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Green, J F N
The Moines. An Address to the Geological Society.  £8.00 
Etheridge, Robert
Glacial Deposits of Lewis.  £10.00 
Maxwell, James Clerk
Seitz, Frederick
James Clerk Maxwell (1831 - 1879); Member APS 1875.  £12.00 
Harker, Alfred
Ice-Erosion in the Cuillin Hills, Skye.  £22.00 
Bailey, E B
West Highland Tectonics: Loch Leven to Glen Roy.  £10.00 
Mulford, Wendy
Maitland, Sara
Virtuous Magic: Meanings in Female Sainthood.  £12.00 
Griffiths, Sally
Kirkwood, Colin
Adult Education and the Unemployed.  £12.00 
Kirkwood, Gerri
Kirkwood, Colin
Living Adult Education. Freire in Scotland.  £8.00 
MacNeice, Louis
Selected Poems. Second Impression.  £14.00 
Ferguson, Thomas
Cunnison, J
The Young Wage-Earner. A Study of Glasgow Boys.  £12.00 
M'Vail, D C
An Address on Scottish Medical Teaching, Academic and Extra-Academic, Delivered at the Glasgow Western Medical School, November 1882.  £22.00 
Firket, Ch
L'Éducation Médicale en Angleterre, en Écosse et en Irlande.  £24.00 
Bremner, Alex
The River Findhorn.  £12.00 
Gregory, J W
The Fiords of the Hebrides.  £14.00 
Wyllie, P J
The Petrology of Picritic Rocks in Minor Intrusions - A Picrite Sill on The Island of Soay (Hebrides).  £14.00 
Tyrrell, G W
The Whangie and its Origin.  £12.00 
Walker, Frederick
The late Palaeozoic Quartz-Dolerites and Tholeiites of Scotland.  £10.00 
Westoll, T S
The Corries of the Cairngorms.  £8.00 
Flett, J S
Three Offprints on Teschenite of Eastern Dalmeny, Saline No1 Teschenite, Inverbeg Lamprophyre.  £14.00 
Davies, R G
The Stratigraphy and Structure of Part of the Kintail District of Southern Ross-Shire: Its Relation to the Northern Highlands.  £10.00 
Gregory, J W
The Geology of the Glasgow District.  £24.00 
Barrow, George
The Moine Gneisses of the East-Central Highlands and their Position in the Highland Sequence.  £18.00 
Elles, Gertrude
The Geological Structure of Ben Lawers and Meall Corranaich (Perthshire)  £15.00 
Matley, C A
The Geology of the Country around Pwllheli, Llanbedrog and Madryn, South-West Carnarvonshire.  £18.00 
Sabine, P A
The Petrography and Geological Significance of the Post-Cambrian Minor Intrusions of Assynt and the Adjoining Districs of North-West Scotland.  £12.00 
Wilson, Gilbert
Mullion and Rodding Structures in the Moine Series of Scotland.  £12.00 
Harker, Alfred
The Geological Structure of the Sgurr of Eigg.  £16.00 
Fulleylove, John
Palmer, Sutton
Scott Country Water Colours by Various Artists.  £6.00 
Montgomerie, Alexander
The Cherrie and the Slae. Edited by H Harvey Wood.  £12.00 
Edinburgh Public Library
Catalogue of Books in the Lending Library. Catalogue of Books in the Lending Library, Second 10.000.  £64.00 
Ramsay, Dean
Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character. Second Series.  £24.00 
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Conservation of Plants and their Habitats in Scotland. (Special issue of Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh)  £12.00 
Garry, Robert Campbell
Life in Physiology. Memoirs of Glasgow University's Institute of Physiology during the 1920s and 1930s.  £18.00 
Shackleton, R M
Downward-Facing Structures of the Highland Border.  £18.00 
McNeill, F M
An Iona Anthology.  £12.00 
Henderson, Henry
Erskine of Linlathen: Selections and Biography.  £14.00 
McCarthy, Angela
Personal Narratives of Irish and Scottish Migration, 1921-65: 'For Spirit and Adventure'.  £20.00 
Humbert, Gabriele
Literarische Einflüsse in schottischen Volksballaden. Versuch einer kritischen Variantenvergleichung.  £24.00 
Palmer, Margaret
The Isles of Scilly. Map Collectors' Series No 3.  £10.00 
Wadsworth, W J
The Layered Ultrabasic Rocks of South-West Rhum, Inner Hebrides.  £20.00 
Rast, N
Metamorphic History of the Schichallion Complex (Perthshire).  £16.00 
Tyrrell, G W
The Petrology of South Georgia.  £16.00 
Campbell, Robert
Lunn, J W
The Tholeiites and Dolerites of the Dalmahoy Syncline.  £16.00 
Charlesworth, J K
The Glacial Geology of the Southern Uplands of Scotland, West of Annandale and Upper Clydesdale.  £20.00 
Charlesworth, J K
The Readvance, Marginal Kame-Moraine of the South of Scotland, and Some Later Stages of Retreat.  £20.00 
Flett, J S
On the Age of the Old Red Sandstone of Shetland.  £9.00 
K, W
Poems from the Dawn of British Literature to the Year 1699.  £86.00 
Oakley, C A
Scottish Industry Today. A Survey of Recent Developments undertaken for the Scottish Development Council.  £12.00 
Mackenzie, Peter
Reminiscences of Glasgow and the West of Scotland, Volume 1.  £16.00 
Francis, G H
Further Petrological Studies in Glen Urquhart, Inverness-Shire.  £14.00 
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