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Shewan, James
The Deeside Field, No 19.  £14.00 
Meikle, Henry
A Brief Bibliography of Scottish History. For the Use of Teachers.  £6.00 
Horne, George
Discourses on Several Subjects and Occasions. The Fourth Edition. Volume Second.  £24.00 
Beckett, Mavis Duncan
A Wee Keek Intae The Past (History in Verse)  £10.00 
Mackay, Alexander
A Sketch of the History of Leith Academy.  £12.00 
Johnson, Norman
A Brief Guide to Dunfermline.  £8.00 
Dingwall, Helen
A History of Scottish Medicine. Themes and Influences.  £16.00 
John Bartholomew and Son
Bartholomew's Pocket Guide to Melrose, Abbotsford etc. The Land of Scott.  £10.00 
Mitchell, Anthony
Biographical Studies in Scottish Church History.  £14.00 
Southgate, Donald
University Education in Dundee. A Centennial History.  £10.00 
Anderton, P
Leek in 1861 Census of Population. A Sample Study.  £10.00 
Ward, J R
Mitchell, K L
Murdoch, K R
Fast Castle Excavations 1971 - 86.  £28.00 
Scottish Omnibuses Ltd
Eastern Scottish Timetable: 4 September 1966 to 23 June 1967. Scottish Omnibuses Ltd incorporating Stark's Motor Services, Baxter's Bus Services.  £24.00 
Watt, Francis
History of Scotland, From Robert the Bruce to the Union of the Crowns.  £14.00 
Monteath, John
Dunblane Traditions; Being a Series of Warlike and Legendary Narratives, Biographical Sketches of Eccentric Characters etc to which is Added an Appendix of Original Poems and Songs.  £18.00 
Sachs, Marcus
Marcus Sachs: In Memoriam.  £20.00 
Graves, Norman
J M D Meiklejohn. Prolific Textbook Author.  £10.00 
Anderson, R D
The Student Community at Aberdeen, 1860 to 1939.  £8.00 
Crawford, Mary
Dramatic Scenes from Scottish History. Episodes from Scottish history presented in dramatic and tableaux form for young people.  £16.00 
MacGregor, Alasdair Alpin
Behold the Hebrides! or, Wayfarings in the Western Isles.  £14.00 
Currie, Ronald
The Place-Names of Arran.  £26.00 
MacKenzie, Agnes Mure
The Passing of the Stewarts.  £12.00 
Stuart, Dorothy
Sir Walter Scott. Some Centenary Reflections.  £8.00 
Jenkin, Penelope
A Preliminary Limnological Survey of Loch Awe (Argyllshire). Part 1. An Investigation of some Physical and Chemical Conditions in the Loch and Experiments on Photosynthesis at various Depths.  £8.00 
Anderson, James Maitland
Supplement to the University of St Andrews: A Historical Sketch.  £10.00 
Scott, Paul Henderson
Andrew Fletcher and the Treaty of Union.  £8.00 
Mill, John Stuart
Inaugural address. Delivered to the University of St. Andrews, Feb. 1st 1867.  £36.00 
Carnegie, Andrew
Andrew Carnegie Sesquincentenary Gathering, Dunfermline, August 1985: Conference, Discussion Groups, Sesquincentenary Dinner.  £24.00 
Cruickshanks, Eveline
Ideology and Conspiracy: Aspects of Jacobitism, 1689 - 1959.  £56.00 
Caird, John
University Addresses, Being Addresses on Subjects of Academic Study Delivered to the University of Glasgow.  £16.00 
Forrester, Duncan
Elliott, Alison
Scottish Churches and the Political Process Today.  £12.00 
Smith, Charles
Edinburgh's Contribution to Medical Microbiology.  £14.00 
MacBean, Lachlan
Pet Marjorie. The Story of Pet Marjorie. With her Portraits and Complete Diaries. 4th Edition.  £16.00 
Somerville, Martha
Personal Recollections, from Early Life to Old Age, of Mary Somerville.  £16.00 
James 1
The Kingis Quair. Edited from the Manuscript with Introduction, Notes and Glossary by W Mackay Mackenzie.  £16.00 
Lyndsay, David
The Poetical Works of Sir David Lyndsay of the Mount, Lyon King of Arms. New Edition. Volume 1 and 2.  £46.00 
United Kingdom
National Incomes Commission. Report on the Scottish Plumbers' and the Scottish Builders' Agreements of 1962. (Cmnd 1994)  £14.00 
Nickson, David
Countryside Commission for Scotland. Fifteenth Report.  £8.00 
Agate, John
Industrial Fluorosis. A Study of the Hazard to Man and Animals near Fort William, Scotland.  £36.00 
Bridie, James
The Anatomist. A Lamentable Comedy of Knox, Burke and Hare and the West Port Murders.  £10.00 
Hart, William
Official Catholic Directory for the Diocese of Dunkeld, 1970.  £8.00 
McCarthy, Angela
Scottishness and Irishness in New Zealand Since 1840.  £36.00 
Ross, Alexander
Scottish Home Industries.  £10.00 
Glover, Katherine
Elite Women and Polite Society in Eighteenth-Century Scotland.  £46.00 
Bellesheim, Alphons
History of the Catholic Church in Scotland. Volume 1: From the Dawn of Christianity to the Death of King Alexander III; Volume 2: From the Death of Alexander III to the Suppression of the Catholic Religion, 1560.  £30.00 
St Andrews University
The Expanding University. St Andrews University Appeal. A Progress Report.  £10.00 
MacFarlane, Leslie
Scotland and the Holy See: The Story of Scotland's Links with the Papacy Down the Centuries.  £8.00 
University of St Andrews
Smart, R N
An Index to the Correspondence and Papers of James David Forbes (1809 - 1868), and also to some papers of his Son, George Forbes.  £28.00 
Rankin, W E K
Parish Church of Holy Trinity, St Andrews: Pre-Reformation.  £18.00 
Shafe, Michael
University Education in Dundee 1881-1981. A Pictorial History.  £18.00 
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