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Reid, Alan
Kirk, William
Royal Dunfermline. A Historical Guide to the City and its Antiquities; with an Account of the Carnegie Benefactions.  £12.00 
Les Oeuvres Complètes de Voltaire / The Complete Works of Voltaire. Volume 50. Oeuvres de 1760 (Part 1): Le Droit du Seigneur, L'Ecossaise, Anecdotes sur Fréron.  £46.00 
Callander, Robin
A Pattern of Landownership in Scotland. With Particular Reference to Aberdeenshire.  £8.00 
Burns, Robert
Aakjaer, Jeppe
Skuld gammel Venskab rejn forgo, Should Auld Acquaintance be forget.  £28.00 
No Author Edinburgh Official Guide for Visitors.  £8.00 
Balfour, Alexander Hugh Bruce
An Historical Account of the Rise and Development of Presbyterianism in Scotland.  £8.00 
Pittock, Murray
The Road to Independence? Scotland in the Balance.  £12.00 
Barrow, G W S
Kingship and Unity. Scotland 1000 - 1306.  £16.00 
Wilson, David
Morton, Graeme
Irish and Scottish Encounters with Indigenous Peoples.  £20.00 
Rooney, Dominic
The Life and Times of Sir Frederick Hamilton, 1590 - 1647.  £46.00 
Mijers, Esther
News From the Republick of Letters. Scottish Students, Charlie Mackie and the United Provinces.  £104.00 
Stephen, Jeffrey
Defending the Revolution. The Church of Scotland 1689 - 1716.  £96.00 
Warren, Peter
Ardtornish House. The Architectural and Decorative Marbles and Granite.  £12.00 
Bartie, Angela
The Edinburgh Festivals. Culture and Society in Post-War Britain.  £60.00 
Scott, Walter
The Fortunes of Nigel.  £18.00 
Howie, John
The Scots Worthies. Containing a Brief Historical Account of the Most Eminent Noblemen, Gentlemen, Ministers, and Others, who Testified or Suffered for the Cause of Reformation in Scotland.  £24.00 
No Author Scottish Rugby Union. South Africa versus South of Scotland at Mansfield Park, Hawick on Saturday, 19th January, 1952.  £8.00 
Simpson, R D
Scottish Textiles Enterprise.  £12.00 
Newbould, Frank
On Either Side. Depicting and Describing Features of Interest to be Seen from the Train Between London (King's Cross) and Edinburgh (Waverley) Fort William, Inverness and Aberdeen.  £10.00 
Willmer, E N
Waen and the Willmers.  £12.00 
Berry, John
Scottish Hydro Electric Enterprise.  £12.00 
Bilsland, Steven
Scottish Industrial Estates Enterprise.  £12.00 
Blake, George
Scottish Shipbuilding Enterprise.  £12.00 
Scott, Sir Walter
Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border Edited and Arranged with Introduction and Notes by Alfred Noyes and Six Illustrations by John Macfarlane.  £12.00 
Aytoun, William
Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and Other Poems.  £10.00 
Keith, Theodora
Municipal Elections in the Royal Burghs of Scotland (2 parts); Origin of the Convention of Royal Burghs; Influence of the Convention of Royal Burghs on the Economic Development before 1707.  £18.00 
Lamont, W D
Ancient and Mediaeval Sculptured Stones of Islay.  £16.00 
Piggott, Stuart
The Prehistoric Peoples of Scotland.  £12.00 
Geddes, Patrick
Beginnings of a Survey of Edinburgh.  £12.00 
Benton, Sylvia
The Excavation of the Sculptor's Cave, Covesea, Morayshire.  £16.00 
Scott, Sir Walter
The Heart of Midlothian.  £8.00 
Scott, Sir Walter
Guy Mannering.  £8.00 
Scott, Sir Walter
Old Mortality.  £8.00 
Robertson, John
Essays in Sociology.  £36.00 
Gauldie, Enid
The Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee. A Short History of Bonnetmaking and Bonnet Wearing in Dundee.  £8.00 
MacLennan, M
Ceo na Moineadh (Peat Reek) a Luidhearan Dhun-eidinn (from Edinburgh Chimneys.  £10.00 
No Author The Book of the Selkirk Pageant, 1535 - 1935.  £46.00 
MacKenzie, Agnes Mure
The Arts and Future of Scotland.  £12.00 
Bowie, James
The Basis of Reconstruction.  £12.00 
No Author Ballater in Royal Deeside. Official Guide.  £16.00 
Department of Overseas Trade
Guide to the Pavilion of His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom. Empire Exhibition, Scotland 1938.  £36.00 
Empire Exhibition
Palace of Arts. The Fine Arts Section of the Empire Exhibition, Scotland 1938. Catalogue.  £20.00 
Westminster Assembly
The Confession of Faith: The Larger and Shorter Catechisms with the Scripture-Proofs at Large, Together with the Sum of Saving Knowledge.  £64.00 
Thomson, James
The Poetical Works of James Thomson. 2 Volumes, Complete Set.  £14.00 
Cowper, William
The Poetical Works of Matthew Prior. 2 Volumes, Complete Set.  £18.00 
Parnell, Thomas
The Poems of William Falconer.  £10.00 
Ross, Iain
The Gude and Godlie Ballatis.  £6.00 
Cluysenaar, Anne
Singer, Burns
Burns Singer. Selected Poems.  £28.00 
Singer, Burns
Still and All. Poems.  £10.00 
Davidson, Roger
Davis, Gayle
The Sexual State. Sexuality and Scottish Governance, 1950 - 80.  £44.00 
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