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Charlton, H B
Shakespearian Tragedy.  £6.00 
Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare the Boy. With Sketches of the Home and School Life, the Games and Sports, the Manners, Customs and Folk-Lore of the Time by William Rolfe. A New Edition with 41 Illustrations and a New Index of Plays and Passages referred to.  £12.00 
Valpy, A J
The Plays and Poems of Shakespeare According to the Text of Edmund Malone, Including the Latest Revisions with a Life, Glossarial Notes, an Index and 170 Illustrations. In 15 Volumes, Volume 12: Antony and Cleopatra, Cymbeline.  £14.00 
Beck, Richard
Shakespeare: Henry IV.  £6.00 
Kay, Dennis
Shakespeare. His Life, Work and Era.  £8.00 
Moseley, C W R D
Shakespeare's History Plays. Richard II to Henry V. The Making of a King.  £8.00 
Bolt, Sydney
Hamlet.  £4.00 
Salgado, Gamini
Salgado, Fenella
Othello.  £4.00 
Drakakis, John
Alternative Shakespeares.  £10.00 
Lawrence, William
Shakespeare's Problem Comedies. Second Edition.  £6.00 
Williams, Gordon
Macbeth.  £8.00 
Joseph, Bertram
Shakespeare's Eden. The Commonwealth of England 1558 - 1629.  £7.00 
Knights, L C
Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare: The Histories. Richard III, King John, Richard II, Henry V.  £4.00 
Conejero, Manuel
Eros Adolescente: La construccion estética en Shakespeare.  £10.00 
Shakespeare, William
Antony and Cleopatra. Edited by G B Harrison.  £6.00 
Shakespeare, William
The Works of William Shakespeare. In 10 Volumes, Volume 8, edited with an introduction by C H Herford.  £9.00 
Levi, Peter
A Private Commission. New Verses by Shakespeare.  £10.00 
Gibbs, A M
Shaw, Bernard
Heartbreak House. Preludes of Apocalypse.  £12.00 
Murray, Barbara
Shakespeare Adapted: A Study of the Adapter of Comedy with Special Reference to Shakespeare, 1662 - 1704.  £24.00 
Elton, W R
Shakespearean Research and Opportunities Nos 7-8.  £6.00 
Smith, David Nichol
Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century.  £6.00 
Traversi, Derek
An Approach to Shakespeare.  £6.00 
Krieger, Murray
A Window to Criticism: Shakespeare's Sonnets and Modern Poetics.  £15.00 
Jusserand, J J
Le Roman au Temps de Shakespeare.  £8.00 
Matthews, Brander
Shakespeare as a Playwright.  £10.00 
Muir, Kenneth
Shakespeare. Two Offprints: Shakespeare the Dramatist (1964) and: Some Freudian Interpretations of Shakespeare (1952).  £6.00 
Harrison, G B
Introducing Shakespeare.  £5.00 
Alexander, Peter
Shakespeare.  £6.00 
Wilson, John
Life in Shakespeare's England: A Book of Elizabethan Prose.  £7.00 
Simpson, D H
Shakespeare and the Commonwealth.  £6.00 
Bentley, G E
The Swan of Avon and the Bricklayer of Westminster.  £6.00 
Edens, Walter
Durer, Christopher
Teaching Shakespeare.  £6.00 
Harbage, Alfred
As They Liked It. An Essay on Shakespeare and Morality.  £7.00 
Pryor, Felix
The Mirror and the Globe, William Shakespeare, John Marston and the Writing of Hamlet.  £14.00 
Marks, Robert
Hamlet, Another Interpretation.  £10.00 
Jackson, Russell
Shakespeare and the Stage. Prompt Books from the Folger Shakespeare Library.  £18.00 
Jones-Davies, M T
Victims et Rebelles: L'Écrivain dans la Société Élisabéthaine.  £12.00 
Partridge, Eric
Shakespeare's Bawdy: A Literary and Psychological Essay and a Comprehensive Glossary.  £6.00 
Brown, John Russell
Shakespeare's Plays in Performance.  £6.00 
Milward, Peter
Anzai, Tetsuo
Poetry and Drama in the Age of Shakespeare. Essays in Honour of Professor Shonosuke Ishii's Seventieth Birthday.  £12.00 
Shakespeare and the Revolution of the Times, Perspectives and Commentaries.  £10.00 
More, Sir Thomas
Gabrieli, Vittorio
The Book of Sir Thomas More. Copione manoscritto di Anthony Munday in collaborazione con H Chettle, Th Dekker, Th Heywood e William Shakespeare. Edizione in grafia modernizzata con introduzione, collazione, commento e appendici a cura di V Gabrieli.  £20.00 
Martinez Luciano, Juan
Shakespeare en la Critica Bibliotextual.  £8.00 
Harrison, G B
Introducing Shakespeare.  £4.00 
Jack, Adolphus
Young Hamlet: A Conjectural Resolution of Some of the Difficulties in the Plotting of Shakespeare's Play.  £18.00 
Schoenbaum, S
Renaissance Drama, Vol 9, 1966. (An Annual Journal).  £12.00 
Marrian, F J M
Shakespeare's Sonnet Friend as Pioneer of the New World.  £12.00 
Bonnerot, L
Shakespeare et le Théâtre Élisabéthain en France depuis cinquante Ans. (= Études Anglaises, 13ième Année, No 2, Avril - Juin 1960)  £10.00 
Jamieson, Michael
Shakespeare: As you Like it.  £5.00 
Hamer, Mary
William Shakespeare - Julius Caesar.  £5.00 
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