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Edwards, Philip
Hamlet's Journey to Walsingham.  £12.00 
Shakespeare, William
Verity, A W
The Tempest.  £7.00 
Shakespeare, William
Houghton, A V
Longman's School Shakespeare: Consisting of Twelve of the Most Suitable Plays for School Reading.  £12.00 
Shakespeare, William
A Midsummer Nights Dream. Edited by William Aldis Wright.  £10.00 
Partridge, Eric
Shakespeare's Bawdy: A Literary and Psychological Essay and a Comprehensive Glossary.  £14.00 
Dollimore, Jonathan
Sinfield, Alan
Political Shakespeare: New Essays in Cultural Materialism.  £12.00 
Brandl, Alois
Quellen des weltlichen Dramas in England vor Shakespeare: Ein Ergänzungsband zu Dodsley's Old English Plays.  £36.00 
Bilton, Peter
Commentary and Control in Shakespeare's Plays.  £15.00 
Mousley, Andy
Re-humanising Shakespeare. Literary Humanism, Wisdom and Modernity.  £34.00 
Scott, Charlotte
Shakespeare and the Idea of the Book.  £42.00 
Hardill, Alan
Shakespeare and the Lost Myth.  £10.00 
Shakespeare, William
Antony and Cleopatra. Ed. J H Walter.  £12.00 
Brandes, Georg
Shakespeare, William
Othello. With an Introduction by George Brandes. (Favorite Classics, The Plays of Shakespeare)  £6.00 
Shakespeare, William
Cholmeley, R F
Coriolanus.  £6.00 
Shakespeare, William
Wells, Stanley
Shakespeare's Sonnets. Ed. Stanley Wells.  £5.00 
Drakakis, John
York Notes on Much Ado About Nothing.  £5.00 
Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare-Literatur in Bochum. Aus den Beständen des Englischen Seminars, des Germanistischen Instituts und der Universitätsbibliothek Bochum, der deutschen Shakespeare-Gesellschaft West und der Stadtbücherei Bochum.  £6.00 
Andrews, W T
Critics on Shakespeare.  £7.00 
O'Connor, Evangeline
An Index to the Works of Shakespeare. Giving References, by Topics to Notable Passages and Significant Expressions; Brief Histories of the Plays; Geographical Names, and Historical Incidents; Mantion of all Characters and Sketches of Important Ones.  £12.00 
Clamp, Mike
Shakespeare: King Richard II.  £5.00 
Graham, W Harold
A Heroine of History in Shakespeare. A Paper Read Before The Elizabethan Literary Society, in the Skeats and Furnivall Library, King's College, on January 21st, 1920.  £12.00 
Hussey, Maurice
The World of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries.  £8.00 
Durning-Lawrence, Edwin
The Shakespeare Myth.  £10.00 
Urwin, G G
The Neglected Shakespeare.  £14.00 
Shakespeare, William
Romeo and Juliet. Edited by Paul Cheetham. With Additional Notes and Study Questions by Neil King. With a Personal Essay by Irving Wardle.  £4.00 
Palmer, D J
Shakespeare: The Tempest. A Selection of Critical Essays.  £6.00 
Riemer, A P
A Reading of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra.  £8.00 
Shakespeare, William
Sonette. Englisch und Deutsch.  £12.00 
Young, G M
Shakespeare and the Termers. Annual Shakespeare Lecture of the British Academy 1947. (Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume 33)  £4.00 
Shakespeare, William
Antony and Cleopatra. Edited by A E Morgan and W Sherard Vines.  £14.00 
Shakespeare, William
Coriolanus. Edited by Sir Edmund Chambers.  £9.00 
Shakespeare, William
King John. Edited by N V Meeres.  £12.00 
Gardner, Paul
Gardner, Caroline
Notes on Macbeth.  £6.00 
Leishman, J B
The Monarch of Wit.  £6.00 
Rubinstein, H F
Night of Errors. A Play About Shakespeare in One Act.  £14.00 
Olivier, Laurence
Whitehead, Peter
Olivier: Shakespeare.  £6.00 
Pickering, Kenneth
A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.  £4.00 
Shakespeare, William
Dramatic Works, in 9 Volumes. Correctly given, from the Text of Johnson and Steevens, with Remarks. Vols 1 - 9.  £80.00 
Auden, W H
Martinez Luciano, Juan
Diez Poemas.  £8.00 
Jackson, Russell
The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on Film.  £28.00 
Spencer, T J B
Shakespeare: The Roman Plays.  £6.00 
Traversi, Derek
Shakespeare: The Early Comedies.  £5.00 
Bradbrook, M C
Themes and Conventions of Elizabethan Tragedy. 2nd ed.  £7.00 
Charlton, H B
Shakespearian Tragedy.  £6.00 
Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare the Boy. With Sketches of the Home and School Life, the Games and Sports, the Manners, Customs and Folk-Lore of the Time by William Rolfe. A New Edition with 41 Illustrations and a New Index of Plays and Passages referred to.  £12.00 
Valpy, A J
The Plays and Poems of Shakespeare According to the Text of Edmund Malone, Including the Latest Revisions with a Life, Glossarial Notes, an Index and 170 Illustrations. In 15 Volumes, Volume 12: Antony and Cleopatra, Cymbeline.  £14.00 
Beck, Richard
Shakespeare: Henry IV.  £6.00 
Kay, Dennis
Shakespeare. His Life, Work and Era.  £8.00 
Moseley, C W R D
Shakespeare's History Plays. Richard II to Henry V. The Making of a King.  £8.00 
Bolt, Sydney
Hamlet.  £4.00 
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