol
Hindu Scriptures. Hymns from the Rigveda. Five Upanishads. The Bhagavadgita.  £12.00 
O'Connor, Frank
Merryman, Bryan
Stevenson, Hugh
The Midnight Court. A Rythmical Bacchanalia from the Irish of Bryan Merryman.  £24.00 
Adams, Norman
Adams, Anna
Island Chapters.  £28.00 
Joyce, James
Levin, Harry
The Essential James Joyce.  £12.00 
Sayers, Dorothy
The Song of Roland.  £8.00 
Jamie, Kathleen
Jizzen.  £6.00 
Bold, Alan
Morgan, Edwin
Braithwaite, Edward
Penguin Modern Poets 15. Alan Bold, Edward Braithwaite, Edwin Morgan.  £8.00 
Mitchison, Naomi
Naomi Mitchison. Saltire Self Portraits.  £8.00 
Nash, Ogden
Epitaph for an Explorer.  £36.00 
MacDuff, J R
The Hart and the Water-Brooks; A Practical Exposition of the Forty-Second Psalm.  £20.00 
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Peake, Mervyn
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.  £12.00 
Wordsworth, William
Hawke, John
The Grasmere Wordsworth: A Redaction (In one Volume)  £16.00 
Frejaville, Gustave
Les Méditations de Lamartine.  £10.00 
Mehtonen, Paivi
Old Concepts and New Poetics. Historia, Argumentum and Fabula in the twelfth- and early thirteenth-Century Latin Poetics of Fiction.  £28.00 
Paetzel, Walther
Die Variationen in der altgermanischen Allitterationspoesie.  £24.00 
Schmidt, Ernst-Joachim
Stellenkommentar zum IX. Buch des "Willehalm" Wolframs von Eschenbach.  £36.00 
Honig, Edwin
Garcia Lorca.  £12.00 
González Martínez, Enrique
Poesia, 1898 - 1938. Volume 3 ONLY.  £18.00 
Garbutt, John
Predators: Reflections on a Theme.  £8.00 
Aguirre, J M
Eliot, T S
La Tierra Baldia.  £28.00 
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