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Gasquet, Francis
A History of the Venerable English College, Rome: An Account of Its Origins and Work from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.  £18.00 
Bushnell, George
St Andrews University Library
Library Manual. Compiled by the Librarian.  £28.00 
Ansom, Peter
A Monastery in Moray. The Story of Pluscarden Priory 1230-1948.  £24.00 
Spray, Martin
ECOS. A Review of Conservation, Volume 10, No 3: Summer 1989: Scottish Pride.  £8.00 
Simpson, Louis
James Hogg: A Critical Study.  £16.00 
Speculative Society
Report of the Proceedings at the Commencement of the Hundredth Session of the Speculative Society (1863)  £46.00 
Secretary of State for Scotland
Central Scotland: A Programme for Development and Growth. (Cmnd 2188)  £12.00 
Mackintosh, Charles Rennie
Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868 - 1928) Architecture, Design and Painting.  £12.00 
Grant, James
Seafield Correspondence from 1685 to 1708.  £28.00 
McCrie, Thomas
The Life of Andrew Melville. 2 Volumes.  £86.00 
Terry, Charles Sanford
The Scottish Parliament. Its Constitution and Procedure 1603-1707. With an Appendix of Documents.  £18.00 
Parry, M L
Slater, T R
The Making of the Scottish Countryside.  £38.00 
Kidd, Colin
Subverting Scotland's Past. Scottish Whig Historians and the Creation of an Anglo-British Identity, 1689-c.1830.  £38.00 
Mackenzie, W C
Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun. His Life and Times.  £28.00 
Elder, John
The Highland Host of 1678.  £48.00 
Pateson, A A
Bates, T St J N
Legal System of Scotland: Cases and Materials.  £24.00 
Tomkeieff, S I
On the Petrology of the Ultrabasic and Basic Plutonic Rocks of the Isle of Rum.  £8.00 
Tomkeieff, S I
The Tertiary Lavas of Rum. On the Remains of Fossil Wood Enclosed in a Tartiary Lava on the Isle of Rum, Inner Hebrides. Set of 2 Offprints.  £16.00 
Board of Agriculture
Report of the Departmental Committee appointed to inquire into a Plague of Field Voles in Scotland.  £46.00 
National Railway Museum
Eigg: The Archaeology of a Hebridean Landscape.  £8.00 
National Railway Museum
The Mallaig Railway: The West Highland Extension 1897-1901.  £8.00 
Association of Scientific Workers
Highland Power: A Report on the Utilisation of the Hydro-Electric Power Envisaged in the Hydro-Electric Development (Scotland) Act 1943.  £14.00 
Havelock-Allan, Lucy
The Pier Gallery Stromness, Orkney.  £10.00 
Fleming, John
Robert Adam and his Circle in Edinburgh and Rome.  £12.00 
Melvill, James
Pitcairn, Robert
The Autobiography and Diary of Mr James Melvill, Minister of Kilrenny…with a Continuation of the Diary Edited from Manuscripts in the Libraries of the Faculty of Advocates and University of Edinburgh.  £60.00 
Hedderwick, Mairi
An Eye on the Hebrides. An Illustrated Journey.  £12.00 
Livingstone, H M
A Guide to the Public Records of Scotland deposited in H.M. General Register House Edinburgh.  £26.00 
Prebble, John
The Darien Disaster.  £12.00 
Lenman, Bruce
The Jacobite Clans of The Great Glen 1650-1784.  £16.00 
Groundwater, Anna
The Scottish Middle March 1573 - 1625.  £42.00 
Macdonald, George
Phantastes.  £6.00 
Erskine, John
An Institute of the Law of Scotland: In Four Books. In the Order of Sir George Mackenzie's Institutions of that Law.  £120.00 
MacKenzie, Agnes Mure
The Scotland of Queen Mary and the Religious Wars, 1513 - 1638.  £10.00 
Donaldson, Gordon
Four Centuries: Edinburgh University Life, 1583-1983.  £8.00 
Atkinson, Fred
Hall, Stephen
Oil and the British Economy.  £16.00 
Scottish Historical Review
The Scottish Historical Review, No 33, October 1911.  £14.00 
Scottish Historical Review
The Scottish Historical Review, No 28, July 1910.  £15.00 
Sharp, William
Silence Farm.  £124.00 
Dunbar, William
Steinberger, Cécile
Étude sur William Dunbar.  £36.00 
Edmond, E
Scottish Metaphysics. Reconstructed in Accordance with the Principles of Physical Science.  £36.00 
Thompson, Garrett
Wilhelm Hauff's Specific Relation to Walter Scott.  £18.00 
Prebble, John
The Highland Clearances.  £5.00 
Howard, Deborah
Scottish Architecture: From the Reformation to the Restoration, 1560 - 1660.  £14.00 
Grant, William
Murison, David
The Scottish National Dictionary designed partly on Regional Lines and partly on Historical Principles, and containing all the Scottish Eords know to be in use or to have been in use since c. 1700.  £160.00 
Marshall, Bill
Montreal - Glasgow.  £36.00 
Burns, Robert
Antoloxia. Introd Ruben Valdes Miyares, Trad Alfonso Velazquez.  £8.00 
McCrone, Gavin
Scotland's Future: The Economics of Nationalism.  £8.00 
Breslaw, Elaine
Dr. Alexander Hamilton and Provincial America: Expanding the Orbit of Scottish Culture.  £28.00 
M'Lauchlan, Thomas
The Early Scottish Church: The Ecclesiastical History of Scotland From the First to the Twelfth Century.  £64.00 
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Parrish, B B
Fish Farming: Scientific and Technical Aspects. Symposium. (Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Biological Sciences)  £20.00 
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