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Strobl, Karl Hans
Feuer im Nachbarhaus. Ein Roman von übermorgen.  £24.00 
O'Casey, Sean
A Fall in a Gentle Wind. Essay in "Life and Letters".  £12.00 
Hall, R Cargill
Rescue and Return of Astronauts on Earth and in Outer Space.  £14.00 
Robb-Smith, A H T
A History of the College's Nomenclature of Disease: Its Preparation.  £10.00 
Belyaev, Aleksandr
Chelovek-Amfibiya.  £56.00 
Forest, Dael
Brotan the Breeder.  £8.00 
Wells, H G
Povesti i rasskazy. (RUSSIAN.  £48.00 
McNeill, David
Speaking of Space. The major part of "space speak" shows abundant use of a single grammatical form available in general English. (Science, 13 May 1966)  £16.00 
Massey, Harrie
Space Travel and Exploration. A "Contemporary Physics" Reprint.  £25.00 
MacVicar, Angus
Super Nova and the Frozen Man.  £4.00 
No Author Space Handbook: Astronautics and its Applications: Staff Report of the Select Committee on Astronautics and Space Explorations.  £20.00 
Harvey, John
The Legend of Captain Space.  £14.00 
Vance, Jack
Brains of Earth.  £18.00 
Gathorne-Hardy, Jonathan
Particle Theory.  £11.00 
Bunte, Eibert
Between Stars and Atoms: A Present-day Journey through the World and Space.  £11.00 
Ramsey, D A
Carrington, Alan
Molecules in Interstellar Space. Proceedings of a Royal Society Discussion Meeting.  £36.00 
Massey, Harrie
Runcorn, S K
Planetary Exploration. A Royal Society Discussion Held on 4 and 5 November 1980.  £82.00 
Conquest, Robert
Science Fiction and Literature, in: Critical Quarterly, Vol 5, No 4, 1963.  £10.00 
van Vogt, A E
Anarchistic Colossus.  £6.00 
Klotz, J W
Challenge of the Space Age.  £7.00 
Wilks, Willard
The New Wilderness: What We Know About Space.  £10.00 
Allan, John
The Gospel According To Science Fiction.  £4.00 
Newlan, Irl
First To Venus. The Story of Mariner II.  £14.00 
Aldiss, Brian
Penguin Science Fiction.  £4.00 
Campbell, John W
Prologue to Analog.  £5.00 
King, Stephen
Winter, Douglas
Starmont Reader's Guide: Stephen King.  £12.00 
Thompson, E P
Thompson, Ben
Star Wars. Self-Destruct Incorporated.  £12.00 
Curtis, Jean-Louis
Un saint au néon.  £7.00 
Marks, Graham
Skitzo.  £6.00 
McCay, William
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: It's Morphin Time.  £3.00 
Peck, Richard
Lost in Cyberspace.  £4.00 
Newton Chance, John
The Man With Two Heads.  £8.00 
Stine, R L
Goosebumps: The Scarcrow walks at Midnight.  £5.00 
Stine, R L
Goosebumps 2000: I Am Your Evil Twin.  £5.00 
Stine, R L
Goosebumps 2000: Cry of the Cat.  £5.00 
Ryan, Peter
The Invasion of the Moon 1957 - 1970.  £4.00 
Pirie, N W
A Discussion on Anomalous Aspects of Biochemistry of Possible Significance in Discussing the Origins and Distribution of Life. (Proceedings of the Royal Society, Series B, 13th August 1968, Volume 171, No 1022).  £12.00 
Asimov, Isaac
How We Found Out About Black Holes.  £9.00 
Hahn, Arnold
Grenzenloser Optimismus oder Utopiologie das ist die Lehre von den Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten der Menschheit.  £10.00 
Grant, John
Laserbreak's Fury. (The Transformers)  £6.00 
Tilley, Patrick
Cloud Warrior. (Amtrack Wars 1)  £8.00 
Papp, Desiderius
Creation's Doom.  £8.00 
No Author Storyteller Presents Science Fiction, No 3.  £8.00 
Suckling, Nigel
The Cloth Merchant's Apprentice: The First Volume in the Tale of Rufus, the Clothmerchant's Apprentice, Showing his Early Days and the Beginning of his Acquaintance with the Golden Wheel.  £12.00 
Cooling, Wendy
Aliens to Earth: Stories of Strange Visitors.  £5.00 
Tomas, Andrew
Beyond the Time Barrier.  £6.00 
Chariton, Wallace
Eckhardt, Charlie
Unsolved Texas Mysteries.  £8.00 
Abbott, Edwin
Flatland.  £8.00 
Tolkien, J R R
Tree and Leaf.  £7.00 
Mayhar, Ardath
How the Gods Wove in Kyrannon.  £5.00 
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