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Belsey, Catherine
Tarquin Dispossessed: Expropriation and Consent in The Rape of Lucrece (Shakespeare Quarterly Fall 2001)  £10.00 
Coronato, Rocco
Shakespeare's Neighbors. Theory Matters in the Bard and his Contemporaries.  £44.00 
Nyusztay, Ivan
Myth, Telos, Identity. The Tragic Schema in Greek and Shakespearean Drama.  £20.00 
Shakespeare, William
Coriolanus.  £8.00 
Shakespeare, William
King Lear.  £8.00 
Holzapfel, Rudolf Melander
Shakespeare's Secret. A New & Correct Interpretation of Shakespeare's Sonnets, Which are Now for the First Time Fully Explained.  £160.00 
Shakspere, William
The Life of Henry the Fifth. Reprinted from the First Folio 1623. Edited by Dr B Nicholson.  £24.00 
Furnivall, Frederick
Shakspere, William
The Life of Henry the Fift. Written by William Shakespeare. The Edition of 1623, edited by Walter George Stone.  £46.00 
Shakspere, William
Romeo and Juliet. Reprint (Q 1) 1597. Edited by P A Daniel.  £24.00 
Shakspere, William
The Chronicle History of Henry the Fifth. Reprint of the First Quarto, 1600. Edited by Dr B Nicholson.  £24.00 
Spalding, William
A Letter on Shakspere's Authorship of The Two Noble Kinsmen. New Edition by John Hill Burton.  £24.00 
Fletcher, John
Shakspere, William
The Two Noble Kinsmen. A Revised Edition from the Quarto of 1634 by Harold Littledale. Part 1: Text and Notes.  £24.00 
Howard-Hill, T
New Oxford Shakespeare. Special Issue of Analytical and Enumerative Bibliography. Volume 4, Number 1, 1900.  £14.00 
Program. Open Air Shakespeare in Summer (Oasis) August 13 - 17, 1969.  £14.00 
Shakespeare, William
Les Sonnets. Collection Shakespeare: Texte Anglais-Français.  £14.00 
Seibel, George
The Religion of Shakespeare.  £12.00 
Shakespeare, William
The Tragedy of Richard the Second. Edited by C H Herford.  £12.00 
Shakespeare, William
The Tragedy of Macbeth. Edited by E K Chambers.  £8.00 
Shakespeare, William
Much Ado About Nothing. Edited by S E Goggin.  £12.00 
Shakespeare, William
The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Edited by S E Goggin.  £12.00 
Hotson, Leslie
Shakespeare Versus Shallow.  £10.00 
Chambers, Edmund
Lee, Sidney
A Shakespeare Reference Library.  £7.00 
Lamb, Charles
Tales from Shakespeare.  £8.00 
Shakespeare Society
Religious and Moral Sentences Culled from the Works of Shakespeare.  £64.00 
Shakespeare, William
The Tragedy of Macbeth. Edited by E K Chambers.  £8.00 
Tillyard, E M W
The Nature of Comedy and Shakespeare (English Association Presidential Address 1958)  £12.00 
Guppy, Henry
A Brief Summary of the History of the First-Folio Edition of Shakespeare's Dramas, 1623 - 1923.  £14.00 
Muir, Kenneth
Shakespeare and the Tragic Pattern.  £8.00 
Knights, L C
Shakespeare's Politics: With some Reflections on the Nature of Tradition.  £8.00 
David, Richard
Shakespeare, William
Love's Labour's Lost.  £6.00 
Shakespeare, William
Partridge, C J
Coriolanus (Shakespeare)  £6.00 
Shakespeare, William
Ure, Peter
King Richard II.  £12.00 
Stewart, J I M
Character and Motive in Shakespeare. Some Recent Appraisals Examined.  £10.00 
Kastan, David
A Companion to Shakespeare.  £18.00 
Marchant, Robert
A Picture of Shakespeare's Tragedies.  £8.00 
Shakespeare, William
The Tragedy of King Richard the Second.  £8.00 
Gilman, Margaret
Othello in French.  £20.00 
Morris, Helen
King Lear.  £6.00 
Morris, Helen
King Richard II.  £6.00 
Jusserand, J J
The English Novel in the Time of Shakespeare.  £10.00 
Tickner, F W
Shakespeare's Predecessors. Selections from Heywood, Udall, Sackville and Norton, Lyly, Kyd, Greene and Marlowe.  £8.00 
Symonds, John Addington
Shakspere's Predecessors in the English Drama.  £24.00 
Leaf, Claudia
Radical Will. A Dramatization of Shakespeare's Life and Work for Reluctant Students.  £12.00 
Garber, Marjorie
Shakespeare's Ghost Writers: Literature as Uncanny Causality.  £8.00 
Shakespeare, William
The First Part of Henry the Fourth. Ed. Frederic Moorman.  £8.00 
Furnivall, Frederick
Ruskin, John
Transactions of the New Shakespeare Society, 1877-1879, Part 1.  £20.00 
Furnivall, Frederick
Fleay, F G
Transactions of the New Shakespeare Society, 1874, Part 1 and 2.  £36.00 
Dyce, Alexander
Shakespeare, William
The Works of William Shakespeare. Nine volumes The Text revised by The Rev Alexander Dyce. Second Edition.  £180.00 
Trivunats, Milosh
Iz Shekspira: O Khamletu - Otelo - Shekspir i Gete.  £24.00 
Thomson, StClair
Shakespeare and Medicine, being the Annual Oration of the Medical Society of London, 1916.  £20.00 
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