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Dobozy, Maria
Blacker, Jean
Encomia: Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Courtly Literature Society Vol 14 (1992) to Vol 26 (2004), lacking vol 22/23.  £34.00 
Franck, F
Personal and Social German Letter-Writer. (Deutscher Briefsteller) Rev ed by J C H Schafhausen.  £12.00 
No Author Rhetorica: A Journal of the History of Rhetoric, Vol 12 no 3.  £6.00 
No Author Rhetorica: A Journal of the History of Rhetoric, Vol 12 no 1.  £6.00 
No Author Retorica e Retoriche. ( = Rivista di Estetica 25, anno 27)  £9.00 
Hermann, Karl
Die Technik des Sprechens: Ein Handbuch für Redner und Sänger.  £9.00 
Stemp, Leslie
Speeches and Toasts: How to Make and Propose Them. Rev ed.  £8.00 
Partridge, Eric
A Dictionary of Clichés, with an introductory essay. 4th ed.  £8.00 
Royse, Albert
V D: The Monster Crime of Humanity.  £14.00 
Wilder, Amos
Early Christian Rhetoric: The Language of the Gospel.  £10.00 
Milton, John
For the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing: Pour la Liberté de la Presse sans Autorisation ni Censure. Areopagitica. Transl O Lutaud.  £6.00 
Bacon, Francis
The Essayes or Counsels, Civill and Morall, of Francis Bacon Lord Verulam.  £10.00 
Carrilho, Manuel
Rhétoriques de la Modernité.  £10.00 
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
The Poet at the Breakfast-Table.  £5.00 
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
The Professor at the Breakfast-Table.  £5.00 
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table: Every Man his own Boswell.  £5.00 
No Author Rhetoric 1: Rhetorical Analysis. (= Special Issue of New Literary History 1978)  £12.00 
Demosthenes: The Orations. Transl Thomas Leland.  £14.00 
Lausberg, Heinrich
Elemente der literarischen Rhetorik.  £12.00 
Toffano, Piero
La Figura dell'Antitesi nelle Massime di La Rochefoucauld.  £8.00 
Schanze, Helmut
Rhetorik. Beiträge zu ihrer Geschichte in Deutschland vom 16 - 20 Jahrhundert.  £14.00 
Sandlands, J P
The Voice and Public Speaking. A Book for All Who Read and Speak in Public.  £12.00 
Watkins, Dwight
Effective Speech.  £7.00 
Shakespeare, William
The Speaker's Art.  £6.00 
Grierson, Herbert
Rhetoric and English Composition.  £6.00 
Cederberg, Ann
Stil och Strategi i Riksdagsretoriken. En undersökning av debattsprakets utveckling i den svenska tvakammarriksdagen, 1867 - 1970.  £12.00 
Righter, William
The Rhetorical Hero: An Essay on the Aesthetics of André Malraux.  £6.00 
Hartley, A M
The Oratorical Class-Book with the Principles of Elocution simplified and illustrated by suitable Examples.  £12.00 
Koelb, Clayton
Inventions of Reading. Rhetoric and the Literary Imagination.  £4.00 
Franck, Irene
Communicators.  £8.00 
Waldstein, Edith
Bettine von Arnim and the Politics of Romantic Conversation.  £14.00 
Nietzsche, Friedrich
Calder, William
Abriss der Geschichte der Beredsamkeit. A New Edition.  £5.00 
Joseph, Michael
Short Story Writing for Profit.  £9.00 
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