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Miller, Wayne Charles
The Ethnic Novel: Appalachian, Chicano, Chinese and Native American. (Special Issue of MELUS, The Journal of the Society for the Study of the Multiethnic Literature of the United States)  £20.00 
Peterson, Flora Culp
Life and She.  £14.00 
Billings, Harold
A Bibliography of Edward Dahlberg.  £12.00 
Holtman, Mary
Westwind. UCLA's Journal of Fine Arts. Fall 1981.  £12.00 
Wheelock, John Hall
A Bibliography of Theodore Roosevelt.  £36.00 
Rose, Wendy
The Halfbreed Chronicles and Other Poems.  £8.00 
Endrezze-Danielson, Anita
The North People.  £18.00 
Weaver, Warren
Lithographs of N Currier and Currier & Ives.  £36.00 
Oberlin League of Women Voters
This is Oberlin.  £18.00 
Reifschneider, Olga
Biographies of Nevada Botanists.  £20.00 
Russell, Norman
Indian Songs. The Small Songs of God.  £46.00 
Cushman, Dan
Stay Away, Joe.  £46.00 
Huber, Leonard
Wilson, Samuel
The Basilica on Jackson Square. The History of the St Louis Cathedral and its Predecessors 1727 - 1965.  £10.00 
Turrou, Leon
Nazi Spies in America.  £24.00 
Kilgour, R
Estes and Lauriat: A History, 1872 - 1898. With a Brief Account of Dana Estes and Company, 1898 - 1914.  £20.00 
Kaser, David
Messrs Carey and Lea of Philadelphia: A Study in the History of the Booktrade.  £14.00 
Thomson, J Arthur
The Study of Natural History. (Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Volume 14, No 88, 1899)  £16.00 
Lloyd, Arthur Selden
The Bishop. Extracts from the Correspondence of Arthur Selden Lloyd.  £14.00 
Harvard University
Official Register of Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration. George P Baker Foundation. Soldier's Field, Boston, Massachusetts 1956 - 1957.  £14.00 
Brandon, Henry
Anatomy of Error. The Secret History of the Vietnam War.  £8.00 
Cornford, Francis
From Religion to Philosophy. A Study in the Origins of Western Speculation.  £20.00 
Ward, Barbara
Policy for the West.  £8.00 
King, Elisha
Planting a Church in a National Playground. Miami Beach Florida 1920 - 1940.  £24.00 
Baker Book House
The Baker Book House Story, 1939 - 1989.  £10.00 
McKinney, John
Walking Los Angeles. Adventures on the Urban Edge.  £6.00 
McKinney, John
Rae, Cheri
Walking Santa Barbara. City Strolls and Country Hikes.  £10.00 
Benham, W
A Short History of the Episcopal Church in the United States  £16.00 
Two Christian Laymen
The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth. Volume 11.  £10.00 
Two Christian Laymen
The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth. Volume 10.  £8.00 
Two Christian Laymen
The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth. Volume 8.  £10.00 
Roush, J Fred
Chalmette National Historical Park, Louisiana.  £14.00 
Air Force Museum Foundation
United States Air Force Museum.  £14.00 
Stevens, Rosemary
In Sickness and in Wealth: American Hospitals in the Twentieth Century.  £12.00 
Raymond, George Lansing
Dante and Collected Verse.  £14.00 
Daughters of the American Revolution
The D A R Manual for Citizenship.  £8.00 
Griswold, Stephen
Sixty Years with Plymouth Church.  £16.00 
Rosenberg, Charles
The Care of Strangers: The Rise of America's Hospital System.  £16.00 
Kohlstedt, Sally
Formation of the American Scientific Community: American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1848 - 1860.  £24.00 
Skinner, W W
Information on Industrial Alcohol.  £8.00 
Todd, Olivier
Des Trous dans le Jardin.  £18.00 
Poe, Edgar Allan
Tales of Mystery.  £8.00 
Davis, Miles
Miles Davis, Musician of the Year. Article within a complete issue of Jazz News, June 5, 1959.  £14.00 
Miller, E Joan Wilson
The Ozark Culture Region as Revealed by Traditional Materials.  £16.00 
Waugh, Evelyn
The Loved One.  £5.00 
Quigley, D T
The National Malnutrition.  £10.00 
Carnegie, Andrew
Andrew Carnegie Sesquincentenary Gathering, Dunfermline, August 1985: Conference, Discussion Groups, Sesquincentenary Dinner.  £24.00 
Shipley, A E
The Voyage of a Vice Chancellor.  £14.00 
Walters, Ronald
Scientific Authority and Twentieth-Century America.  £14.00 
Reverby, Susan
Ordered to Care: The Dilemma of American Nursing, 1850 - 1945.  £24.00 
Freud, Sigmund
Bullitt, W C
Woodrow Wilson. (Encounter, January & February 1967, Volume 28, No 1+2)  £14.00 
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