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Dowd, Gregory Evans
Groundless. Rumors, Legends, and Hoaxes on the Early American Frontier.  £22.00 
Payne, Phillip
Crash! How the Economic Boom and Bust of the 1920s Worked.  £10.00 
Conant, Sean
The Gettysburg Address. Perspectives on Lincoln's Greatest Speech.  £10.00 
Cross, Gary
Consumed Nostalgia. Memory in the Age of Fast Capitalism.  £20.00 
Josephson, Paul
Fish Sticks, Sports Bras, and Aluminum Cans. The Politics of Everyday Technologies.  £16.00 
Alexander, Benjamin
Coxey's Army. Popular Protest in the Gilded Age.  £10.00 
van Atta, John
Wolf by the Ears. The Missouri Crisis, 1819 - 1821.  £12.00 
Cooper, Andrew
Diplomatic Afterlives.  £12.00 
Smith, Simon C
The Wilson-Johnson Correspondence, 1964 - 69.  £72.00 
McManus, John
Hell Before Their Very Eyes. American Soldiers Liberate Comcentrate Camps in Germany, April 1945.  £10.00 
Adams, Michael C C
The Best War Ever. America and World War II.  £14.00 
Broderick, Suzanne
Real War vs. Reel War. Veterans, Hollywood, and WWII.  £22.00 
Edling, Max
A Hercules in the Cradle. War, Money, and the American State, 1783 - 1867.  £28.00 
Wilson, Robert
LBJ's Neglected Legacy. How Lyndon Johnson Reshaped Domestic Policy and Government.  £28.00 
Black, Jeremy
Clio's Battles. Historiography in Practice.  £28.00 
Cameron, James
The Double Game. The Demise of America's First Missile Defense System and the Rise of Strategic Arms Limitation.  £28.00 
Pettegrew, John
Light It Up. The Marine Eye for Battle in the War for Iraq.  £16.00 
Kert, Faye
Privateering. Patriots and Profits in the War of 1812.  £26.00 
Graham, Sarah Ellen
ulture and Propaganda. The Progressive Origins of American Public Diplomacy, 1936 - 1953.  £72.00 
Dal Lago, Enrico
The Age of Lincoln and Cavour. Comparative Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century American and Italian Nation Building.  £40.00 
Miller, Henry
Tropic of Cancer.  £14.00 
Wilder, Thornton
Our Town.  £10.00 
Garver, Newton
Limits to Power. Some Friendly Reminders.  £12.00 
Bimba, Anthony
The Molly Maguires.  £10.00 
Smith, Henry Nash
Virgin Land. The American West as Symbol and Myth.  £12.00 
Haley, Alex
Malcolm X
The Autobiography of Malcolm X.  £56.00 
Brown, Joseph Epes
The Sacred Pipe. Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux.  £8.00 
King, Martin Luther
Why We Can't Wait.  £10.00 
US Engineers
Engineer History. Mediterranean Theater. Fifth Army. Volume 3: Appendices.  £120.00 
US Engineers
Engineer History. Mediterranean Theater. Fifth Army Volume 1.  £78.00 
Irwin, James
More Than Earthlings. An Astronaut's Thoughts for Christ-Centred Living.  £122.00 
Cleaver, Eldridge
Soul on Ice. Selected Essays.  £10.00 
Davis, Angela
If They Come in the Morning.  £14.00 
Rethinking International Trade.  £14.00 
Grove, Gene
Inside the John Birch Society.  £18.00 
George, Alice
Peress, Gilles
Shulan, Michael
Here is New York. A Democracy of Photographs.  £28.00 
Essien-Udom, E U
Black Nationalism. A Search for an Identity in America.  £6.00 
Rouse, John
Cattle of North America. Volume 3.  £62.00 
No Author Global Food Interdependence: Challenge to American Foreign Policy.  £16.00 
US Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Rents in Theory and Practice. An Annotated Bibliography.  £10.00 
Lowe, Janey
Benjamin Graham on Value Investing. Lessons from the Dean of Wall Street.  £12.00 
Menzie, Elmer
Witt, Lawrence
Policy for United States Agricultural Export Surplus Disposal. Technical Bulletin 150.  £10.00 
Philpott, Thomas
The Slum and the Ghetto. Neighborhood Deterioration and Middle-Class Reform, Chicago 1880 - 1930.  £16.00 
Mayall, James
Navari, Cornelia
The End of the Post-War Era. Documents on Great Power Relations 1968 - 75.  £14.00 
Cole, Jonathan
Pride and a Daily Marathon.  £10.00 
Carey, John
Soberg-Shugart, Matthew
Executive Decree Authority.  £18.00 
Cushing, Harvey
The Harvey Cushing Society. Certificate of Incorporation and By-Laws. Second Edition.  £40.00 
Sultanik, Aaron
Inventing Orders. An Essay and Critique in 20th Century American Literature (1950 - 2000)  £28.00 
Wailoo, Keith
Drawing Blood. Technology and Disease Identity in Twentieth-Century America.  £10.00 
Fancher, Robert
Cultures of Healing. Correcting the Image of American Mental Health Care.  £12.00 
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