Author: Steiner, Rudolf

Publisher: not published 1906.

Description: For sale are two manuscript notebooks, black cover, red edging, each approx 84p, 24 lines of text per page, giving the text of Steiner lectures from 1906. Volume 1 has a table of contents in the back which lists Einleitung, Das Wesen des Menschen, Über die drei Welten, Das Leben der Seele in Kamaloka, Das Devachan, Die Arbeit der Menschen in den höheren Welten, Die Erziehung der Kinder. The second volume has headings in the text: Karma, Über die Wirkung des Karmagesetzes, Gut und Böse (Karmische Einzelfragen), Evolution der Erde, Entwicklung des Menschen. The handwriting is a very neat and legible Sütterlin, the name Foerg (?) is legible on each title page, the last page seems to have a note dated 1930. This is is a clean text, only very few corrections are evident, a rare and unique item

Order No: PIP 172787

Language: German

This book has been catalogued with the following subject terms: Philosophy, Project, Wisdom of the East