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Bickersteth, Geoffrey
The Golden World of 'King Lear'.  £8.00 
Levi, Peter
The Life and Times of William Shakespeare.  £8.00 
Herford, C H
A Sketch of Recent Shakespearean Investigation 1893 - 1923.  £8.00 
Harrison, G B
Shakespeare at Work 1592 - 1603.  £12.00 
Harrison, G B
Shakespeare's Fellows, Being a Brief Chronical of the Shakespearean Age.  £7.00 
Wheeler, C B
Six Plays by Contemporaries of Shakespeare.  £8.00 
Shakespeare, William
King Lear. Ed. Frank Green. 2nd ed.  £6.00 
Sprague, Arthur
Trewin, J C
Shakespeare's Plays Today: Some Customs and Conventions of the Stage.  £6.00 
Nagler, A M
Shakespeare's Stage. Transl Ralph Manheim.  £4.00 
Quennell, Peter
Shakespeare: The Poet and His Background.  £4.00 
Bullen, A H
Elizabethans. 2nd impression.  £8.00 
Bradbrook, M C
The Tragic Pageant of 'Timon of Athens': An Inaugural Lecture.  £5.00 
Wright, George
Archaeologic and Historic Fragments.  £18.00 
Bennett, H S
Shakespeare's Audience. Offprint, Proceedings of the British Academy, Vol 30.  £5.00 
Wilson, John
Life in Shakespeare's England: A Book of Elizabethan Prose.  £4.00 
Edwards, Philip
Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare and the Confines of Art.  £5.00 
Sitwell, Edith
A Notebook on William Shakespeare.  £6.00 
Shakespeare, William
The Speaker's Art.  £6.00 
Greg, W W
The Editorial Problem in Shakespeare. A Survey of the Foundations of the Text. Third Edition.  £16.00 
Trewin, J C
Five and Eighty Hamlets.  £7.00 
Shakespeare, William
A History of Shakespearean Production.  £4.00 
Howard-Hill, T
The Merry Wives of Windsor. The Text of the First Folio. Ed. T Howard-Hill.  £12.00 
Pollard, Alfred
Shakespeare's Fight with the Pirates and the Problem of the Transmission of his Text.  £10.00 
Folger Shakespeare Library
Folger's Choice: Favorites on our Fifty-Fifth Anniversary.  £6.00 
Erler, Ernst
Namensgebung bei Shakespeare.  £8.00 
No Author Shakespeare's Workmanship.  £10.00 
Jusserand, J J
The English Novel in the Time of Shakespeare. New Edition.  £8.00 
Jones-Davies, M T
Mythe et Histoire. (Societe Française Shakespeare 1983)  £5.00 
Melchiori, Giorgio
Shakespeare's Dramatic Meditations. An Experiment in Criticism.  £10.00 
Campbell, S C
Only Begotten Sonnets. A Reconstruction of Shakespeare's Sonnet Sequence.  £24.00 
Herford, C H
A Sketch of Recent Shakesperean Investigation, 1893 - 1923.  £6.00 
Drinkwater, John
Shakespeare.  £5.00 
Mégroz, R L
Shakespeare as a Letter Writer and Artist in Prose.  £7.00 
Traversi, Derek
An Approach to Shakespeare. Second Edition.  £8.00 
Matthews, Honor
Character and Symbol in Shakespeare's Plays. A Study of Certain Christian and Pre-Christian Elements in their Structure and Imagery.  £18.00 
Bradby, Anne
Shakespeare Criticism, 1919 - 1935.  £6.00 
Hotson, Leslie
Shakespeare Versus Shallow.  £12.00 
Wright, Louis
Shakespeare's Theatre and the Dramatic Tradition.  £5.00 
Shakespeare, William
The Tragedy of Hamlet, edited for the Use of Students by A W Verity.  £8.00 
Wells, Stanley
Tales from Shakespeare.  £8.00 
Enright, D J
Shakespeare and the Students.  £6.00 
Displaying 201 to 241 (of 241 books) Page  1  2  3  4  5