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El Hotel Pez Espada y su Contribucion al Desarrollo Turistico.  £18.00 
Marques, Carles
Tarragona. Human Heritage.  £10.00 
Scordilis, Y
Rhodes. The Complete Traveller's Guide. InfoGreece.  £10.00 
Souvenir de Paris. Postcard Set.  £10.00 
DK Travel
DK Eye Witness Travel Guide. Portugal.  £8.00 
Moberly, C A E
Jourdain, E F
An Adventure.  £14.00 
Olschki, Leonardo
Marco Polo's Asia: An Introduction to His Description of the World Called Il Milione.  £24.00 
van der Post, Laurens
The Dark Eye in Africa.  £12.00 
Bolitho, Hector
The Angry Neighbours: A Diary of Palestine and Transjordan.  £14.00 
Roe, Leonard
Dangerous Journeys.  £10.00 
Tronsberg, Josephine
Houck, John
Bill and Ann Take a Trip.  £18.00 
Ordnance Survey
Quarter-Inch Map of Great Britain: East Anglia.  £18.00 
Touring Club Italiano
Italy. Information and Advice to the Tourist for his Holiday in Italy.  £8.00 
Gross, Alexander
The Authentic Map of London.  £14.00 
Thomas, Shirley
Greetings from Malta.  £18.00 
Pennant, Thomas
A Tour of Scotland in 1769.  £18.00 
Schorn, Richard
Tasmania. An Island Paradise.  £10.00 
Rannali, Timo
Aotearoa New Zealand. A Land to Love.  £30.00 
Sitek, Alois
Gliding and Soaring.  £30.00 
Paris, Cecile
Guide to Paris and Its Environs. Eighth Edition.  £18.00 
Munn, Geoffrey
Southwold. An Earthly Paradise.  £36.00 
Traylen, Maryanne Grant
Transitions. A Journal of Crossings.  £12.00 
Odell, Graham
The Church of St Mary the Virgin.  £8.00 
Flowers of the Holy Land. Blumen des Heiligen Lande.  £32.00 
Congedo, Fiorella
Guide to Lecce. City Churches, Palazzi, and Baroque Architecture.  £14.00 
Fram.  £8.00 
Batchelor, Denzil
Francis Chichester's Guide to Good Living in London.  £28.00 
Crawford, Iain
Francis Chichester's London Man.  £28.00 
No Author Half Hours in Air and Sky. Marvels of the Universe.  £18.00 
Ward, Philip
Travels in Oman.  £24.00 
Phillips, Carl
Hulton, Jessop
Hulton, W A
South Arabia. The 'Palinurus' Journals of Jessop Hulton.  £78.00 
de La Roque, Jean
Cloupet, M
Phillips, Carl
A Voyage to Arabia Felix (1708-1710) A Journey from Mocha to Muab (1711-1713) A Narrative Concerning Coffee, An Account of the Captivity of Sir Henry Middleton at Mocha by the Turks in 1612, together with New Travels in Arabia Felix (1788)  £34.00 
Koldewey, Karl
Die zweite deutsche Nordpolfahrt in den Jahren 1869 und 1870 unter Führung des Kapitän Karl Koldewey. Erster Band, Erste Abteilung.  £120.00 
Purtscheller, Ludwig
Der Hochtourist in den Ostalpen. 2. Band: Kaisergebirge, Salzburger und Berchtesgadener Kalkalpen, Oberösterreichische und Steirische Alpen, Zillertaler Alpen, Hohe und Niedere Tauern. 4. Auflage.  £16.00 
Byron, Robert
The Road to Oxiana.  £18.00 
Maistre, Xavier de
Voyage Autour de ma Chambre.  £36.00 
Beutler, Gisela
Lieder aus dem Chocó.  £14.00 
Kosolapov, P
Palekh. Selo Khudozhnikov. Village of Artists.  £12.00 
Orfinski, V P
V Mire Skazochnoi Real'nosti.  £26.00 
Kokorin, A V
Angliia, Shotlandiia i Irlandiia.  £46.00 
Arnold, Edward
East and West - Being Papers reprinted from the "Daily Telegraph" and other sources.  £14.00 
Kaur, Raminder
Hutnyk, John
Travel Worlds. Journeys in Contemporary Cultural Politics.  £36.00 
Rauschenberg, Roy
The Journals of Joseph Banks's Voyage up Great Britain's West Coast to Iceland and to the Orkney Islands. Essay in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society.  £14.00 
Hearn, Lafcadio
In Ghostly Japan.  £14.00 
No Author Souvenir of Saint Helena.  £10.00 
Strasburger, Eduard
Streifzüge an der Riviera. Dritte gänzlich umgearbeitete Auflage.  £26.00 
Heuvelmans, Bernard
In the Wake of Sea-Serpents.  £46.00 
Jeffery, P
Tacolneston. Portrait of a Norfolk Village.  £10.00 
Mellor, F H
Holiday in Tangier.  £12.00 
Holland, Clive
Things Seen in Paris.  £10.00 
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